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Minelab's ALL New GPX 4800

New Features and Functions of the GPX 4800 take gold detecting to the next level!

New Features and Functions of the GPX 4800 add super depth to beach hunting!

New Features and Functions of the GPX 4800 created a great relic detector!

The GPX 4800 features Minelab's exclusive Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA). Building on the strengths of its predecessor the GPX 4800 also offers some of the features found in the high performance GPX 5000.

The GPX 4800 has new and improved electronics, new Soil/Timings and a huge range of features combined with the legendary GPX ability to ‘see through ground’ mineralisation, gives you a significant Depth Advantage over other detectors.

Much More That Just a Gold Detector!
Finds Gold, Rings, Jewelry, Relics, Artifacts, Buried and Lost Treasure.

The high performance GPX 4800 metal detectors is capable of finding more GOLD than ever before - from sub-gram nuggets to 'retirement nuggets' and everything in between!

Using unique features, functions and industry leading technology ensures the GPX detectors run smooth and quiet even in the most severe ground conditions, while still maintaining excellent depth and sensitivity to gold nuggets. You always get more for your money at

Easy for the beginner to old pros - you can switch on and go with factory preset Search Modes and automatic functions. Serious detectorists know that GPX detectors find gold much deeper than ANY other detector, in ALL ground conditions!

GPX 4800 Powerful, Deep Seeking, 3 Detectors-in-One, & Easy To Use! Found More in One Week Than I Found All Last Year!

A recent article by Kevin Hoagland Minelab’s Director of Dealer Developement, made some observations regarding Minelab’s GPX 4800 after hearing almost daily from relic hunters across the country about amazing finds being made, many in areas that were previously hunted out. One new 4800 user who Kevin spoke to said “I am not happy, I am ECSTATIC! I have found more in the last week than I have found in the last year! It is truly like my spot has never been hunted before”. Kevin goes on to say, “relic hunters are seeing finds coming out of the South and East. Areas in Virginia seem to be buzzing about the GPX 4800 as the “must have detector” while we at Kellyco have seen a new interest all across the country from Gold Hunters out west, Relic Hunters in the East and South to Beach Hunters on the east coast, Florida, Texas and California!

Simple to Use

When asked, "After I get the GPX 4800 is it hard to use?" Kevin answered “SIMPLICITY is the word to use!” The new GPX Series of detectors are as simple to use as the manual makes it out to be.

GPX 4800 is a Triple Threat Detector.

Super Gold Detector, Super Beach Detector, and a Great Relic/Artifact Detector

Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detectors
Serious detectorists know that GPX detectors find gold much deeper than ANY other detector, in ALL ground conditions!
GPX 4800 All New Features
Like Having 6 Detectors In One

  • NEW: Coin/Relic Timing is the deepest ever for benign ground conditions
  • NEW: Improved electronics for increased target sensitivity and ground balance performance (includes improved Enhance Timing)
  • 6 Soil/Timings is like having 6 detectors in 1, find more gold in more ground conditions
  • 3 factory preset Search Modes for switch on and go simplicity
  • Automatic Ground Balance options to suit all conditions
  • Rx Gain adjustment for adjusting Sensitivity
  • Lightweight Li-ion Battery with inbuilt Speaker Booster capability
  • Search coils 11" Double-D coil as standard
  • Much More Than Just a Gold Detector!
    Finds Gold, Rings, Jewelry, Relics, Artifacts, Buried and Lost Treasure.

    GPX 4800 Sensitive Smooth
    Salt-Coarse(GPX 4800 ONLY)
    Great for beach hunting coins, rings, jewelry, and other treasures.

    Finds large nuggets in salt affected and mineralized ground.

    GPX 5000 Enhance
    Enhance (Improved)
    Runs quietly in most heavily mineralized, variable and "hot rock" infested grounds using a Monoloop coil. It is more sensitive and detects deeper than Sensitive Smooth but can be slightly more affected by severe ground mineralization.
    GPX 5000 Normal Mode
    Gives great performance on a wide range of soil conditions, and target sizes. It is a good default timing to assess a new area.
    GPX 5000 Sensitive Extra
    Sensitive Extra
    Provides the best signal response on small gold in mild to medium ground mineralization.
    GPX 5000 Sharp Mode
    Finds a good variety of target sizes in mildly mineralized ground. Similar but more powerful than Normal. It is capable of an improvement in depth, but is also more susceptible to interference and ground noise.
    GPX 5000 Coin and Relic
    Coin/Relic Detecting
    Gives significantly greater depth on medium to large targets in areas with zero to very mild ground mineralization.
    Technical Specifications

    Operating Features (Universal Functions)

    • Search Modes Preset
      • 3 modes: General, Deep & Hi-Mineral
    • Soil / Timings
      • 6 timings: Normal, Sensitive Extra, Enhance, Sharp, Coin/Relic, Salt-Coarse
    • Coil Rx Configurations
      • Cancel, Mono, Double-D
    • Ground Balance Type
      • General, Off
    • Quick-Trak Handle
      • Quick-Trak button on handle
    • Electrical Interference
      • Auto push button, Manual Tune (0-255)
    • Threshold Level
      • 1 turn variable control
    • Volume Limit
      • 1–20

    Operating Features (Mode Specific Functions)

    • Motion
      • Very Slow, Slow, Fast
    • Rx Gain
      • 1–15
    • Audio Type
      • Quiet, Normal, Deep
    • Audio Tone
      • 1–100
    • Stabilizer
      • 1–10
    • Signal Peak
      • 1–20
    • Target Volume
      • 1–20
    • Response
      • Normal
    • Tracking Speed
      • 3 Tracking Speeds- Slow, Medium, Fast (plus Fixed)
    • Iron Reject
      • Off (All Metal), 1–10
    GPX 5000 8 in 1
    When Searching for Gold, Relics, or
    Beach Hunting For Coins, Rings,
    Jewelry, and other Treasures

    GPX Timings change the digital switching and
    processing of the electronics in the detector.

    For any ground condition, there is a Timing designed
    for optimum performance.
    Physical Features
    • Headphones Type
      • Koss UR30 100 Ω with 6.35mm (1/4") headphone socket
    • Detector Weight
      • 2.4kg (5.3lbs) including 11" coil (excluding battery and accessories)
    • LCD Backlight
      • Adjustable from 10 seconds time out to always on (8 positions)
    • Battery Type
      • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 68Wh with in-built amplifier for speaker use
    • Battery Level Indication
      • Voltage level display (plus low battery warning alarm)
    • Length
      • Adjustable from 1100mm (43.3") to 1300mm (51.2")
    • Coil
      • 11" Round Double-D
    • Visual Display
      • 43 x 26mm (128 x 64 pixels) LCD with backlight
    • Battery Weight
      • 780g (1.7lbs)
    • Transmission
      • Bi-Level Pulse Induction
    • Technology
      • Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA)
    GPX 4800 Find Results
    Guy with GPX 4800 Metal Detectors
    GPX 4800 Relic Finds US field tester "When I first discovered the spot it was easy to dig fifty or more bullets in an afternoon but in time the count had dwindled down to 5 or 6 in an equal amount of time. My trip there with the GPX netted 78 bullets that the other top ranked detectors had missed."

    UK field tester "...although this site had been cleared of all targets using the GPX-4000, I still managed to get lots of good strong responses from targets around 10 inches deep."

    GPX 4800 Finds Gold Aus. field tester "I counted up all the small gold I have found in this site, so far it is 419 pieces for 210 grams ...and thats in well searched, extreme ground!"