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GTI 1500 Metal Detectors
With Garrett's exclusive PowerMaster circuitry, what you "see" is what you get!

Graphic Imaging Display
The GTI 1500 panel display is shown above. On the Image Scale "B" targets are coin sized. "A" size targets are smaller and "C," "D," and "E" size targets are progressively larger.

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With Garrett's GTI PowerMaster™ Digital Signal processing chip and the new 9.5" super deep search coil, you'll recover deeper targets with less time spent searching!

Designed with the serious coinshooter in mind, the GTI 1500 boasts all of the key benefits of the GTI 2500 but at a smaller cost.  It is backed by an intense PowerMaster Digital Signal Processor (DSP) circuitry that enables it to intelligently discriminate accurately, finding deeply buried objects. Paired with a 9.5" imaging super-deep search coil it will help you locate the best coins at the greatest depth. 

The GTI 1500 also gives you instant feedback on the kind of coin you've detected and how deep it is by graphically revealing its true size and true depth on an LCD screen. Such sophisticated information is invaluable to a serious treasure hunter - particularly when a detection signal can be attributed to any one of several, similarly conductive objects in varying size. This keeps you from digging up aluminum cans when what you're really after are coins and rings.

Rely on the TreasureVision screen to tell you if the detected target is the size of a coin and what denomination it is. TreasureVision provides extra target information to help you decide whether a target is worth digging - allowing you to spend more time digging treasure instead of trash.

Only Garrett packs this much superior quality into one affordable metal detector.  The GTI series was designed specifically for coin and relic hunters, and the 1500 boasts many of the same, top-of-the-line features as the 2500 - TreasureVision, PowerMaster DSP circuitry and ScanTrack. If you're not already a serious coinshooter, one afternoon with a GTI 1500 and a treasure pouch bursting with coins will make you one!

Audio Threshold, Adjustable • Audio Tone ID • Coin Alert Belltone Audio • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) • Discrimination: GTA Accept / Reject notch • Frequency, Adjustable • Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA), Target ID Cursor • Graphic Target Imaging (GTI), True Target Size & Depth • Ground Blance, Automatic Ground Tracking • Headphone Jack • Hip mount battery pack • Last Mode Switching • LCD Backlit, Shows target ID and Settings • Microprocessor Controlled • Pinpointing, with True Size and Depth Measurement • PowerMaster Circuitry • Salt Elimination Mode • ScanTrack - Sensitivity/Depth Adjustment • Speaker • Surface Mount PC Board Technology • Touchpad Controls with one Touch Operation • Volume control

Menu Selections
5 Operating Modes: Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, Custom • Sensitivity Adjustment • Threshold Adjustment • Audio Tone Adjustment • Volume Adjustment • 4 Detection Frequencies

Search Aids
One Touch Operation • Last Target Recall • Last Mode Recall • Audio Mode Selection • Salt Elimination• Fiber Optic Back Light • Auto Ground Balance • Treasure Track Ground Balance • Auto Threshold Retuning Factory Reset • LCD Battery Conditioner Indicator - 5 Levels • 8 AA Batteries • Operating Weight: 4 lb., 2 oz . 2 Year Warranty .Instructional Video