Now What: You Bought a Metal Detector, What's the Next Step?

After you have purchased your metal detector and searched your yard, you may need a few other ideas of places to go treasure hunting. We have put together a small list of places you might want to try next.

If you live near the coast, the beach is the perfect place to take your metal detector. It's a great place to find coins and jewelry. Many people leave coins behind after changing, rummage round in their bags, or sit in the sand and allowing change to slip out. The beach's sand is also easy to dig and sift through, enabling you to locate items easily. But don't just search the loose sand. The beach parking lot may also have treasures for you. Or, if you have a waterproof detector or even just a waterproof coil, be sure to check down at the water's edge. Keep in mind that some beaches have regulations for metal detecting; be sure to check before searching your local beach.
river bank
Each town's history could provide you with unique idea of where to search. Old river beds are just one of the local landmarks that could prove to be the home of your latest find. Check your local history to locate old rivers; many of them had toll booths for boats that would travel the river regularly. You may be able to find unique coins that slipped over the edge. You may also try to locate old fishing spots that may reveal some unique finds. Riverbanks can be time consuming; be sure to take your time and a map to mark the sections you have already covered.
School yard
Let's face lose stuff. Schools can be a fun place to go metal detecting, but keep in mind the types of discoveries you will make. Modern coins and the occasional toy car may be the majority of your finds, but you never know what could be hidden from what was on the land before the school was built. Whether it was an older school or something else entirely, you may find some interesting items.
Churches are often in the oldest part of town, since they are usually constructed first. Old churches can be a great place to search. They hold all kinds of community and social events that could leave any number of items behind. If you're lucky enough to live in Santa Fe, NM, you're living next to the oldest church in the U.S.
Nature Trail
Searching nature trails with your metal detector is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. While you’re at it, try to think like a hiker. Look for places just off the trail where a hiker might stop to eat a snack or an interesting rock that would make a great place to sit. Also, consider a guide with old camps and forts. You may find some interesting items just off the trail.
We welcome all suggestions and encourage you to help us add to this list.
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