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Explorer SE PRO Metal Detector
Unmatched for Depth & Sensitivity
Get more for your money! Get not one, not two, but 28 frequencies searching for treasure the very minute you turn it on. A great detector at a Great price and its VERY EASY TO USE, VERY EASY TO TUNE AND VERY AUTOMATIC!

Since it was founded some 20 years ago, Minelab Electronics has continually set the standard for in-field metal detector performance at some of the most difficult sites around the world. Today, treasure hunters equipped with a Minelab Explorer or E-Trac and some basic tools are recovering thousands of collectible coins, valuable pieces of jewelry and rare artifacts spanning the centuries on a regular basis.

explorer se pro This fourth generation Explorer surpasses anything you've seen for depth, sensitivity and superior discrimination!

Whats new about the Explorer SE PRO Metal Detector?

Minelabs Newest Explorer SE Professional 11 inch DD Search coil:

With the Explorer SE Professional you can now discriminate targets in the digital screen using the dual coordinate ferrous and conductivity digital display, giving you over 1000 pre-programmed target signatures. Explorer SE PRO's dual coordinate digital display is the most advanced target ID system on the market today. Not only will you be able to predict the type of coin underneath the coil, you might also be able to guess the coin's date!

The Full Band Spectrum (FBS) circuit automatically transmits 28 frequencies simultaneously. The increased frequency range means that the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed from a wide range of responses. This allows the Explorer SE Professional to analyze more target information so that the Target Identification (ID) is more accurate.

Ground balancing is automatic with Minelab's advanced digital filtering. Whatever field conditions you encounter, from dry clay to wet black sand or rich loam, Minelab will find what you're looking for. Minelab's unique FBS technology means deep, sensitive, accurate detecting.

Sovereign Finds
Minelab metal detectors have a well earned reputation for
rugged construction and excellent performance in
finding all types of treasure on land, beaches and in shallow water!

With Quick Start It's As Easy As

Turn on the detector
power button
After 30 seconds electrical
interference will be reduced
power button
Noise Cancel
Go Detecting!

What else is new about the Explorer SE Professional Metal Detector?

Minelab’s Exclusive Iron Mask Feature

The Iron Mask Feature is exclusive to Minelab metal detectors and makes signals from iron trash non-existent! Only signals from good targets are strong and clear, at depths that are almost beyond belief.

For example: A coin buried near a nail will be passed over by many detectors (not the Minelab Explorer SE Pro.) Because of its 28 frequencies, the Explorer is exceptional at distinguishing between nonferrous, good targets and ferrous, iron trash. In the discrimination mode the iron mask feature allows you to locate good targets among ferrous junk.

The Unique Technology of the Explorer SE Professional

Most detectors on the market operate on a single or dual frequency, ranging from 1 to 70 kilohertz (kHz). Although this technology has served the industry well for years, Minelab found that a frequency that worked well in one area would often offer only marginal performance when used in another location. Ground mineralization, trash content and target size all had an effect on how effective a detector transmitting a single frequency would operate.

FBS technology combines Minelab's existing multiple frequency BBS technology with a powerful new microprocessor to give: Greater detecting depth • High sensitivity over a wide range of targets • Less interference from electromagnetic sources • More accurate identification of target characteristics.

Pinpointing with the Explorer SE Professional

The exact location of a target can be located by using pinpoint. Enabling pinpoint instructs the detector to temporarily disengage "Discrimination Patterns" and become a non-motion detector, therefore targets normally discriminated against will emit a signal when underneath the coil. In Pinpoint, the detector gives a continuous audio response. This response will get louder as the coil passes directly above the target.

Minelab Warranty 3 year warranty
Transmission Technology Full Band Spectrum (FBS) 28 Simultaneous Frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz - 100 kHz
Number of Frequencies 28 Simultaneous Frequencies
Microprocessor New technology processor - faster and more powerful
Software 3rd Generation Software - improved user interface
Ground Balance Modes Auto Ground Compensation - Advanced Digital Filtering
Target Identification 2 Dimensional SmartfindT Size / Conductivity and Ferrous characteristics
Audio Tone Identification Constant to Multi-tone; customizable Conductivity / Ferrous
Audio Tone Settings 3 Settings: Long, Smooth, Pitch Hold
Discrimination 2 Dimensional SmartfindT Discrimination
Iron Mask Simplified Iron Mask coordinates 0-31 with full ferrous discrimination capability
Depth Indicator Yes; Now also updates in pinpoint mode
Sensitivity Adjustment 2 Settings: Semi-Automatic & Manual 1-32
Noise Cancel Automatic & Manual
Pinpoint Non-motion modulated audio for improved target size and depth identification
Low Battery Audio Alarm Yes
Batteries 1600 mAh NiMH or Alkaline batteries
Coil Lightweight 10.5" Double D (DD) waterproof coil
Visual Display 64x128 pixel LCD panel with improved graphics
Headphone Input 0.25 inch Stereo Jack
Threshold Finer adjust level; improved stability in high-trash
Recovery Speed Selectable (Fast & Deep)
Patents US 4890064; US 5537041; US 5506506
Optional Accessories
Coils 8" FBS Coil with Lower Shaft
Battery 1800mA/H NiMH Battery Pack; 'AA' Housing Battery Pack
Charger 12V Car Charger

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