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Metal Detecting on Beach and in Water

Beach Hunting Tips

Beach detecting is primarily wading and searching on wet sand during low tide. I only wade in very shallow water and use a beach detector with a submersible, waterproof coil.

The following tips have been developed from many years of successful beach and water metal detecting:

  1. If you are working water too deep to keep your control box dry, use a fully submersible detector.
  2. I secure my beach detector, in its hipmounted bag in a shoulder harness with the control unit on my chest. I wear chest-high waders or a wetsuit depending on water temperature and weather. A backpack is also invaluable carrying a water bottle, spare battery, sun screen, etc., - be prepared for any situation.
  3. To recover detected targets in the water use a good stainless steel sand scoop (available here).
  4. When working the beach, always look for hard-packed sand, possibly with black sand and shallow washed-out gullies. Another useful sign is shells or pebbles lying on the sand. Loose sand, as a rule, doesn’t carry many good targets.
  5. Heavy sea activity does not always mean targets will be plentiful. Large waves tend to dump loose sand on the beach, which buries targets deeper. My best finds have been in slowly lapping water, which tends to move loose sand out of the sea.
  6. Treat the beach like your own garden. Always try to present to the public a good image of detector users so that we can retain a good name – this helps us all.

I wish you every success and good hunting!

We welcome all suggestions and encourage you to help us add to this list.
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