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Minelab Sovereign GT Metal Detector

Multiple Frequency Metal Detector Transmitting 17 separate frequencies over a range from 1.5khz to 25khz

This detector does it all - and features the best balance, performance, Accu-Trak digital ground tracking, and BBS technology!

Minelab Sovereign GT

Turn on the Sovereign GT, set the controls, and start searching for coins and treasures.

Only Minelab technology makes finding treasure this easy!

Use Sovereign to search for gold & silver coins, gold & silver jewelry & rings, relics, artifacts and other hidden or buried treasure on land, beaches and shallow waters.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, Minelab’s Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility to help you find it.
This machine is packed with features, including 17 frequencies, Automatic Ground Tracking, Iron Mask (on/off), manual & automatic sensitivity, two-band Noise Cancel and much more. The on-board computer chip handles all the work so you can concentrate on what you want - more good targets.

Bill MyersBill Myers has been metal detecting for 35 years. Well known as one of the most experienced beach hunters and host-instructor on a series of new DVD's on Metal Detecting Florida (or any) beaches; says: "If you are looking for the ultimate non-waterproof beach detector, the clear choice is the Minelab Sovereign GT. Long term beach hunters swear it's the deepest, most sensitive detector you can purchase for dry sand hunting!"

The Tornado search coil system is lightweight, ultra tough, waterproof and non-buoyant. It is ideal for anywhere you want to use it. The Tornado coil has its own on-board circuitry which adds power and depth to this outstanding detector. Whatever you're looking for, Minelab's Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need to find it. Discrimination circuitry lets you eliminate signals from unwanted trash, while the Iron Mask enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to ferrous junk.

The Sovereign GT discriminates between good targets and unwanted trash with astonishing depth and can be use from the park or building site to the sandy beach or the gold fields. Minelab's BBS Technology automatically transmits 17 separate frequencies over a range from 1.5khz to 25khz. This means you have more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.

The Sovereign GT is all-terrain ready with its new Accu-Trak Digital Ground Balance that features selectable fixed or automatic tracking options. Depth and sensitivity are maximized, even in mieralized soils, with the new All Metal mode.

  • Zero in on your targets with the new, selectable Pinpoint Mode
  • Reach incredible depth on targets that old fashioned VLF detectors just don’t see!
  • You pick the mode that best suits you with the NEW Silent Search/Threshold switch
  • Hunt in the clearest channel available with the two-Band Noise Cancel switch.
  • Advanced Discrimination and Notch Filtering for the elimination of trash targets!
  • Hunt LONGER and with more comfort with the GT’s NEW balanced deluxe shaft!
  • Ready for rivers, lakes and the beach with the waterproof 10” TORNADO coil for wading shallow water!
  • Find the good targets next to trash with the NEW IRON MASK mode!
Minelab’s Exclusive Iron Mask Feature - Find What Others Miss!! Find Valuables - Not Trash!

The Iron Mask Feature is exclusive to Minelab metal detectors and makes signals from iron trash non-existent! Only signals from good targets are strong and clear, at depths that are almost beyond belief. Recognizing a valuable target that is near a piece of iron can be a problem for all conventional metal detectors. If the detector is set to reject the iron under a variety of mineralized ground conditions, then it is likely to reject the target also.

For example: A coin buried near a nail will be passed over by many detectors (not with Minelabs Sovereign metal detectors.) Because of its 17 frequencies, the Sovereign is exceptional at distinguishing between nonferrous, good targets and ferrous, iron trash. In the discrimination mode the iron mask feature allows you to locate good targets among ferrous junk.

FEATURES: The Sovereign GT is packed with features including Multiple operating frequencies, ACCU-TRAK Ground Balance, Iron Mask, Manual or Auto Sensitivity, 2 Band Noise Cancel and more. The on-board computer chip handles all the work so you can concentrate on what you want - MORE TREASURE!
DEPTH: The "Tornado" coil system is Slimline, indestructible and waterproof. The Tornado coil has its own on-board transmit circuitry which adds power and depth to this incredible detector.
VERSATILITY: You can rear-mount, center-mount AND hip mount the Sovereign GT to fit your hunting style... and remember, the coil is submersible!
TECHNOLOGY: Patented (BBS) Broad Band Spectrum

Length Maximum 55in (1400mm)
  Minimum  38in (965mm)
Weight Control Box* 20.3oz (568gms)
  Tornado 1000 Slimline Coil 23oz (654gms)
Configuration  2 piece shaft s-type and optional Hip mount
Technology  Broad Band Spectrum (BBS)
Transmit Frequency  17 Frequencies (1.5, 3, 4.5....25.5 kHz)
Ground Balance  "ACCU-TRAK" Automatic Ground Tracking
Battery System NiMH battery pack (12v; 1000mAH)*
Mains Charger* 110v(USA); 230v(EU); 240v(AUS)
Audio Loudspeaker & 1/4" headphone jack
Aluminum with Neoprene Cover and Strap
On/Off Volume  1 turn knob
Sensitivity  1 turn knob
Threshold  1 turn knob
Discriminate Level Adjust  1 turn knob
All Metals/Discriminate with Iron Mask on/Discriminate with Iron Mask off 3 pos. switch
Notch Filter  1 turn knob
Threshold / Silent Search 2 pos. switch
Ground Track / Fixed / Pin Point 3 pos. switch
Noise Cancel  2 pos. switch
Control Box  3 years
Coil 1 year

Sovereign Finds
by David Williams

Dave Williams Finds
Dave Williams Finds
Dave Williams Finds
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After getting my Minelab detector from Kellyco, I was very surpised at how quick I was able to learn how to use it. The first place I took it was to an old neighborhood that I and others had tried to detect but was unable to due to the amount of pull tabs and screw tops that had been thrown down there by vagrants who were staying in the old abandoned houses. The detector was able to pick up the silver coins without any problems with all the junk being in the ground. This detector without a doubt is the best that is on the market today and I can say that because I have had the opportunity to use any of the other detectors I wish and none of them have had any success on this site. All together, I was able to find 6 silver half dollars, 7 silver dimes, and 3 silver quarters. These coins ranged from 3" to 10" in the ground and they all were found in an area that was in the highest concentration of pull tabs and screw tops.

P.S. - I also took the detector to a Civil War site and found 21 mini balls.

Outstanding Treasures
Found with Sovereign!

Sovereign Finds
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The Minelab Sovereign
is Sound for Under Ground
Catchy Phrase, Huh!

My name is Butch Mayes and I have been in this hobby since it's beginning and I have never seen a unit that can give so much pleasure once you have mastered it. Testing this unit and comparing it to other top of the line units I find in my opinion there is not a detector on the market that can go as deep as the Minelab on discrimination, no matter what amount of mineralization it is up against. I've tested it for months on the salt water beaches, in ghost towns, in early 1800's forts, at old house sites and for two trips to Tenn. for a week each trip, I have tested it in Civil War camps and battle fields. This unit takes a little longer to master than others I have but it has proved to be the very best for finding the deepest and best finds.

Buckles and Lead Balls
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Here are some of my findings with the Minelab in just
about two years of using it:

Four U.S. Buckles, One C.S. Buckle, Two large cents, $ 3,600 seated Liberty dime(1838 no star in AU 58 Condition), A early 1800 eagle hat pin, about fifty eagle buttons included are artillery, cavalry, infantry, dragoons and regular enlisted ones, all sizes two piece and one piece some of them were pewter and several U.S. great coat and large shield type, both large and small ones. I have several Spanish reals and some 1700's Mexican coins found in fort sites here in Florida, more than a dozen seated Liberty coins and too many turn of the century coins to mention. One flying eagle cent and two shield nickels. I do believe I have found enough led from Civil War bullets and musket balls from the Indian Wars to supply sinkers for all the fishing fleets on the west coast of Florida for at least a couple years.

I found all this and more in less then two years of using the Minelab Sovereign. I keep a running record on my computer for recording my finds each trip out. This is a good idea for the treasure hunter to go back and check when and where. You have found different artifacts. Research and mastering your unit will pay off for any one.

A Treasure Found "A Friend" - Butch Mayes

Sovereign Finds
Minelab metal detectors have a well earned reputation for
rugged construction and excellent performance in
finding all types of treasure on land, beaches and in shallow water!

Excelerator Search Coils are Made to go Deeper Than Factory Coils!!

The search coil that comes standard with most metal detectors are ones that manufacturers feel give the best all-around results. However, both larger and smaller sized search coils are neccessary to get the best performance from your metal detector, not to mention making sure you leave no treasure unfound! EXcelerator search coils are world-renowned for their depth and manuverability. Small, medium or large, any EXcelerator coil you add to your metal detecting arsenal is almost guaranteed to show you treasures at unheard of depths or in places you never thought you could detect!

SEF Search Coil
All SEF Butterfly search coils have an unusual blunted shape to the front and back of each coil resulting in greater depth and a wider searching scan letting you cover more ground in less time resulting in more "finds". What does an Excelerator SEF Coil do?    It creates a Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field uniquely combining both DD ( Double D) and Concentric detection signals resulting in your detector getting the best sensitivity of both types plus greater depth!
Retail Price $349.99 - Sale Price $189.95