12 Ways To Find Older Areas To Hunt


While there are many different places hunt with your Metal Detector, the thrill of recovering older more valuable coins plus holding in your hands different relics of the past will be something you will want to experience. Finding coins from the 17th,18th and early 19th Century is a far greater thrill then you can imagine.

The answer to finding older sites is "Research!" Where can you find research material?

1-Old Maps - can be found in local libraries, local history books, they show old roads, abandoned railroad stations, many times school buildings and other points of interest that either no longer exist, or people have forgotten about.

2-Old Newspapers contain a wealth of information on almost every page Stories about holiday celebration on the town square park (May no longer exists) Carnival arriving in town (where did they set up?) and much more information.

3-Old Property Tax Records show where older houses, farms, service stations, interstate bus stops, taverns etc.. once stood. Lots of old coins to be found.

4-School Records not only tell you where schools once stood. Find all the roads and paths that students took to get to school. Find out exactly where the building or buildings stood. School playground areas, where outside lunch benches were... etc.

5-Local Historical Societies are a great resource containing valuable information on dozens of older happenings of your town from it's very beginnings up till today... A valuable resource not to be overlooked.

6-Local Museums usually have displays of historical interest as well as many books on the areas history. Spend time with anyone that works in the museum, they generally are part "Historian." Listen to what they can tell you.

7-Senior Citizens are a walking history of your town or city. Take the time to visit the Senior Citizen Homes and events. Make friends with those folks and listen to the stories they can tell.

8-Old Police Reports can pinpoint events that can turn into a "Treasure" spot. Robberies of lake front homes many times ended with the thief throwing his loot into the lake if he was about to be captured. Police calls to businesses or homes that are empty lots right now.. etc.

9-Old Fire Department records can indicate where many building & properties once existed. Probably the best source for what once stood on now empty lots. Fire Departments also participated in many town activities such as picnics and parades. Where did the parades begin and end? Where were the picnics held?

10-Churches - church records will show where the earliest churches were established. Some no longer exist & were torn down or purchased for another business now on that spot. People spent time before and after church to picnic and join in many outdoor activities.

11-College(s) - start small and add more buildings from time to time. Lots of areas outside buildings, sports areas, student eating areas, picnic spots, etc. Colleges are also a depository of information about the towns and cities where they are located. Check the college library.

12-Library - we saved the best for last. No place has more information than the local library. Check with the Librarian who can direct you to a wealth of information about your town. (Or any town if you want to search out sites in neighboring areas) Libraries are the main "Depository" of information of all kinds,, many times having a number of items discussed above, "old maps, old books, old records, etc". Get a library card, it will really pay off!

We welcome all suggestions and encourage you to help us add to this list.
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