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New Data Logger Ready Input Feature!
Note: Data Logger Module & Software Bundle Sold Separately.

The Deepmax X3 is now Data Logger Ready!

New Data Logger Module option allows you to save your detection scans for uploading to your computer. Easy to use Data Logger Module records all 6 channels of coil information. 3 for ground conditions and 3 for metal conductivity. Gives the Treasure hunter more insight to what is buried in the ground. Software inlcluded will work in 3D and can be rotated.

The easy to use Data Logger Module allows you to save your Ground Scan and view them through a special contouring and 3D mapping software that is loaded onto your computer.

A ground scan is very easy to do. Putting it simply, after the optional Data Logger Module is attached to your Deepmax X3 and you have ground balanced you will be ready to start your first scan line. Only 2 buttons on the Deepmax X3 are used to complete a scan. One button to start the scan lines and another to save the complete scan to the memory card in the Data Logger Module. It's that simple! You will be supplied 2 memory reader cards and that will enable you to store up to 99 scans per memory card.

The Data Logger Bundle
Includes: 1-Module, 2 Memory Reader Cards, Cable and Software
ONLY $4299.95

Cat# 147-35

“Data Logger” is hardware that can be added to your Lorenz machine to collect and record data for future use. This hardware will simultaneously store six channels of data as you go over the surface area. The information generated by the Data Logger can be stored on an SD memory card to access later if necessary. “Data Logger” was primarily developed for large metal objects and it is recommended that frames of 1m x 1m or larger be used to achieve best results.

“Surfer 8” is software that can easily and accurately convert the information stored on the SD memory card into colorful surface images or vector maps on your computer within minutes. An additional “Scripter Software” can automatically generate twelve maps within each field. Six of the maps are two-dimensional; six of the maps are three-dimensional. This allows you to choose between different gridding and mapping methods. Each scan/map will be different depending on the electronic analysis method you choose, enabling you to modify sensitivity ranges and get a clearer picture of what lies beneath your feet! You will be able to see a marked difference between metal relics and meteorites and natural ground conditions.

These simple upgrades are easy for both beginners and professionals to adapt to. Only three controls will need to be added to the DeepMax X3 to accurately log data and convert it for use on a computer. Hobbyists, engineers, geologists, archaeologists, and scientists alike will benefit from these upgrades and be able to better search and recover meteorites, lost aircrafts and relics from every era.

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