Garrett's Three "Be's" of Treasure Hunting

Charles Garrett, master treasure hunter and author, offers basics for beginners.

Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics

Ask veteran treasure hunters for their keys to successful hunting and you are bound to hear all sorts of advice-some sound and some not so sound. Lord knows I've imparted as much wisdom over the years as I could to help my fellow coin shooters and relic hunters find more of what they were seeking. If I was asked to boil down all of my treasure hunting advice into three key bullet points, I would have to simplify it as:

I must admit that this sounds almost ridiculously simple but part of being successful in the field is preparing yourself before you set out. It means doing the right research to find those good places to hunt. It also means learning your detector thoroughly, using your headphones to hear those deep targets and carrying the right recovery tools. Persistence and patience are equally necessary ingredients to success. For example, some of the old homesteads and historic areas you work may require you to dig a certain amount of useless items to find those cherished artifacts.

For decades, I have gone out prospecting and relic hunting with a special recovery tool that I have grown quite fond of. It has a sturdy digging blade for chopping through soil, clay and even small tree roots. Opposite from the blade is a rake head for sifting through sand and loose soil to find smaller treasure targets. The base end of the wood handle contains a magnet to clear ferrous junk metal from my excavation areas.

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POINTER, our new ClearSound Easy Stow headphones and the Garrett Detectorist's Backpack. Your good treasure hunting preparation might include the new tips you learn from reading one of our field guides. It might also include using a better recovery tool. It may be the peace of mind of knowing your new backpack contains everything you will need in the field. Be prepared. Be persistent. Be patient. But don't be surprised when these "be's" help lead you to exciting new treasure!

-Charles Garrett.

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