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Search Coils

Changing the search coil on your metal detector is the next best thing to buying a whole new machine! Most metal detectors come with a standard search coil that is good for general use – finding the broadest range of targets in the broadest range of environments. But search coils come in all shapes and sizes, and it's possible that merely changing the coil on your detector will lead you to a host of new targets in that “hunted out” area. Kellyco proudly hosts the most complete list of additional search coils on the internet with selections available for every major brand.

8x6” SEF (Butterfly) Search Coil
Work just about anywhere a smaller coil is needed.
For Garrett ACE 150-250 Only $124.95
Garrett Coil
Requires Handling/packing/insurance fee only $9.95
The new 8X6” S.E.F., or butterfly, EXcelerator coil is designed to work those higher trash sites or just about anywhere a smaller SEF coil is needed. This little guy still offers better all around performance when compared to the other ”DD” coils on the market today. Better ground balancing, more stable operation, more accurate pinpointing and increased target identification are all benefits of this coil. Field Tests show S.E.F. coils truly find deeper targets. More Information.
Retail Price $279.99
Sale Price $124.95 Add to Cart Cat# 134-8x6ga
Featured Search Coils & Protective Coil Covers
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Garrett 4.5" ACE Sniper
Search Coil (ACE 150/250/350)

Cat# 14-2221800
Retail Price $84.95
Sale Price $72.20
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4.5" Sniper
Search Coil Cover

Cat# 14-1604200
ONLY $4.95
Garrett 6.5 x 9" ACE PROformance Coil
(ACE 150/250/350)

Cat# 14-2221700
Retail Price $89.95
Sale Price $76.46
6.5 x 9" Black
Search Coil Cover

Cat# 14-1605700
Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $12.95
Garrett 9 x 12" ACE PROformance Coil
(ACE 150/250/350)

Cat# 14-2221900
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $84.95
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9 x 12" Black
Search Coil Cover

Cat# 14-1612600
ONLY $14.95
Garrett 8.5 x 11" DD PROformance Coil
(ACE 150, 250 & ACE 350)

Cat# 14-2222000
Retail Price $139.95
Sale Price $118.96
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8.5 x 11" DD
Coil Cover

Cat# 14-1606600
ONLY $14.95
13" Ultimate DD Coil for ACE Series
Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-13uace
Retail Price $349.95
Sale Price $179.95
5" x 8" Ace DD PROformance Searchcoil
(Ace Series)

Cat# 14-2223000
Retail Price $129.95
Sale Price $110.45
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Garrett Coil Hardware Set
Garrett coil hardware set includes nut, bolt, and two washers.
Only $6.25
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Cat# 14-2333300
Garrett Lower Rod
Garrett lower rod for all current models.
Only $9.95
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Cat# 14-9975610
Garrett ACE Series DVD
Garrett ACE series instructional video in DVD format.
Only $9.95
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Cat# 14-1678700


The right pair of headphones can be the difference between finding trash and hearing treasure - these are the MOST IMPORTANT item after your metal detector! Many of the oldest and most deeply buried treasures will give a weak signal when detected because of their depth and size. Add to that the sound of beach surf, traffic, wind rustling through the trees and a dozen other sounds that easily prevent you from hearing that low signal and you'll pass right over the best finds! What separates those who consistently find the oldest silver and gold coins, in our opinion, are those who use headphones - and not just any headphones, but the ones proven to get the deeper targets! This is the "soundest" investment you can make! Be sure to view our complete lineup of headphones made specifically for metal detecting and treasure hunting!

Featured Headphones
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Garrett TreasureSound Headphones
Cat# 14-1612500
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $16.96
Garrett Clear Sound
Easy Stow Headphones

Cat# 14-1612700
Retail Price $24.95
Sale Price $21.20
Pro-Deluxe Lightweight
Hi-Fi Headphones
Cat# 503-351135
Retail Price $49.95
Sale Price $39.95

You Will Love The Sound!
GTA Series Headphones
Cat# 145-21
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95

Digging Tools

Digging tools are easily one of the most necessary items required to recover coins, rings and other treasures. While scoops work many places, they won't work on grass, clay, or river rock. Knives are incredibly useful and can sometimes get through grass, but clay and rock are still difficult. Diggers are the perfect answer no matter where you are! They can cut and dig through almost every type of soil! Don't miss our huge selection of digging tools that will get the job done - no matter where you are!

Featured Digging Tools
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3-Way Shovel
Cat# 887-100
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95
Pro 12 Straight Handle Speed Scoop (12" Handle, 1.7 lbs.)
Cat# 519-33
ONLY $39.95

FREE Shipping
Continental U.S. Only
3 Part Deluxe
Treasure Digging Kit

Cat# 1-1070k
Retail Price $94.95
Sale Price $49.95
Razor Edge Gator Digger
with Lifetime Warranty

Cat# 64-2540
Retail Price $69.95
Sale Price $57.95

Carry Bags

Keeping all of your equipment together and safe is important. Carry bags and cases will protect your equipment from the elements, provide security, and keep everything from view while stored in your car or other places. In addition to protection, carry bags and cases are the easiest way to transport all of your treasure hunting equipment in one trip.

Featured Carry Bags
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Garrett All-Purpose Carry Bag
Cat# 14-1608700
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $24.95
Garrett All-Purpose
Convenience Bag

Cat# 14-1611500
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $25.95
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Garrett Padded Two-Zipper Carry Bag
Cat# 14-1608500
Retail Price $69.95
Sale Price $59.95
Carrying Bag with Logo

Cat# 64-44185L
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $59.95
Big Brute Padded
Carrying Bag with 2 pockets

Cat# 305-FLCB
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95
Deluxe Extra Long Padded
Carry Bag

Cat# 495-bagbxl
Retail Price $89.95
Sale Price $79.95
Garrett Ace Sports Tote Bag
Cat# 14-1651500
Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $12.95
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Miscellaneous Accessories

The right tools and supplies for successful treasure hunting.

Miscellaneous Accessories
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Black Middle Stem with Camlocks
(For Ace Series, 1350, GTI 1500 & 2500)
Cat# 14-2347500
Retail Price $17.50
Sale Price $14.87
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Black Web Belt
Recommended for
Belt Mount Detectors

Cat# 1530-srbb2h
Retail Price $11.95
Sale Price $8.99
Loop Support for Garrett
(Ace 350, AT Pro, Infinium LS)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# N1164-GW001
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

Limited 1 per order!
Understanding Treasure
Signs and Symbols

Cat# 14-1546000
Retail Price $5.95
Sale Price $3.95
High Capacity Ni-Mh Battery Recharge System
Cat# 503-4130
Retail Price $45.95
Sale Price $29.95
Hard Cap GEL
Knee Pads
(Pair of Two)

Cat# 277-66124
Retail Price $32.95
Sale Price $19.95

Save Your Knees
Garrett Ace 150/250/350 Series
Rain & Dust Cover

Cat# 14-01619900
Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $12.75
Treasure Hunting for
Fun and Profit

Cat# 14-1508300
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95