Minelab X-Terra Metal Detectors

The Most Flexible and Configurable Treasure Detectors

Loaded with features such as True Automatic Ground Balance, Multi-Period Sensing and multiple frequencies.

In just two decades, Minelab has technologically revolutionized the metal detecting industry. During this period, Minelab introduced ground breaking technologies such as "true automatic ground balance," "Multi-Period Sensing" and "Multi-Frequency." Minelab's passion for solving every-day metal detecting challenges has earned it the reputation of making the best detectors that money can buy!

The X-Terra 50 is like having two detectors in one.

All X-Terra models offers an ergonomically designed three-piece shaft with a new waterproof concentric coil design. Featuring rugged, lightweight construction, the X-Terra's are perfectly balanced for hours of comfortable use in the field.

Each search coil you change on your X-Terra 50 Metal detector creates a new, different metal detector that operates on a different frequency, allowing you to find more treasures. Each coil adds new possibilities to your searching. Search deeper, find gold, and locate targets missed by other detectors. The possibilities are endless! Make two metal detectors from one X-Terra 50! The standard 9" (7.5 kHz)search coil is considered to be the optimum coil for all-purpose metal detecting.

Meanwhile the new, higher 18.75 kHz frequency provided by the 5x10" (18.75 kHz) DD Elliptical search coil will find the smaller, more valuable targets such as coins on their edge, thin rings and wedding bands, and even small gold nuggets! No need to buy a second metal detector to find these smaller valuables. Changing coils on X-terra is like changing detectors. Maximize your X-TERRA 50's flexibility with the new 5x10" (18.75 kHz) DD Elliptical search coil that you've been waiting for!

Sovereign Finds
Minelab metal detectors have a well earned reputation for
rugged construction and excellent performance in
finding all types of treasure on land, beaches and in shallow water!

The X-Terra boasts yet another new and radical technology to improve single frequency detectors.

This is possible thanks to Minelab's VFLEX technology, which utilizes digital signal processing with highly calibrated analog circuits to create a new class of single frequency detectors. This approach yields superior sensitivity, stability and improved immunity to electromagnetic interference, as well as providing high-resolution target ID even on the deepest targets. For the X-Terra user, this means you'll have the best metal detector available for your target choices.

VFLEX technology uses state-of-the-art digital and mixed-signal components to enhance standard single frequency technology. This effectively replaces most of the analogue circuitry with digital signal processing. The small amount of analogue circuitry still employed has been very carefully designed and calibrated to obtain the outstanding sensitivity, stability and repeatability required to match the performance of the processing in the digital domain.

This radical departure from traditional approaches to metal detector design has been made possible by advances in electronics that power personal digital assistants, cell phones and high fidelity portable audio equipment. For the X-Terra user, this precision means dependable performance and improved immunity to environmental conditions such as ground mineralization, electromagnetic interference and temperature variations. VFLEX technology requires coils that are accurately constructed and calibrated. Every time the detector starts up, the micro-controllers in the control box and the coil establish communication through a digital data link.

The X-Terra metal detector also introduces new graphic display pinpointing to put you right onto the target. The Pinpoint graphic display allows you to accurately dig the target with minimal ground disturbance, ideal for parks, buildings and other sensitive sites, and gives a nice centered response even from large deeper targets.

For the X-Terra user, this precision means dependable performance and improved immunity to environmental conditions such as ground mineralization, electromagnetic interference and temperature variations. VFLEX technology requires coils that are accurately constructed and calibrated. Every time the detector starts up, the micro-controllers in the control box and the coil establish communication through a digital data link.

Information about the coil is sent to the control box, so the detector "knows" what type of coil is attached and can set the correct operating parameters. This optimizes the performance and also makes the detector (X-Terra 50 Only) "future proof: in that it will be capable of operating with different frequency coils (available soon).

Trust your senses and let the X-Terra do the rest.

Choosing the X-Terra is Choosing Simple Perfection that will reward you time and time again.
Check Out X-Terra's rewarding features:

Comfortably detect for long periods of time with the X-Terra ergonomic and lightweight design (2.9lbs/1.3kg)

Enjoy a LARGE, easy to read, easy to understand LCD.

Just play and learn how to use the controls with our most intuitive user interface yet!

Adjust your settings in confidence. The X-Terra is smart and will remember your last settings, including saved patterns on Turn on.

Easily tell trash from valuable targets using Tone IDa nd digital Target ID.

Customize your X-Terra based on your location and type of search with the Multi-notch Accept/Reject function and Pre-Programmed discrimination patterns.

Widen your search with the All Metal Metal program.

Save time recovering targets with the X-Terra's new graphic pinpoint function.

Improve detection performance in tough ground conditions with Adjustable Ground Balance (X-Terra 50 Only!).

Eliminate external interference from other detectors or other EM Sources with Noise cancel (X-Terra 50 Only)

Estimate target depth before you dig with the Depth Indicator.

An X-Terra 50 Unique Feature:

The X-Terra 50 will accept coils at two different frequencies: Standard 7.5kHz coil to find larger, deeper targets and 18.75kHz coil to find smaller, shallow targets. This means maximum flexibility whatever your type of search.

Changing coils on the X-Terra 50 is like changing detectors, only you don't have to change the detector! .... Clever!

New High Accuracy Pinpoint Function

X-Terra Model Features Comparison Chart:
Model Features X-Terra 30 X-Terra 50
Coil Frequency options 1 (Standard 7.5kHz) 2 (Standard 7.5kHz or High 18.75kHz)
Discrimination Patterns 1 + All Metal (Coin & All Metal) 2 + All Metal (Coin; Coin & Jewelry & All Metal)
All Metal Shortcut No Yes
Discrimination Scale (Segments)
Ferrous 1 Segment 3 Segments
Non-Ferrous 11 Segments 15 Segments
Numeric Range (Target ID Numbers) Steps of 4 (-4 to 44) Steps of 3 (-9 to 45)
Depth Standard Enhanced
Depth Indication Icons 5 5
Sensitivity adjustment 1-10 1-20
Noise Cancel Channels no 3 (-1, 0, 1)
Ground Balance Adjustment Fixed Manual (0-20)
Pinpoint (Audio & Visual) Yes Yes
Volume Adjustment 0-10 0-20
Audio Tone ID's for Targets
3 4
Low Battery Audio Alarm Yes Yes
User Interface Keys 6+ Power 8+ Power
Shaft Color Deluxe Wineberry Deluxe Navy
X-Terra Specifications:
Transmission VFLEX Single Frequency Sine Wave
Technology VFLEX
Coil (Standard) 9" Concentric - 7.5kHz
Visual Display Positive Reflective LCD
Audio Internal Speaker and Headphone Output
Search Mode Motion Detector
Discrimination Multi Segment Notching (Accept/Reject)
Personal Settings Customized Discrimination patterns
Target Identification Digital numeric display and tone
Batteries 4 AA Alkaline or (NiMH/Ni-Cad Accessory)
Padded Armrest 4 Position adjustable with stand and armstrap
Length Extended 56"
Length Un-Extended 48"
Weight (including batteries)
Minelab Warranty
3 Years

X-Terra model features comparison chart:
Features: X-Terra 30 X-Terra 50 X-Terra 70
Graphic Target ID 12 segments 18 segments 28 segments
Discrimination: Accept/Reject 12 segments 18 segments 28 segments
multi-segment Notching Numeral Target ID -4 to 44 -9 to +45 -8 to +48
Electronic pinpoint   High accuracy Audio/Visual pinpoint
Sensitivity, depth adjustment 1-10 1-20 1-30
Low battery audio alarm Yes Yes Yes
Treasure depth indicator - Yes Yes
Headphone jack Yes Yes Yes
Interchangeable search coils 7.5kHz 7.5kHz -- 18.75kHz 3kHz -- 7.5kHz -- 18.75kHz
Largest LCD in its class: easy to read   Positive Reflective Technology
Dual Microprocessor Controlled   Exclusive High Precision Vflex Technology
Easy to learn push button interface Yes Yes Yes
Speaker with volume control 0-10 0-20 0-30
Audio tone target ID 3 tones 4 tones 1-4 & multi-tone
Ground Balance adjustment Fixed Manual Manual; Auto; Track
Ground Balance Mode All Terrain All Terrain All Terrain-Beach
Detection modes 1 (Coin & Treasure) 1 (Coin & Treasure) 2 (Coin & Treasure - Gold Prospecting)
Threshold tone - - Yes
Iron Mask Discrimination - - Yes
Noise cancel adjustment - 3 (-1,0,1) 5 (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2, auto)
Discrimination modes 1+ all metal 2+ all metal 3+ all metal & Iron mask
Custom discrimination patterns 1 2 3
Programmable   Save user settings on turn off
Light weight   2.9lbs (1.3kg)
Low battery consumption   UP to 25 hrs on 4 x AA batteries
Adjustable padded armrest   4 positions adjustable with stand & armstrap