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Metal detector is a great hobby and money-maker, and now you can share it with others by posting pictures of your own metal detecting adventures. All you need to do is capture a picture in a web-compatible format (i.e. a JPG file), and then upload them using the form below. Then, write a brief description of when/where/how you found your treasure. It's that easy! If needed, read instructions and terms are here.

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Instructions for Pictures
  • Pictures should be posted in JPG format; this is the most widely-available format and is compatible with 100% of browsers. If your pictures are in another form, we also accept: JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, and PNG. If you try to post a file with another type, then our system will reject the file.

  • The ideal dimensions for pictures is about 400-500 pixels wide and 300-400 pixels high. We understand that some pictures have other proportions, so it's OK if your picture's height is greater than its width.

  • The maximum picture size is 600 x 600 pixels. If you try to upload a picture larger than that, our system will reject the file. We need to enforce this maximum because some people have smaller screens and would not be able to see the pictures.

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Terms for Posting Files
  • By posting an item on our web site, you certify that it is original in nature and/or you own the copyrights.

  • You will continue to own copyrights to items posted on our site; however, you are granting Kellyco the right to share them with the public.

  • You are posting files to this site of your own free will, and you do not expect compensation from Kellyco. The real purpose of this project is to share metal detector stories with other enthusiasts around the world.

  • In the future, if you want to remove your posted items from the Kellyco site, just contact someone on our team. We will remove it in a few days.

  • Kellyco reserves the right to remove any items that are deemed inappropriate, defamatory, or obscene. Since Kellyco owns this web site, Kellyco will have the final word on what is posted herein.

  • Kellyco makes this posting service available for information purposes only. We cannot warrant or guarantee the same results with any detector featured in a picture or video.

  • Kellyco and its trademarks are property of Kellyco Detectors, and all other parts of this web site are copyrighted by Kellyco Detectors.

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