MP Series Accessories

Rod and Shaft Assemblies

Shafts-Rods although called by different names by different manufacturers are exactly the same. They are the aluminum Shafts (Rod) that join the search coil to the lower Rod or Shaft, and connect the lower Shaft (Rod) to a middle rod (Shaft) or to an upper Rod (Shaft) which the control unit attaches to. Some detectors have only two Shafts (Rods) and some have three shafts.

Arm Rests allow the forearm ( below the elbow) to rest against the Arm Rest to relieve any strain on the arm, resulting in more ease and comfort as the detector is being used.

Featured Rods, Arm Rests & Shaft Assemblies
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Replacement Lower Rod
(MP Series)

Cat# 64-7707
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
Replacement Middle Rod with Cam Lock

Cat# 64-1005
Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $11.99
Replacement Upper Rod with
Grip & Arm Rest
(MPX Only)

Cat# 64-1001
Retail Price $24.95
Sale Price $19.99
MP Series Arm Rest Replacement
Cat# 64-1006
ONLY $21.95
Arm Rest Support Strap
Cat# 64-5491
Retail Price $6.95
Sale Price $4.95
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Carry Bags & Hard Cases

Keeping all of your equipment together and safe is important. Carry bags and cases will protect your equipment from the elements, provide security, and keep everything from view while stored in your car or other places. In addition to protection, carry bags and cases are the easiest way to transport all of your treasure hunting equipment in one trip. View our complete line of carry bags and hard cases.

Featured Carry Bags & Hard Cases
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Carrying Bag with Logo

Cat# 64-44185L
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $59.95
Deluxe Extra Long Padded
Carry Bag

Cat# 495-bagbxl
Retail Price $89.95
Sale Price $79.95
Big Brute Padded
Carrying Bag with 2 pockets

Cat# 305-FLCB
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95

Miscellaneous Accessories

The right tools and supplies for successful treasure hunting.

MP Series Replacement Parts & Accessories
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Shaft (Rod)
Connecting Hardware

Cat# 64-1000
ONLY $3.95
NEW CAM Lock Replacement
for (MP Series/Cobra/Viper)

Cat# 64-7720
ONLY $6.95
Arm Rest Support Strap
Cat# 64-5491
Retail Price $6.95
Sale Price $4.95
Replacment Battery Door
For MP Metal Detectors

Cat# 64-1004
ONLY $4.99
Loop Support Assembly
(MP Series, Treasure Commander Series, Fisher CZ-3D)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# N1164-DCF01
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

Limited 1 per order!
Pro Series 9v Rechargeable
Battery System with Two Batteries

Cat# 1-RS9V
Retail Price $39.95
Sale Price $29.95