MP Series Metal Detectors

New & Improved!

The MP metal detector with 20% to 30% More Depth! Power - Performance - Penetration
The MP Series is an outstanding New Generation of Metal Detectors with many features only found on metal detectors costing hundreds more! You can use these advanced fully automatic detectors almost anywhere. Excellent for coin hunting, beach combing, relic & jewelry recovery, plus finding gold nuggets.
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Kellyco promises to take your detector back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked!

All MP metal detectors have Kellyco's Exclusive 120% price guarantee!
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MP Metal Detector Warranty
Easy to use and Easy to afford!!
Kellyco is proud to announce the introduction of.
3 High Quality - Fully Automatic VLF Metal Detectors.
For an Investment of Less than One Dollar a Day
You Can Own a Bold & Exciting - New Metal Detector for Beginners to Old Pro's, Find Your "Treasure" Here On Sale!
A Family Hobby That Really Pays Off!

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Troys Coins
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Brett Coin
Found With MPX
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Target Identification Icon Scale
• Use discrimination control to eliminate or tune out "Junk" and unwanted targets.
• Use sensitivity control to adjust detector to changing ground conditions.
MP3 Digital Face
Special Features of the MP Series Detectors:
1. Use the Target ID to learn what you've found. The detected objects are shown on the large LCD meter. You can determine immediately whether the object is worth digging, or not.

2. Use the Bar Graph LCD to locate your target fast!

3. Fully automatic with no tuning or ground balancing required.

4. State-of-the-art adjustable Icon Target Identification System.

5. Unique tone for Targets. When an object is being detected, a unique tone corresponding to the target will be heard. Therefore you don't have to keep watching the LCD display while searching.

6. Auto-low battery voltage indication. The Battery Icons will be displayed on the LCD when the battery voltage goes below the proper value. In this case, the batteries should be replaced at once. Units operate on two 9V batteries.

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