Ground Penetrating Locators

The Closest Thing to X-Ray Vision!
Locate Treasures to 100 Feet Deep!
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Simple to use...Best in the world...Finds real treasures...DEEP!


Almost like "Seeing" deep in the ground. . .
Scans 24,000 Sq. Ft.


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Features: Wall Battery Charger - 2 Test Leads - 4 Ground Rods - 4 Spools (each with 140 feet of cable wire) - 2 Dummy Load Testers (Iron and Gold) - Complete Ground Penetrating Electronic Transmitter - Hard Protective Carrying Case housing measure 21"X17"X9.5" - 12 V Gel Battery

The most accurate, easy to use electronic geophysical scientific instrument to measure the resistance of metals and minerals in the ground. Electronically searches and locates gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, iron, etc., caves, cavities, tunnels, underground rivers and streams. Successfully used by both professional and serious treasure hunters, mining companies, prospectors, relic and artifact hunters, archaeologists, etc. If you are really serious about locating buried treasure, ore bodies, placer deposit, lost underground dwellings, caves, cavities, tunnels, etc., then you need this equipment! Search in easy 5,000 sq ft sections or increase area to 20,000-24,000 sq ft with 140' extension cable wire. Depth range from 2-100 feet. Increased depth to 200+ feet, depending on target size. Extremely accurate meter as well as a Lighted Target Response to buried targets, i.e. Gold bars, coins, coin caches, etc. Comes with built-in rechargeable battery.

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GPL 200

Features: Large analog meter - 10X High Range/0.1XLow Range Meter - 4 Heavy Duty 18" Copper coated Rods - 4 105' Wire Spools - Battery Charger and Connectors- 12 V Battery

The GPL 200 is a resistance indicating instrument. Scans up to 22,000 sq ft. A charge is sent through the ground between any two of 4 receiving rods. A low resistance reading on the meter means you have found a good conductor, (possible treasure). A high resistance indicates a poor conductor, cave, tunnel or any open area.

GPL 200 is capable of reading as far down as 100 feet. An extremely accurate meter and light indicator gives an immediate response to buried targets. Ground mineralization is of no consequence to Ground Penetrating Locator units. A few sample readings will give you the resistanceof the soil. A fluctuation from the sample readings will indicate a find. Operates anywhere using a 12 v gel cell battery.

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GPL 100
SCANS 11,000 SQ. FT.

Features: Analog Meter -Four  Standard Rods - Four 74 foot Wire Spools - Battery Connectors - Battery Charger - 12 volt  Gel Battery - Operates exactly the same as the GPL 200, with large Primary Carrier Wave Meter, Rods, Wire Spools, Battery Systems, etc. Capable of reading as far down as 50 ft. Excellent choice for serious treasure hunting at a low, affordable "budget" price.

Locate Treasures to 100 Feet Deep!
Since we cannot see into the ground, and standard detectors using Transmit/Receive search coils are limited in depth and restricted to a "scan" area no larger than the search coil, it has been difficult for the serious treasure hunter to search   large areas with any degree of accuracy, especially if searching at depths greater than one or two feet! But now, based upon "measurable resistively" detection sensors, it is possible to search large areas in less time, and to look for treasures as deep as 100 feet. All buried metals, precious and non-precious, oxidize and/or decay at different rates due to their particular metallic composition. Relative to the length of time metal objects are lost or secreted in the ground, they can be found with specialized equipment that measures the average or normal ground in an area, then by sending carrier wave signals through the ground, the GPL can locate the buried object or objects between the sensor probes.

The carrier wave ohm meter, found on both the GPL 100 & 200, is highly sensitive and can indicate a fairly precise signal of the target such as gold, silver, copper, iron) and even alert the user to tunnels and cave openings. The secondary meter(10XHigh/0.1X Low range meter) found only on the GPL 200, picks up signals ranging (both) higher and lower than the larger digital meter. The secondary meter measures resistively outside the normal range, enabling the user to continue to pick up signals when the normal meter would go "off the scale" and be lost. The GPL is a highly scientific and reliable treasure -seeking sensor that is extremely easy to use. Merely insert the rods into the ground in a pattern indicated in the instructions. Press corresponding buttons. Measure resistively readings. Continue until sensor indicates a target, then dig and recover your treasure.

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The Ground Penetrating Locator measures ground resistance from point to point, if the GPL indicates a high resistively it generally means you have found a cave or hidden tunnel. However, if the instrument shows a low resistance on the meter and the TARGET RESPONSE LAMP is lit, you can be sure that a metal target has been located. The TARGET RESPONSE LAMP indicates that a good conductor is absorbing the power due to a strong battery charge on the metal. The GPL has a special circuit that activates the lamp at varying degrees of brightness- the better the conductor, the brighter the lamp. The GPL has a variable power consumption circuit and uses very little power when the ground is inert or poor in conductivity. It has a maximum power of five amps, more than enough to allow the strongest conductor of precious metals to show its presence. When a strong, low frequency signal is transmitted through the ground from one ground probe (or rod) to another, the wave is used as a "radio carrier". The DC wave generated by a 12 volt battery is capable of traveling only a few inches through the ground. Changing the DC wave to an AC wave (also called a carrier wave) allows it to travel much further at low frequency. The wave will take the path of least resistance to travel through the ground. The CW easily travels through precious metals. If metal is in the wave's trajectory, the wave encounters resistance along its path. In this case, a "stronger" CW hits the receiving probe. This is how the TARGET RESPONSE LAMP on the GPL lights when a highly conductive (and therefore less resistant) target is located. All precious metals suffer a slight deterioration due to acid rain, snow, and other chemicals. When acid and ultra-high radiation contact metals, free electron radiation fields (FERFs) are created. The longer the object is buried, the stronger the field. Carrier waves are attracted to FERFs. As the CW sinks into the ground it has to disperse. By creating a strong charge that sinks into the ground, the CW will find the FERF, tune automatically to it and follow it. Those of us who look for precious metal have tried many methods over the years but none have been perfected to the level of the GPL.

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