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Garrett Infinium LS Metal Detector
Land - Beach - Water

The metal detector Garrett designed to take on the world!
It's a completely new kind of detector that will change the way you hunt for treasure on land, in water, and everywhere in between!

Garrett Infinium
Infinium Chart

2 Hour Quick Field Test - Garrett Infinium

Wanda went to the beach this past weekend with the Infinium and reports that the detector was very well balanced, easy to use and purred like a kitten in the salt water. "Oh my goodness, this detector really goes deep. I've found pennies and nickels 12-13" deep and quarters slightly deeper. Set discriminator in low then went into lock. Worked fine in either setting."

I wish I could have stayed longer, but the family was ready to go home. I'm taking the Infinium to a fresh water lake next time so I can see if there is any difference in salt or fresh water. My advice "Infinium is not only an excellent all-around detector but I was amazed at the depth I found coins. I rate this detector as AN EXCELLENT BUY FOR YOUR DOLLARS!"

- Wanda

The Infinium LS (Land & Sea) is a new direction for Garrett and treasure hunters all over the world. Considered the "go anywhere, do anything" detector, it was designed to find nuggets, coins, caches, and relics virtually anywhere in the world –even at diving depths of up to 200 feet!

With variable speed ground tracking, multi-channel pulse induction technology, advanced discrimination, Tone ID for enhanced target information, a fully submersible, all-environment design and interference elimination without reduced sensitivity, the Infinium LS is by far the most technologically advanced multiple frequency detector on the market.  It easily surpasses the depth and discrimination capabilities of every competitor in its class.

Whether prospecting in the gold fields of Australia and Arizona, hunting Civil War battlefields, volcanic rockslides of the Pacific Northwest, or the black-sand beaches along Italy’s coast, the Infinium LS will maintain its exceptional performance.

The Infinium LS has the greatest number of multiple frequencies - 96!

No other manufacturer comes close to engineering that many frequencies into one detector. If you want to buy the best multiple frequency detector on the market based on the real merits of the unit, then the Infinium LS is for you.

The waterproof design of the Infinium LS makes it the first metal detector highly recommended for both land and deep water detecting. Three controls are all you need to successfully hunt for relics, jewelry and gold.

Gold and Relic Hunters
The Infinium penetrates deeply into the most difficult mineralized ground
(Anywhere in the world!)

The Infinium LS features Advanced Pulse Induction™ (API) technology which many consider the industry's greatest innovation in years. This new technology, teamed with the remarkably powerful 10 x 14" DD™ search coil, provides treasure hunters with the most stable, rigid, and performance-packed detector in the world. Find thin gold nuggets and delicate jewelry other detectors miss while ignoring hot rocks, salt, terra cotta, and changing ground conditions.

Meanwhile the discrimination dial provides "all metal" hunting or varying degrees of discrimination to help eliminate unwanted targets and to assist in audible target identification. The Infinium LS provides discrimination for nearly 100% of its detection depth - not just for surface targets. This is a powerful, mineralized, ground machine. 

Automatic Ground Tracking (AGT) will allow you to lock the ground track for the best performance or choose slow/fast automatic tracking as you sweep different soils. This provides you with the optimum performance from an easy-to-use metal detector and keeps you from being consumed with complicated adjustments.

The Audio Threshold adjustment control is designed to fit your individual hunting styles. Also, the operating frequency of the detector may be adjusted to minimize electrical interference that slows other detectors down.

Choose from four different control housing configurations. Hip mount or under the cuff is recommended, but above or below the stem are also options. Either way, the lightweight power of the Infinium LS will find more treasure than many other detectors on the market. And now, with four optional search coils to choose from, you can personalize your Infinium LS to the way you like to hunt.

Made to use as little battery power as possible, the Infinium LS requires only eight AA batteries for 10-15 hours of treasure hunting. When the detector is on the battery-life indicator continuously monitors the battery information.

Some Tips For Gold Hunters

8 inch monoUsing optional mono coils with the Infinium LS helps to eliminate pesky "hot rocks" while searching. Garrett offers optional mono coils in 8" and 10x14" sizes.
8 inch monoUsing Elliptical search coils allows your Infinium LS to search in narrow "hard to get to" areas between rocks and other obstacles on land or in gold streams. Garrett Elliptical coils come in two sizes, 3x7" and 8x10".

Infinium Headphones

Infinium LS comes with Garrett standard land headphones to use anywhere when searching on land sites as well as on beaches and in shallow waters of oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. Searchcoil is waterproof and submersible but headphones are not to be submerged or dropped into water.

If you want to use the Infinium LS in water depths that require the headphones to be submerged, Garrett recommends you purchase Submersible headphones which are shown on our Infinium main page for only $84.95

  • 96 Operating Frequencies
  • Convergence of technologies including Garrett's exclusive new Advanced Pulse Induction (API)
  • Easy operation with just three controls
  • Discrimination Dial provides all-metal detecting or varying degrees of discrimination
  • Tone ID helps identify targets via distinct audio tones
  • Enhanced discrimination to eliminate unwanted targets
  • Reverse discrimination capability assists in identifying most iron
  • Adjustable operating frequency minimizes electrical interference
  • Automatic Ground Track with lock, slow, and fast settings to master changing soil conditions
  • Audio Threshold adjustment ensures clear interpretation of all target signals
  • Rugged go-anywhere design and stable, quiet performance
  • Lightweight, power-saving design uses eight AA batteries
  • Choice of four different control housing configurations
  • Complete line of new Infinium LS search coils: 10" x 14" Power DD, 10" x 14" Mono; 8" Mono
Technical Specifications
  • Circuit Type Advanced Pulse Induction technology, automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization
  • Frequency 730 pulses per second
  • Submersion Depth Up to 200 feet (65 meters) or seven atmospheres
  • Buoyancy Near neutral
  • Batteries Eight AA
  • Battery Life Approximately 10-15 hours
  • Control Housing Weight 31 oz.
  • Headphones 16 oz. Non-Submersible