Metal Detector As Seen On TV

Lost - Gold Wedding Band

On a recent episode of cable televisions second most viewed TV shows "Duck Dynasty", one family member lost his gold wedding band in shallow water. A number of family members searched for it unsuccessfully. Then someone remembered there was a metal detector in a shed at the house they could use to find the ring. Sure enough the metal detector was found, but now needed to be tested to see if it still worked.

Buried Treasure

An older family member surprised everyone when he mentioned that ten years ago he buried a can with silver coins and a few gold coins, a real buried treasure. Everyone agreed to see if it could be located with the metal detector, and after scanning a fairly large area, the detector signaled something was in the ground.. Shovels in hand two men started digging. Fifteen minutes later, and finding nothing, they said they wanted to stop. Each time they wanted to quit, the metal detector scanned the hole and indicated something was deeper in the ground. Finally about 18 to 20 inched deep, they hit the top of the buried can and sure enough there were many US quarters but no gold coins. After thinking for a few seconds the older gentlemen said, I must have buried them in another can out here, let's look for it.

You'll have to watch this Duck Dynasty episode to find out what happened to the gold wedding band….. And watch later shows to see if they do use their metal detector to search for the buried can with the gold coins.

The Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter Camo LS

The metal detector from the shed was 5 or 6 years old if not older, yet it still performed as good as the day it was manufactured. No better proof that metal detectors DO find hidden and lost treasures.

That model shown on TV was the Camo LS and sold for $569.00. This model metal detector is no longer made. However, many of the same features, plus more modern improvements are now incorporated into the New Titan 9000 Metal Detector Series offering more features and are on sale!

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