Gold Digger Metal Detector

Great for Beginning Prospectors!
The Gold Digger is just the ticket for any entry level Gold prospector, relic hunter, coin shooter, and treasure hunter.Highly recommended as a perfect detector for finding gold nuggets, coins and artifacts around old mining towns.

Slow motion all-metal mode for easy detecting of small nuggets.

The stylish Gold Digger Metal detector will detect all kind of metal from iron relics, coins and household items to precious metals like silver and gold.

For more privacy when treasure seeking, the Gold Digger comes complete with headphones and 1/8" headphone jack for immediate use. It also comes with a Free Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine.

Motion all-metal mode for detecting all types of metal. (Automated Motion)

The motion-type VLF detector with automatic ground balance is probably the most popular model generally used today. First of all, it is easy to use. Added to this are its capabilities for finding gold and silver coins, rings and jewelry that are almost equal to those of higher priced detectors. This capability becomes particularly apparent when both expensive and average-priced models are in the hands of a beginner.

Its always amazing to see a beginner find as much or more than an experienced detector user with a much more expensive detector. While most detector models from reputable manufacturers are capable, some will definitely detect gold, coins and treasure deeper than others.

Numerous models of automated detectors are manufactured today. Some offer more features than others, and some are just simply better. Automated VLF instruments are often referred to as "motion" detectors since they can be hovered over a target for only a few seconds because of their automatic circuitry. Consequently, slight search coil motion is always necessary. Certain models, however, can be scanned much more slowly than others. You will learn the capabilities of your instrument through practice.

Another technique to practice is pinpointing the target under the search coil, since hovering over a target is not possible. Simply stated, however, pinpointing generally presents no problem for anyone searching for valuables/treasures because the targets you will be finding can be considered comparatively large.

The automated VLF instrument ranks high among all types of detectors in detection depth. Not only is it capable of reaching to great depths to detect coins, but its extremely sharp and quick response signal is unmistakable when gold rings, coins and other objects are detected. In addition, all quality automated VLF detectors will offer some form of trash elimination through discrimination control (s). Many hobbyists find the automated VLF models satisfactory for many different types of metal detecting.


  • 1/8" headphone jack and headphones included
  • Automatic tuning and ground balance
  • Power and sensitivity
  • Trash eliminator control to remove most undesirable items from detection
  • Treasure meter to determine strength of signal
  • Detects coin-sized objects up to 6" deep; larger objects up to 2 feet
  • Requires two 9-volt Alkaline batteries (not included)
  • 1 year warranty