JW Fishers Proton 4 Magnetometer ‌ with 150 ft. cable

The most powerful boat towed metal detector for ferrous metals.
A high performance, micro-processor driven system, the Proton 4 is the ultimate detector for ferrous metals such as iron and steel. The Proton 4 is in use by military, law enforcement, commercial, and salvage divers world wide. Its extremely large detection area make this detector ideal for both commercial operations and professional treasure hunters.

The claim-to-fame of this marine magnetometer is it’s rugged construction, ease of operation and the number of available options. The Proton 4 has one gamma sensitivity, the maximum practical sensitivity for a towed magnetometer. It’s maximum range capability of 1500 feet on each side (3000 feet total swath for a very large target) let’s you cover a wide area quickly and completely. The detection range is unaffected by the medium between the metal detector and the metal target. Performance does not change whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral.

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JW Fishers Proton 4 Magnetometer ‌ with 150 ft. cable Metal Detectors
Retail price $12,995.00
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Cat# 569-20
Now Only $11,899.00
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  • Low cost, High Performance
  • 1,500 ft Detection Range
  • One Gamma Sensitivity
  • Target Alarm
  • Two sec. Cycle Time
  • LCD Readout
  • Built-In Printer (optional)
  • Loran/GPS Coordinates printout
  • 150 or 300 ft cable
  • 1 to 10 mile per hour tow speed
  • Can be converted for land usage
  • Two year warranty
JW Fishers Proton 4 Magnetometer Details
The Proton 4 system includes tow fish with 150 feet of cable, and a top-side control unit. The control unit features easy to read LCD display, audio alarm, and variable sensitivity switch (for pinpointing targets). An optional built-in printer is available which gives hard copy of mag readouts and Loran or GPS position.

Options include 300 foot tow cable, UA-2 altimeter, RS232 data output, data collection and storage software, 500 and 1000' depth rated versions. The system is powered by a 12 volt battery with a total power consumption of only 40 watts.

The Proton 4 is backed by JW Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

Here is a third-generation proton magnetometer with a top performing, micro-processor-driven detection system. Proton magnetometers are the ultimate detectors for ferrous metals such as iron and steel, and are not affected by non-ferrous metals. At a one gamma sensitivity, the Proton 4 is at the maximum usable sensitivity for a towed magnetometer. And with its two second cycle time it gives a strong return signal, fast enough to detect even small iron/steel targets. The Basic unit comes with control box, 150 ft cable and a 300 ft. optional cable, and a fish. The Proton 4 fish can be towed at any depth, at speeds up to 10 mph. The optional printer allows Gammas and Loran/GPS coordinates can be printed out for a permanent record.

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Options for Proton 4

Proton 4, 300 ft. Cable Option

Proton 4, 500 ft. Depth rating and 500 ft. Cable option

Proton 4, 1000 ft. Depth Rating and 1000 ft. Cable option

DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing (Depressor wing for deep water towing)

RS232 output (includes detector output and your GPS data) - (see below for software)

With PC Software for Data Display, Storage, and Boat Tracking

VA-2 Altimeter (Measure Distance From Tow Fish To Bottom)

Priced at
ONLY $995.00
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Priced at
ONLY $3995.00
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Priced at
ONLY $6995.00
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Priced at
ONLY $1295.00
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Priced at
ONLY $795.00
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Priced at
ONLY $995.00
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Priced at
ONLY $1895.00
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