Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector

Minelab's Most Technologically Advanced Detector

Amazing technology! A breakthrough in metal detecting! One detector with so much power, so many different features to search and find all the many valuables you want to find and recover. With EXCLUSIVE FBS Multiple Frequency Technology you’re getting more value for your investment. Nowhere else can you find the value of having 28 deep searching frequencies in one powerful metal detector!

E-TRAC’s advanced technology means:

Experience the excitement of discovery as E-TRAC sets a new benchmark! Utilizing the precision of Minelab's proven Full Band Spectrum (FBS) 28 multi-frequency technology, E-TRAC is fast, sensitive, accurate and DEEP! Advanced digital filtering has been enhanced with the development of new timings ensuring optimum sensitivity and accurate discrimination. A refined discrimination scale supports real-time analysis on target identification utlizing the fastest, most powerful microprocessor ever. New features include superior ergonomics and the introduction of a USB facility with XChange software, allowing you to download, save and email your favorite settings! A logical, intuitive menu supports easy access across all functions making E-TRAC a superb choice for new users and experienced detectorists alike.

The Future is Here...The Future is E-TRAC!

New Features
Sovereign Finds
Minelab metal detectors have a well earned reputation for
rugged construction and excellent performance in
finding all types of treasure on land, beaches and in shallow water!

With Quick Start It's As Easy As

Turn on the detector
power button
After 30 seconds electrical
interference will be reduced
power button
Noise Cancel
Go Detecting!

What's New:
The Minelab E-TRAC features a USB port to connect your metal detector to your personal computer. This allows you to save user modes, patterns, your favorite settings, and even the settings of other detectorists! (Perfect for those that share a machine or let someone borrow it). An improved LCD screen provides the highest resolution possible, while a new "QuickMask" feature has been added to the ever-popular "Iron Mask Discrimination" to allow for easier Iron rejection adjustment. The "Sensitivity" gauge has been improved and features suggested levels to give you more time hunting and less time programming.

What You See On the Detector:
The Main Menu provides access to all functions and settings of the E-TRAC detector. Press the "Menu" button at any time to access the main menu, browse and navigate through each of the icons. You'll see "User Modes," "Discrimination," "Sensitivity," "Audio," "Expert," and "Preferences" - Each of which is customizable for your specific needs.

Each mode is designed and pre-programmed with specific settings and patterns.

e trac user modes

The "User Modes" Include the Following:

The Expert Menu provides access to advanced settings and functions that
will maximize your individual performance in unique hunting locations
e trac menu

The "Expert Menu" Includes the Following:

What You See on Your Personal Computer:
Minelab's unique "XChange" software will load once the detector is connected to your personal computer. An installation guide CD is supplied with the E-TRAC detector to get you started. You can build an entire resource library with just the click of your mouse! Download and store the settings and patterns that you saved, or upload them later. There is absolutely no limit to the number of stored settings you can save on your computer! (Perfect for re-visiting specific sites with unique ground conditions). Best of all - You can share your settings and experiences with other detectorists once they're saved on your computer!

System Requirements for E-TRAC Xchange

What You're Familiar With:
Minelab's precise and proven Full band Spectrum (FBS) multi-frequency technology is a key player in the E-TRAC detector, as is the NiMH battery and the perfectly balanced, waterproof 11" DD search coil. Four audio tone settings are available: "Normal," "Long," "Smooth," and "Pitch Hold." The Target Identification has a conductivity range of 1 - 50, and a ferrous content range of 1 - 35.

E-TRAC Detection Screens

Target information is presented via the Smartfind™ discrimination pattern, sensitivity gauge, Fe-Co numbers and depth gauge.

Large Fe and Co numbers coordinate the target crosshairs.

QuickMask™ incorporates two slider controls to adjust the level of ferrous and conductivity discrimination.

The new E-TRAC is a metal detector that is a true and genuine detector to be reckoned with. It is right at the very top of metal detector features for all detecting uses. It's a genuine "Does it all Metal Detector"!

E-TRAC has brand New Technology combined with proven and established Minelab Technology and then some!

The E-TRAC reflects energy, forward thinking creativity in a radically advanced metal detector that can be very easy to use!

This is the type of metal detector which will excel at any task , and the very attractive thing about the E-TRAC is it can be as easy to use just by turning it on and allowing the Factory Preset settings to run the show.

Quite simply, E-TRAC is capable of delivering some high quality serious detecting and that's what it's all about, isn't it?


Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry! The Minelab E-TRAC has upgrades that everyone can enjoy – with or without a computer to hook it up to! With the large selection of modes and programs available, a computer is not required to take full advantage of this great detector.