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Top Places to Start Metal Detecting!

We all know parks, schools, and beaches are fantastic locations for metal detecting. Here's a list of the top 5 places you may NOT have thought about hunting:

metal detect in a field
#5 - Farmers' Fields
These are great places to find coins and relics because the fields were host to plenty of Civil War battle activity. Farmers are willing to give permission to hunt once their crops are off. The finds might not be as much as other places, but it is another option to try. Sometimes farmers bury caches, so farmhouses and corners of the field are good examples of places to look around. Look for paths or trails near the fields where people might have dropped things. If there are large trees near the field, scan them and look for holes in them where things might have been placed inside. Fence lines might have hidden treasures as well. Some fields have been worked on for many years and you can find things like old tractor parts and coins. One helpful tip to remember is that the closer people are to the older parts of town, the better chances are of finding things. Asking for permission is important before hunting on farm fields.
construction site metal detecting
#4 - Construction Sites
Construction sites are often found in areas where many former homes and buildings have been torn down, which makes for good hunting spots. When bulldozers move the top soil they skim a good amount off of the ground, which is where people can find the most amount of coins and jewelry. Do keep in mind that you will still have to dig because not all items are scattered to the top. The top soil on construction sites changes constantly, because it cannot hold the weight of asphalt, so the chances of you finding more at these sites increases because of that. Just like with searching farmer's fields, we recommend asking permission to hunt construction sites.
metal detect in a hole
#3 - Recheck the Hole
Previous sites where other treasures have been found are good search sites, since most people never know what else lies there - there could be objects deeper! Normally, people see piles of discarded things such as old tools and coins dumped around corners, which are indicators of previous metal detecting activity. To be successful at previously searched sites, do not immediately go for the easiest accessible spots - it is better to do the opposite and search out hard to detect spots that most people would not want to bother with. Here is an example of a search strategy: if there is limited time available, search with a large search coil while moving in a grid pattern and look for a "hot spot" that was left unsearched by others previously there. A few coins and other objects are always waiting to be found.
sidewalk metal detecting
#2 - The Sidewalk Strip
Sidewalks strips are good for hunting because people often overlook this grassy area between the sidewalk and the street and most individuals walk past them for many years. Sidewalk strips are public property that is maintained by the homeowner, so it is recommended that the public ask permission of the homeowner before metal detecting at these areas. If the machine makes a beeping sound over a sidewalk, it is a new sidewalk and you should turn the coil on its edge and sweep. That will make the chances of finding items much higher.
backyard metal detectors
#1 - Your Own Backyard
One of the biggest misconceptions people have is not being able to find anything in their backyard, but that is not always the case! The great thing about using your own backyard is that it is cheaper and you do not have to go far for the perfect hunting location, which is great for those just starting out in the metal detecting hobby! A backyard is not overloaded with signals like other places and it has enough items hidden in the depths, and this serves as a great way to become familiar with the different signals your metal detector gives out for various items or metals. Privacy is one of the perks of using the backyard and this is wonderful for getting used to metal detecting techniques. A tip for hunting success in the backyard would be to go when the ground is soaked because the wet soil will let the detector absorb materials from deeper spots in the ground.
We welcome all suggestions and encourage you to help us add to this list.
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