Best Metal Detectors For Kids Of All Ages

Do you know a youngster interested in metal detecting or have a child in your family that's just dying to go treasure hunting? Wish there was a metal detector that could keep the kids busy without losing their interest? The metal detectors in this section were hand-selected and are just the ticket for young metal detectorists around the world!

The benefit of children having their own metal detector is just that; they will have their own detector and stop begging to use your machine! Becoming Treasure Hunters will keep young ones busy, entertained, and interested in history and the environment as they start recovering relics, coins, jewelry and interesting artifacts from the front yard.

family metal detectingFeatures to keep in mind when shopping for a child's metal detector: look for turn-on-and-go machines with user-friendly instrument panels. Target single-frequency machines with a small number of audio tones and a limited amount of adjustable settings that are simple to navigate through and the detector should also be lightweight and durable. Finally, choose a machine that doesn't require reading and comprehending a complicated instruction manual in order to operate it. Keep all of these things in mind and your budding little detectorist will be finding treasures and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Most important to remember, while it is exciting for your youngsters to find "good" items, coins, rings, jewelry, and other valuables,strong> metal detectors find ALL metals including pull tabs, bottle caps, hair pins, tin foils, nails, etc., all "junk" items. No one wants to spend their time digging junk and trash. Kids of any age, from 8 to 18 will soon get discouraged if their detectors cannot tune out "trash and junk" targets and still be able to locate coins, rings, jewelry, etc. fun finds!

Buy The Best For Your Kids

Metal Detectors for kids, youngsters and young adults need a detector that can discriminate between good and junk targets. Metal Detectors on this page will all discriminate or identify trash in one way or another. BEST ADVICE? Buy the BEST you can afford for your youngster. It doesn't require spending lots of money, but the few dollars extra you spend will give your kid a more sensitive detector with deeper depth, better discrimination and more useable features. He or she will find more coins, rings, jewelry, etc while discriminating or identifying junk and trash..

Remember, metal detecting is a family friendly hobby. With everyone watching their dollars, metal detecting can enable successful and enjoyable family vacations close to home as well as fun-filled day trips without the expense and headaches of amusement parks. Childrens metal detectors are fun for the entire family.


Garrett Ace 250 finds ringWhile her mom was registering her at school, Kayleigh took her Garrett ACE 150 to have a look at the woodchips in the playground area. She was swinging on the swing and Kayleigh came walking over to me with a big smile. She handed me a ring. At first, I thought it was a kid's play ring but it said 10K on the inside and had a diamond chip in it
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Lucas Finds SwordHere's a pic of the young man that found the sword, the day he found it! We originally thought it was an old fence post, Gary said. I started pulling it out of the ground, and when I saw the handle I went 'Oh my gosh. Lucas's passion for metal detecting skyrocketed, his mother, Tina, said, after their neighbor gave him a few Civil War-era bullets he found while metal detecting on his property
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Retail $99.95
NOW ONLY $ 89 .95
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Retail $99.00
NOW ONLY $ 89 .00
Total Package Savings: 50%
Retail $79.95
NOW ONLY $ 69 .95
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Retail $124.95
NOW ONLY $ 99 .95
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Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector
w/ 7" Waterproof Search coil
Retail $129.95
NOW ONLY $ 99 .90
Total Package Savings: 57%
Retail $159.95
NOW ONLY $ 125 .95
Total Package Savings: 44%
Bounty Hunter 1st Texas Pilot
w/ D-Tech 725 Search coil
Retail $250.00
NOW ONLY $ 125 .00
Total Package Savings: 61%
Bounty Hunter HandyMan Metal Detector
w/ Telescoping Magnet & User's Manual
NOW ONLY $ 79 .99
Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector
w/ 6.5" x 9" PROformance Coil‌
Retail $179.95
NOW ONLY $ 152 .95
Total Package Savings: 60%
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