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Minelab X-Terra 15 Inch DD Search Coil
Field Test Report

Searching with 15 inch DD CoilWe had to start out early. The Florida sun this time of year is a scorcher, and the humidity doesn’t help much either. I got up extra early to set up my X-Terra 705 by Minelab. Installing the 15" search coil by Coiltek Industries was easy, one bolt and wing-nut, one wire and I am ready to go. At 7.5Khz I knew this would be a good frequency for the type of "hunting" I like to do. Coins, jewelry and relics. This search coil will also work on X-Terras’ 505, 305, 70, 50, and 30. It uses VFLEX technology, is fully water-proof and is supplied with a fitted skid plate. The sale price is just $389.95.

The areas we search have neutral soil conditions so ground balancing was not necessary. I simply used factory settings for sensitivity. With four different coin and jewelry discrimination patterns to choose from, I used the number 4 setting. The new search coil is just a little over 1 lb. and the 705 is only 2.9 lbs. Still a lightweight detector in my book. It was basically turn on and go.

Hunting with 15 inch DD Coil We got to our first location and right off the bat I hit on a signal. The depth indicator pegged out with 5 bars! That’s 10 inches plus! The numeric I.D. gave me a number of 32. I know what that is….a copper penny. Sure enough at 9 inches down I found a 1967 penny still in rather decent condition. After numerous pull tabs and shredded metal cans I got another hit. This time a 30 on the numeric I.D. Another penny (zinc). I could barely read the date on it. After an hour and a half we decided the area was too "trashy" for a large 15" search coil. We decided to try another public park we have searched before. We thought we had picked this park clean, but the Double D coil was able to go much deeper than the standard 9" coil on the X-Terra. After a while I figured out the pin-pointing on this large coil. You can use the nose of the coil or the detectors pin-pointing mode. It seems the centering down the coil from front to rear is the strongest. A handheld pin-pointer comes in real handy also.

Finds with 15 inch DD Coil

At our second location, my first hit was a quarter about four paces in from the entrance. How did we miss that one? It was going on 10:00 am and the temperature was reaching 89 degrees. I stopped by a park bench to grab a sip of water (a necessity if you are out in this heat). Low and behold a nickel and two pennies sitting right next to me! Easy pickings. I was sort of following my buddy Mike. His search coil is only 8 inches. I would check his filled in holes to find any objects deeper than his coil could reach. And sure enough another quarter 12 inches down.

The park was very clean, little or no trash. Most likely from our previous "hunts" there. After 2 hours I rounded up a total of 3 quarters, 3 dimes, 2 nickels, 13 pennies and only half a dozen pull-tabs. We decided to find an area with a little more shade. On the way out I was walking at a much faster pace still sweeping my detector. And a faint beep came through my headphones. Once again the X-Terras’ depth indicator pegged out. I was digging next to a large tree root and only had a Razor Edge Gator Digger but the numeric I.D. was saying 12 (nickel). That would make a good last find at this location. After digging for what seemed like five minutes, I realized this hole is deep. Had to break out the pin-pointer for this one. My buddy Mike showed up and asked "where are you digging to?" Right about then I pulled out a nickel, easily over a foot deep!

On our last stop we went to one of our favorite places to hunt. A "target rich" environment. This area is constantly being used for overflow parking for several businesses in the area. We always seem to go away with a lot of loose change, game tokens and the like. It wasn’t long before I found a game token. This field is used for traveling fairs. It was only five inches down and added another token to my collection. I have pulled out over thirteen tokens from here in the past. After miscellaneous car parts, copper fittings and electrical connectors. With a 15" search coil I was hitting multiple targets in one particular area. I decided to start digging and in one hole I pulled out a dime, a penny and a pull-tab. All at over 12" inches deep. I was impressed, the numeric I.D. was telling me there was three targets, and sure enough it was correct.

This new Minelab coil worked great. Areas that we thought were hunted out gave up their treasures to us. The tally for the day- a total of 5 quarters, 5 dimes, 4 nickels, 38 pennies (one Canadian), 2 game tokens, an old pocket knife and a kitchen knife.

One last test.

We have used numerous detectors on Mikes’ front yard. We have pulled out well over 2 dollars from it. I decided to pace the front yard with the 15" search coil. According to the X-Terra 705 I located 2 quarters, a dime and a penny. They all pegged out the depth indicator. Unfortunately, Mikes’ yard is well manicured and he would not let us dig up the "mystery finds". But, I would bet the cost of the coil that the combination of the Minelab X-Terra series detector with Coilteks’ 15" Double D search coil was right on the money. Next time I take this detector and search coil out I believe I will take it to the beach. I just have to remember to bring a shovel!

Louis H. Mahnken Jr.
Sales associate
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15 inch All Terrain X-Terra 3kHz Coil NEW 15" All Terrain X-Terra 3kHz Coil
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