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Metal Detector Information
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detectoes for gold
Metal detectors, metal detectors for gold, safety and protection, home and business security, trade gold, investment gold, treasures, references, dowsing rods
Added: 2013.09.01  | Page Rank: 0
Free Metal Detecting Interactive Map
A free interactive map to help find locations and areas from 60+ years ago they you may have not known was there before.
Added: 2013.06.30  | Page Rank: 0
Gold Prospectors HQ
Here you will find all kinds of information that relates to gold prospecting. This sites purpose is to provide the best information that pertains to finding gold.
Added: 2012.09.21  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Addicts Forum
Metal Detecting Forum
Added: 2012.04.13  | Page Rank: 0
Quick Response Survival
The site for your Survival kits and your survival needs, and to address Emergency events such as Hurricanes, Earthquakes, food scarcity as a result of fuel price increases and US Dollar devaluation.
Added: 2012.03.01  | Page Rank: 0
e Gold Prospecting
At e Gold Prospecting you will find the gold nuggets of useful information uncovered during our diggings which we use regularly when researching new areas, items, or ideas for gold and treasure hunting.
Added: 2012.02.13  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Pointers
Very successful tips, secrets and information on metal detecting. Finding treasure techniques that many metal detectorists wish they knew.
Added: 2011.04.16  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detectors For Treasures
This site will help you understand what metal detecting is all about and the treasures that you can find using a metal detector.
Added: 2011.02.15  | Page Rank: 0
Metal detector reviews and ratings
This site show you how and where to use a Metal Detector! Consumer reviews and ratings with deep field test from metal detector users
Added: 2011.02.08  | Page Rank: 0
Added: 2011.01.24  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detector Reviews
Thousands of free, unbiased metal detector reviews on Garrett, White's, Minelab, Fisher, MP, Titan, DetectorPro and more! Read reviews before you buy!
Added: 2010.06.08  | Page Rank: 0
eTreasure Hunting
The Internet is littered with advice from keen metal detector enthusiasts advising beginners on how to get the most out of their metal detector and increase the chances of finding something valuable. Here are five of the most interesting tips to get you started.
Added: 2010.05.19  | Page Rank: 2
Metal Detector Manuals
Manuals for Metal Detectors
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detector Comparison
Metal Detector Comparison
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0

Metal Detector Clubs / Forums
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Metal Detector Manufacturers
Das Electronics is a prominent manufacturer & supplier of industrial metal detector, frozen food metal detector, metal detector sensor, bag metal detector, metal detection systems, conveyor metal detector which is available at market leading prices.
Added: 2012.05.08  | Page Rank: 0
The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club
The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club meets Friday May 14,2010 at 7:30 PM at the Sanford Garden Club at 200 Fairmont Dr in Sanford. Please click the "Directions" button above to visit us Visitors are always welcome.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 2

Treasure Works
TreasureWorks - The Premier Website for Treasure Enthusiasts World-wide

Metal Detector Hobbist
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Treasure Hunting/Map Dowsing
Cut down your time with Map Dowsing, then go to the site with your Kellyco metal detector to confirm the target. Work with nationally know dowser Louis Matacia, and Ginette Matacia Lucas .
Added: 2013.05.29  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Tips
Dutch metal detecting hobby site stuffed with handy tips and artefacts
Added: 2013.02.04  | Page Rank: 0
Backup Disaster Recovery
Information for wilderness and urban preppers during uncertain times. Everything related to being prepared as an individual or as a community. We also carry survival kits, emergency preparedness items, long term food storage.
Added: 2012.12.21  | Page Rank: 0
Alex's Dirt Fishing
An Australian blog focusing on metal detection in New South Wales.
Added: 2012.09.23  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting In The USA
Metal detecting tips, finds, and stories about metal detecting, civil war relic hunting, and treasure hunting.
Added: 2012.07.18  | Page Rank: 0
Bling Finders - Lost Recovery Team Join Today
Take this amazing hobby one step further and make $money$ from doing what you love to do⦠Treasure Hunting! The greatest thing is helping people find what they thought was lost forever and to see the smiles you will get for your efforts!
Added: 2012.06.05  | Page Rank: 0
Metal detecting blog community.
Added: 2012.05.31  | Page Rank: 0
WeDetect Metal Detecting Social Network
WeDetect is the nets Premiere Metal Detecting Social Network. Connect with Metal Detectorists from around the world and Find a hunting buddy today.
Added: 2012.05.02  | Page Rank: 0
Gold Prospecting & Mining
A new website for beginners to look at for gathering information on gold prospecting
Added: 2012.04.13  | Page Rank: 0
Treasure hunter videos
Videos search of treasures, artifacts, gold, meteorites, coins with metal detectors.
Added: 2012.04.12  | Page Rank: 0
Oregon Gold Hunters
Oregon Gold, Mineral and Treasure Community
Added: 2012.01.02  | Page Rank: 0
Treasure Hunters Metal Detector Coin Probe- Makes All Other Coin Probes Obsolete
Treasure Hunters - Metal Detector Pocket Size Coin Probe helps you quickly find targets in any ground type with minimal digging, makes all other coin probes obsolete with its patented carbon shaft
Added: 2011.04.19  | Page Rank: 0
Morgan's Raid
On July 26, 1863 The Battle of Salineville was fought between John Hunt Morgan and his remaining 400 men and the Union Army. John Hunt Morgan and his remaining Confederate Calvary were badly beaten with a reported 300 captured, 23 dead and several wounded. The Battle of Salineville lasted a reported hour and a half, and was his last battle in his multiple state raids into union territory. What became of Morganâs treasure? This is my blog of Morganâs raid, the local stories and the document able facts from the end of Morganâs raid.
Added: 2011.02.23  | Page Rank: 0
Central Virginia Gold Dredgers
gold prospecting info and supplies
Added: 2011.01.02  | Page Rank: 0
Jupiter Beach Pics
Check Jupiter beach conditions from home or cell. Pics of eight Jupiter beach locations, updated every morning.
Added: 2010.11.06  | Page Rank: 0
e Treasure Hunter
Mostly Old Florida treasure tales, tips and stories
Added: 2010.10.29  | Page Rank: 1
Treasure Searcher Metal Detecting Forums
Friendly Metal Detecting Forums. Share your experiences or learn from others. Free to join.
Added: 2010.09.16  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Finds Museum
Lots of Roman, Medieval and gold jewelry detecting finds and some archaeologically seen very interesting treasure finds.
Added: 2010.07.14  | Page Rank: 2
Gold Prosperctors and Treasure Hunters of America, Inc.
GPTHA is a family based organization that has been formed to Promote The great hobbies of Prospecting and Treasure Hunting.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
WeDigDixie was built to bring detectorists worldwide together to make new friends, learn about history and maybe even find a few new places to hunt!
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 2
Metal Detector Freak
Looking for metal detector reviews? We provide updated reviews of the best metal detectors here.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 1
Metal Detecting Directory
Metal detecting information resources, accessories, and help forums
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 1
Detector Stuff
From beginner to pro, detector stuff is the place to go.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Forum
Metal Detecting : Metal Detecting Forum, Metal Detector Information UK
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0

Metal Detector Commercial
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Metal Detector Suppliers Holland

Added: 2013.08.06  | Page Rank: 0
Metal Detecting Auction
Buying and selling second hand metal detectors and accessories.
Added: 2012.09.20  | Page Rank: 0
Gold River Refining
We Buy and Sell Gold and Silver Ore, & Black Sand Concentrates.
Added: 2012.08.13  | Page Rank: 0
Precious gems and metals
Precious gemstones and metals
Added: 2012.02.08  | Page Rank: 0
Huntin Ground Alternative Rock
Well, detect this! A new release of 2010! That's some metal!
Added: 2010.11.24  | Page Rank: 3
Used Metal Detectors
We are your #1 Metal Detector Classified ad listing site. Become a free member and start listing your classified ads within minutes. Manage all ads from your personalized dashboard.
Added: 2010.09.30  | Page Rank: 0
Fisher Goldbug Metal Detector
Fisher Goldbug Metal Detector with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.06.14  | Page Rank: 0
Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector
Minelab E-TRAC Metal Detector For Sale with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 1
Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Metal Detector
Pioneer 505 Metal Detector with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
Teknetics T2 Metal Detector
Teknetics T2 Metal Detector with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 1
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector
Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector with Free Metal Detecting Accessories
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 1

Metal Detecting Travel
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Treasure Hunter Depot
A fresh Metal Detecting website with news, tips and information on metal detectors, civil war, relic hunting, gold prospecting and treasure hunting, as well as stories and discoveries about some of the most amazing metal detector finds from around the world
Added: 2014.05.18  | Page Rank: 0
The Continental Speculator
The Continental Speculator is an international journal written for citizens on all continents who seek adventure, travel and investment opportunities world-wide. We cover opportunities in Africa, Australia, and the United States.
Added: 2013.03.19  | Page Rank: 0
Best Metal Detecting Places
Ever wanted to know what might have been in that Farmers Field 100 years ago? Let us show you, we have some reports with Pictures that date bake to the 1800âs. GET A FREE REPORT⦠Uncovering America's History
Added: 2013.02.24  | Page Rank: 0
Have Dectector Will Travel
This site is devoted to metal detecting, coin shooting, and treasure hunting. I've had numerous stories published in Treasure, Treasure Found, Treasure Search, and Western & Eastern Treasures magazines.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 0
England Metal Detecting Tours Adventure
A good metal detecting trip doesn't "just happen," and an exceptionally good one doesn't "just happen" either. It takes a lot of planning and Roy has done that. He is able to tailor each adventure to the tastes and requirements of the individuals in the group. Truly a hands on customized personal detecting experience. Whether your interests are treasure cache hunting, treasure hunting for artifacts, or searching on farmers fields metal detecting coin finds, this England, metal detecting, discovery tours for you!
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 3

Metal Detector Publications
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Submit Your Website
Will increase traffic and pagerank website / blog Link up with us today http://store-american.com/link/
Added: 2011.12.25  | Page Rank: 0
Treasure Barrel
I recently moved my site to a different domain that I have had for awhile. Can you update my link that is on your site from www.metaldetectorpulse.com to the new domain listed above. Thanks. Description can remain the same: Metal detecting and gold prospecting articles, tips and reviews.
Added: 2010.11.12  | Page Rank: 0
Free Metal Detecting Software
Free software for Metal Detecting - This program lets you record detailed information about each of your treasure hunting finds, such as: DATE ITEM WAS FOUND, CONDITION, DESCRIPTION, VALUE, COMMENTS, LOCATION OF FIND, LOCATION NOTES, GPS COORDINATES, DEPTH INFORMATION, and much more.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 2
Amazing Metal Detector Finds
Hand-picked articles about amazing metal detectors finds.
Added: 2010.05.13  | Page Rank: 3