Garrett's 12 Exclusive Features  Make
The GTI 2500 The Ultimate Metal Detector!

The GTI 2500 is the series' star player with an extraordinary number of advanced features unlike any available in today's market. The GTI 2500 boasts a true All-Metal Deepseeking mode that provides above-average detection depth.Onboard DSP chip, treasure vision technology and more. All of these wonderful features are combined to make your treasure hunting easier and more fun!

One-Touch Treasure Hunting
With the one touch of a button
With the touch of a button your detector is : Powered on, Automatically reset to factory(or your) settings, Automatically adjusted for ground minerals, and you are read to search!
Enhanced Digital Processor
Onboard DSP Chip
Garrett is the only hobby metal detector manufacturer that boasts the power of a dedicated onboard Digital Signal Processor (DSP) chip.  Far more sophisticated than off-the-shelf microprocessors, this special computerized chip allows our engineers to "customize" the detector to perform complex functions that ultimately make the detector search deeper, faster and identify targets more accurately
Graphic Target Imaging (GTI)
See Your Target Size.
Garrett's GTI revolutionized metal detecting even further by becoming the first and onlydetector to display a target's true size via colorful, easy-to-understand graphics
Treasure Vision
TreasureVision Technology.
Garrett's patented innovation combines its GTA and GTI graphic displays into one unique colorful screen called Treasure Vision.  In addition to showing a detected target's probable identity and true depth, Treasure Vision goes  a step further and also reveals the targets true size.  With this much Target information t your fingertips, you can find more treasure and ignore more junk than ever imagined.
Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA)
Easy-To-Read Visual Target ID.
Garrett's GTA revolutionized metal detecting by becoming the first mid-range detector whose LCD revealed  a target's probable identity. Eliminate doubt before digging with visual target ID cursor and accept/reject notch discrimination.
True Size and Depth
See Your Targets Depth.
With some detectors it's impossible to know whether a detected target is junk or treasure until you dig it up.  Because different targets share similar conductivities, detecting what you think is a quarter may well be an aluminum can.  The GTI 2500 and 1500's TRUE size and depth technology enables you to determine whether a detected target is junk or treasure.  Dig no more aluminum cans! Garrett's GTI detectors are the only detectors in the world that provide true size and depth.
Scan Track
Auto Adjusts To Your Scan Speed.
Scan Track is Garrett's version of "cruise control."
The GTI 2500 lets you scan at your preferred pace without missing valuable targets thanks to sophisticated circuitry that automatically adjusts to produce maximum audio signals on every detected target.
Power Master
Discover Treasure 20% Deeper.
Garrett's Power Master circuit boosts detection depth up to 20 percent.  Plus, the search coil scanning width is also increased.  The illustration shows the normal search pattern scanning (red dashed line and the search pattern scanning with Power Master.  The Difference is obvious.
Back light
Back Light.
Use the GTI-2500 special back light feature -in low light situations for improved visibility and target information.
Target I.D. in All-Metal Mode
All-Metal Mode.
Imagine being able to identify a target while hunting in All-Metal Mode - it enables you to hover over a target with continuous audio response which is heard as a "rise and fall" sound.The illustration below shows that a can has been detected in All-Metal Mode.
Depth Multiplier with EagleEye Pinpointing
Find Larger/Deeper Targets.
The Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier multiplies the detection depth of large objects by two to three times, plus it ignores small, unwanted objects. In addition, the Eagle Eye's patented design provides accurate pinpointing with the front Eagle Eye pinpointing coil.  It's like having two detectors in one.
Exclusive Imaging Coil
GTI 2500 9.5 coil
12" & 9.5" Imaging Coils
The GTI 2500's Imaging PROformance search coils combines rugged durability with size imaging - regardless of the target size.