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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector
If it's in the Ground or in the Water a Fisher
Metal Detector will Find it!!

Take Gold Detecting to a New Level with the Ultra High Frequency Gold Bug 2

Use Standard or as Hip-Mount
(belt not included)

Like the original Gold Bug, the Gold Bug 2 is designed for finding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3-position mineralization switch. It comes with either a 6.5" or a 10" elliptical search coil for the same great price.

Now with the ultra-high operating frequency, the highest one on the market, combined with iron discrimination, you'll be striking it rich in no time! Using low-noise, precision-matched, temperature-compensated components and state-of-the-art circuitry, the Gold Bug 2 takes prospecting to a new level. The 71 kHz operating frequency gives increased sensitivity to smaller and deeper nuggets even in highly mineralized soil. With the Gold Bug 2's audio boost and iron discrimination mode you can now hear those faint, deep signals while avoiding hot rocks and ferrous targets.

Extraordinary sensitivity, ultra high operating frequency, iron discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio boost and the ability to operate in highly mineralized soil.

Now you can hunt with the next generation Gold Bug - the Gold Bug 2.  Fisher engineers worked years to build a detector that would carry on the Gold Bug's well-deserved reputation as the world's premier nugget hunter, and here it is, the Gold Bug-2.  Like the original Gold Bug, the Gold Bug-2 is designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of finding gold nuggets.  Using low-noise, precision-matched, temperature-compensated components and state-of-the-art circuitry, the Gold Bug-2 takes prospecting to a new level - 71 kHz - the highest operating frequency on the market. The result: Increased sensitivity to smaller and deeper nuggets in highly mineralized soil.

Switch on the Gold Bug-2's High Mineralization Mode, and you can hunt gold-bearing areas that were previously off limits.  Flip a switch for the Gold Bug-2's Audio Boost Mode and hear those faint, deep signals.  Or use the new Iron Discrimination Mode to help avoid hot rocks and ferrous targets.  Meanwhile, a dust and moisture resistant control housing helps keep your Gold Bug-2 in peak operating condition.

Find Gold with Fisher's 71-kHz, Deep-Search Nugget Detector. The Gold Bug 2 is backed by Fisher's 5 year limited warranty and the commitment to quality that goes into every Fisher Detector.

  • Conceived, designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for today's electronic prospector
  • Powerful 71 kHz operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets
  • Advanced ground rejection circuitry for increased depth on large, deep nuggets in highly mineralized soil
  • "Iron Disc" mode for hot rocks and iron identification
  • Three auto-tune modes with two re-tune speeds for nugget hunting in almost any ground condition
  • Sealed panel and speaker design for dust and moisture resistance
  • Faint-target audio-boost mode
  • Choose between Iron Disc, Normal and Audio Boost modes with 3-position toggle switch
  • Choose between High, Normal, and Low mineralization settings with 3-position toggle switch
  • Adjust target volume and turn power on and off with dual-function potentiometer
  • Adjust threshold level with small shaft on rear of housing
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Converts to hip mount
  • Only 2.9 pounds light with foam grip and cushioned arm rest
  • Quartz-crystal locked electronics
  • Only two drop-in batteries (2-9V batteries)
  • Standard, 10-inch, shielded, waterproof elliptical search coil
  • Optional 6.5 and 14-inch elliptical search coils
  • Dual-knob, coarse/fine manual ground adjust control
  • Built to take a beating with metal loop connectors and double-locking, fiberglass-reinforced lower stem
  • Built-in Detector stand
  • Adjust the sensitivity and test the battery with dual-purpose potentiometer
  • Precisely ground balance with 2-tier knob, a coarse-tune knob stacked on top of a 16-turn, fine-tune knob
  • Resist dust and moisture with sealed control housing
  • Plug your headphones into stereo-mono input jack with removable weather seal
  • Threshold: Small shaft on rear of control housing. Controls threshold tone
  • Mode: Three-position toggle switch:
    1. Iron Disc Mode for iron and trash discrimination
    2. Normal Mode for normal, all metal operation
    3. Audio Boost Mode for hearing faint, deep targets
  • Battery Test / Sensitivity: Dual purpose potentiometer with switch for audio-tone battery test. Controls sensitivity to targets, electrical interference and ground minerals
  • Ground Reject: Dual knob control used to electronically tune the search coil to ignore ground minerals. A small, single-turn coarse adjust knob is stacked on a large, 16-turn fine tuning control
  • Volume: Turns the power on and controls signal response volume
  • Headphones: Jack for most mono and stereo headphones with 1/4 inch plug
Technical Specifications
  • Measures 53" Extended and 40" when Collapsed
  • Weighs 2.9 lbs. (1.32kgs.)
  • Frequency of 71kHz
  • Mineralization Settings
    • High Mineral (attenuated, fast autotune)
    • Normal Mineral (fast autotune)
    • Low Mineral (gain boosted, slow autotune)
  • 3 Operating Modes
    1. All-Metal Autotune (Normal)
    2. All-Metal Autotune (Audio Boost)
    3. Iron Discrimination
  • Uses 2" Moisture Resistant Speaker and 1/4" stereo / mono headphone jack for Audio Output
  • Manual Ground Adjustment (16-turn vernier dual-shaft precision potentiometer
  • Dust, Moisture Resistant Control Housing
  • Manual Threshold Tuning (small shaft on rear of housing, effective in all-metal, autotune modes)
  • Handle Mount and Hip Mount Convertible
  • Includes (2) 9 volt transistor batteries
  • Battery Life
    • Carbon Zinc: 10-20 hours
    • Alkaline: 25-35 hours
    • Nicads: 5-10 hours

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