Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detectors
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Sea Hunter Mark II Chart

There are 4 different ways the Sea Hunter can be used. In the hip mount configuration for beach hunting or in the scuba mate configuration for underwater hunting or mounted on shaft.

The best just got better...

For fifteen years the Sea Hunter series has been helping divers find treasure. It has long been the choice for professional divers such as Bob Marx and Mel Fisher, and has helped beachcombers find a lot of treasure. The Sea Hunter has been time proven over many thousands of hours. Over the years, enhancements and refinements have made the Sea Hunter the world's most advanced diving detector.

The "Lure of the Deep" will always call brave men and women to search the world's seas for lost treasures. And, as long as this  yearning persists, so will the Sea Hunter. The new Pulse Induction Sea Hunter Mark II is completely at home under water. It ignores salt water and iron mineralization found in salt-water environments. Its rugged construction can withstand the rigors of the deep, ensuring countless hours of dependable underwater service. The hip-mount and long stem let you scan beaches comfortably. For underwater searches, the Scuba Mate's shorter stem makes maneuvering easy. The Sea Hunter Mark II has been tested and proven to a depth of 200 feet.

The new Sea Hunter Mark II from Garrett is the only Pulse Induction detector that completely eliminates pull tabs and foil without significantly degrading the sensitivity on rings and coins.  Thanks to both Standard PI discrimination and Garrett's exclusive Discrete Trash Elimination mode, the New Sea Hunter Mark II absolutely eliminates trash as it detects treasure right next to it.  In addition, the new Sea Hunter Mark II easily adapts to any type of underwater or beach environment with your choice of four stem configurations.  Best of all, this revolutionary detector can find treasure at depths other submersibles can't reach.  A longtime favorite of renowned professional  treasure hunters like Mel Fisher and Bob Marx, the Sea Hunter has earned a reputation for helping beach and surf loving coin shooters to find thousands of dollars worth of lost coins and jewelry.

Comfortable For Beach and Water Hunts
Like its predecessor, the new Sea Hunter Mark II is fast becoming one of the most sought after submersible detectors in the world by both treasure hunters and search and recovery teams,  The Sea Hunter ignores salt water and most minerals.  Its four stem arrangements @includes: the long stem with top, hip and under cuff stem mounts and the short stem ScubaMate for underwater searches.

If you want a submersible PI detector that really discriminates, look no further than the Sea Hunter Mark II.  In Addition to providing standard discrimination, the Sea Hunter Mark II boasts a unique Discrete Elimination mode which enables it to discriminate unlike any other PI manufactured.  Gone are those pesky pull tab signals when you're trying to find rings.  The Sea Hunter ignores a lot of trash that plagues conventional PI detectors and can find treasure at depths other submersibles can't reach.

A longtime favorite of renowned professional treasure hunters like Mel Fisher and Bob Marx, the Sea Hunter has earned a reputation for also helping beach and surf-loving coin shooters to find thousands of dollars worth of lost coins and jewelry. This detector has earned its reputation the old-fashioned way-- through reliable performance. Others boast of being the best Garrett offers proof.  For more than a  decade the Sea hunter has been the #1 choice of divers and beach and surf hunters everywhere.  Fabulous treasure have been found by its Pulse Power and recovered far beneath the sea.

Thirty fathoms deep or on the beach the Sea Hunter's pulse induction circuitry ignores salt water and iron mineralization.  No other circuitry can function effectively under such condition which are often found in lakes far from the ocean.  Adjustable discrimination rejects foil, bottle-caps, pull-tabs, mineralized ballast stones and some iron pieces.  Charges Garrett personally tested the Sea Hunter on the famed, inches-thick, black sand beaches of the California-Mexican border where mineralization is at its worst.  The Sea Hunter's automatic ground balance performed flawlessly as deep target were found that had been left behind by other detectors that can only boast of their abilities. Remember Garrett offers proof!

Super deep 10 x 14" Pulse Induction Coil

Amazing in its depth! Awesome in its sensitivity! Garrett's latest exciting search coil for the Sea Hunter Mark II. No special connectors needed. No tools needed. Just unplug existing coil, plug in your new 10 x 14" coil and be prepared to find coins, rings, and other treasures

The Sea Hunter Mark II Treasure Diver

8" submersible epoxy filled pulse induction coil  • Microprocessor-Controlled Pulse induction circuitry • Submersible to 200 feet • Fully adjustable discrimination capability • Treasure Tone audio overrides surf and scuba sounds • includes Scuba Mate short stem • Long 3 piece stem for surf / beach hunting • Hip-mount configuration for comfort • Submersible earphones • Powered by 8 AA batteries • New easy-access sealed battery compartment • Dual (Standard and Discrete) trash discrimination modes • Audio battery check • Four position stem mount above and below the cuff • 6 lbs. total operating weight • Comes with 8" epoxy filled search coil • Belt pouch included

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This graph shows the typical detection responses from metals in both Trash Elimination modes.  At a discrimination setting of eight, all metals above NICKELS in Standard (Std) mode, and above PULLTABS in Discrete (Dis) mode, are detected.  This example illustrates how the enhanced discrimination power of Discrete mode ensure that you can eliminate pull tabs with little or no rejection of most rings. Another remarkable innovation from Garrett.

Sea Hunter Features:
  • All Metal Deep seeking Mode
  • Audio Threshold, Adjustable
  • Discrimination: Full Range (PI)
  • Headphone Jack - submersible
  • Hip Mount Control Box with Pouch
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Salt Elimination Mode (PI)
  • Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment
  • Surface Mount PC Board Technology
Included with Purchase:
  • Underwater Headphones
  • Scuba Mate Short Stem for Diving
  • Long 3-Piece Stem for Surf / Beach Hunting
  • Hip-mount Configuration for Comfort
  • Hip-mount Carry Pouch with Web Belt
  • Owner's Manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Complete Stem Hardware Set
  • Cable Ties
  • Warranty Card
  • Length: 28” to 52” (.71m - 1.32m)
  • Weight: 5.7 Ibs. (2.6 kgs.)
  • Batteries: 8AA
  • Multiple Frequency Technology
  • Operating Depth to 200 feet
  • Independently sealed battery compartment
  • Choice of four housing mount configurations
  • 1 year warranty, limited parts/labor
  • Surface Mount PC Board Technology
  • Elimination / Discrimination
  • Audio Threshold
  • Non-Motion All Metal
  • Standard PI Discrimination*
  • Discrete PI Discrimination*
  • *for non-ferrous targets only.