Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

With 10" GoldSearch 1000 Elliptical Double D Search Coil
triple frequency

Minelab's most affordable gold detector, the Eureka Gold.
It's like having 3 metal detectors in one.

Hot Rocks are no problem for the Eureka Gold, it will punch through highly mineralized soil with ease. Why restrict your prospecting when you can find more gold, with the Eureka Gold, faster and easier than ever before.

Lines indicate areas of maximum sensitivity

Profiles of sensitivity along Double 'D' coil at various depths

The 10" (25cm) coil supplied with the Eureka Gold is a Double D coil, that is, it contains two 'D' shaped windings which are partially overlapping. This Double 'D' configuration is ideal for locating deep targets in variable mineralized ground.

The Double 'D' detection pattern is "blade like" and is most sensitive from its tip to its heal. This makes pinpointing targets easy, and allows more ground to be searched with each sweep, as each sweep has to be overlapped less.

The Eureka Gold gives you 6.4kHz for maximum depth, 20kHz for general detecting and the super sensitive 60kHz to find the smallest gold nuggets that others are missing. Minelab's exclusive triple frequency technology makes prospecting easier!

Featuring Minelab's "Accu-Trak" Digital Ground Balance with switchable 2 speed recovery, combined with new microprocessor controlled discrimination circuitry takes the guess work out of detecting so YOU will find more gold, more often.

Sovereign Finds
Minelab metal detectors have a well earned reputation for
rugged construction and excellent performance in
finding all types of treasure on land, beaches and in shallow water!

Without Ground Balancing Frequent Ground Balancing Continuous Ground Balancing
Shaded areas show ground which is not properly searched.

3 Switchable FREQUENCIES allows you to target different size nuggets at different depths, making it the HOTTEST VLF detector on the market!


The World’s ONLY detector to give YOU the versatility and power of 3 SWITCHABLE FREQUENCIES 20kHz 6.4kHz and 60kHz.

Frequency 1: 6.4 kHz - Will penetrate deeper to find larger nuggets.

Frequency 2: 20 kHz - Highly sensitive, detects gold nuggets to pin head size.

Frequency 3: 60 kHz - Perfect for finding the smallest of nuggets and flakes.

Serious gold detecting technology and versatility for the serious gold detectorist!

  • NEW Rugged Metal Armrest and Stabilizer Strap
  • NEW "FIRM FEEL" Comfort Balance Shaft
  • Exclusive Triple Frequency Operation with Switchable 6.4, 20, or 60 kHz!
  • "ACCU-TRAK" DIGITAL Ground Balancing with 2 Speed Adjustable or Fixed Mode
  • Iron Rejection in each Frequency. Variable Discrimination Control gives you Ultimate Accuracy
  • Full coverage with Minelab's 10" Double D "Easy Sweep" Elliptical Coil System
  • Mains Charger: 110V (USA), 230V (EU), 240V (AUS)
  • Trash Rejection Circuits in Each Frequency
  • NiMH Rechargeable Battery System: 12V, 1000 mAh
  • Slide in Aluminum, Detachable Detector Stand
  • Measures 47 - 53" Long
  • Technology: Very Low Frequency (VLF)
  • Configuration: 2 Position Shaft Mount and Optional Hip Mount
  • 2 Position Box Mounting System
  • Weighs 4.5 lbs. with Batteries
  • Uses 8 "AA" Batteries
  • 3 Year Minelab Warranty