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Search Coils & Covers

Changing the search coil on your metal detector is the next best thing to buying a whole new machine! Most metal detectors come with a standard search coil that is good for general use – finding the broadest range of targets in the broadest range of environments. But search coils come in all shapes and sizes, and it's possible that merely changing the coil on your detector will lead you to a host of new targets in that “hunted out” area. Kellyco proudly hosts the most complete list of additional search coils on the internet with selections available for every major brand.

Featured Search Coils & Protective Covers
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Fisher 10" Elliptical DD Coil
(Gold Bug, Gold Bug Pro, Gold Bug DP & F5)

Cat# 12-10coilddgb
Retail Price $179.00
Sale Price $152.15
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Fisher 11" Search Coil
(Gold Bug)

Cat# 12-bug11coil
Retail Price $199.00
Sale Price $169.15
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11" Coil Cover
Cat# 622-tcover
Retail Price $24.95
Sale Price $19.95
Fisher 5" Goldbug Series
Search Coil

Cat# 12-5coilgb
Retail Price $159.00
Sale Price $135.15
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5" Search Coil Cover
(C23, F70, 1200
Series Only)

Cat# 12-203280
ONLY $9.95
Fisher/Teknetics Control Housing Rain and Dust Cover
(For Goldbug, Goldbug Pro, Goldbug DP, Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Omega)

Cat# 622-facecover13b
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95
5" Closed Coil Cover (Black)
(New Goldbug, F-5, F-75, T2 LTD)

Cat# 622-5coverblk
ONLY $9.95
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Replacement Lower Rod
An extra lower rod is perfect when used with alernate search coils. Attach lower rod to each additional search coil and ease your way into more finds! Highly recommended to always have as a spare if original rod breaks.
Only $14.95
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Cat# 12-tube3x
Extra Coil Hardware Set
Coil hardware set includes nut and bolt. Always carry an extra set!
Only $3.95
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Cat# 622-550

Gold Metal Detecting Books and Maps

Featured Gold Books and Maps
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Fisher World Treasure News
Vol. 4

Cat# 12-070313
ONLY $3.95
The New Gold Panning is Easy
Cat# 14-1505470
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
How to Find Gold
Metal Detecting and Panning

Cat# 14-1509400
Retail Price $5.95
Sale Price $3.95
Finding Gold Nuggets II
Cat# 960-6000201
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
You Can Find Gold With
A Metal Detector

Cat# 14-1545500
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
California: Gold & Gems
5 Detailed Maps

Cat# 727-CA
ONLY $12.95
Nevada: Gold & Gems
5 Detailed Maps

Cat# 727-NV
ONLY $12.95
Washington: Gold & Gems
5 Detailed Maps

Cat# 727-WA
ONLY $12.95
Oregon: Gold & Gems
5 Detailed Maps

Cat# 727-OR
ONLY $12.95

Carry Bags & Hard Cases

Keeping all of your equipment together and safe is important. Carry bags and cases will protect your equipment from the elements, provide security, and keep everything from view while stored in your car or other places. In addition to protection, carry bags and cases are the easiest way to transport all of your treasure hunting equipment in one trip. View our complete line of carry bags and hard cases.

Featured Carry Bags & Hard Cases
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Fisher Hard Carrying Case
(OS) with Fisher logo

Cat# 12-202767
Retail Price $160.00
Sale Price $145.00
Fisher Hard Carrying Case
with Fisher logo

Cat# 12-1802049
Retail Price $149.95
Sale Price $120.00
Big Brute Padded
Carrying Bag with 2 pockets

Cat# 305-FLCB
Retail Price $99.95
Sale Price $79.95
Deluxe Extra Long Padded
Carry Bag

Cat# 495-BAG-BXL
Retail Price $89.95
Sale Price $79.95
Carrying Bag with Logo

Cat# 64-44185L
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $59.95
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Pinpointers & Probes

Often called "hand held metal detectors," pinpointers and probes have proven to be the most effective tool a treasure hunter can have in the field. Hearing the treasure and digging the hole does not instantly lead you to the buried item. Through the piles of dirt and sand there is a treasure that has been in the ground for years and oxidation often causes the item to have changed color, making it difficult to see. This is where the right pinpointer or probe can be invaluable! Spend less time checking the dirt from the hole - just continuously check as you go and spend your time locating a target quickly! We proudly distribute all of the most popular and high performing pinpointers and probes on the market today and there is one for every budget!

Featured Pinpointers & Probes
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NEW Vulcan 360 Pinpointer
w/ Slip-On Belt Holster

Cat# n64-8852V
Retail Price $199.95
Was $179.95
Now Only $119.95
Fisher F-Point Pinpointer
Cat# 12-fpoint
Retail Price $69.00
Sale Price $58.65
Longer Stronger Probe
with Treasure Hunting Sheath

Cat# 1-RT138
Retail Price $24.95
Sale Price $19.95

Gold Recovery Pans-Scales-Test Kits

Add to your Gold Hunting Adventures with Gold Pans to find small nuggets in streams, lakes & rivers that may be too small for a detector to locate. Works on sand & dirt in gold producing areas. Test kit lets you know if it's real or “fools gold”. And scales gives you true weight to know the value if you ever want to turn
your gold into cash.

Featured Gold Recovery Pans-Scales-Test Kits
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Garrett Deluxe Gold Panning Kit
Cat# 14-1651400
Retail Price $49.95
Sale Price $42.95
Garrett Gold Panning Kit
Cat# 14-1651300
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $25.95
15" SuperSluice Gold Pan
Cat# 14-1650400
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
14" Sifter/Classifier
Cat# 14-1650200
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $7.95
10" Backpacker
Cat# 14-1650100
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $7.95
Fisher Hardrock Pro Prospecting Kit
Cat# 12-goldkit3
Retail Price $149.99
Sale Price $119.00
Fisher Gold Panning Kit
Cat# 12-goldkit1
Retail Price $39.99
Sale Price $29.00
Deluxe Digital Pro Scale
with Backlit Display

Cat# 145-mx300
Retail Price $124.95
Sale Price $44.95
Precision Mini Electronic Scale
Cat# 1487-pes
Only $39.95
Gemoro Platinum 600
Gold Scale

Cat# 166-9798
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $29.95
Silver and Gold Test Kit
Cat# 713-gstk
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $25.95
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Digging Tools

Digging tools are easily one of the most necessary items required to recover coins, rings and other treasures. While scoops work many places, they won't work on grass, clay, or river rock. Knives are incredibly useful and can sometimes get through grass, but clay and rock are still difficult. Diggers are the perfect answer no matter where you are! They can cut and dig through almost every type of soil! Don't miss our huge selection of digging tools that will get the job done - no matter where you are!

Featured Gold Recovery Items
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Razor Edge Gator Digger
with Lifetime Warranty

Cat# 64-2540
Retail Price $69.95
Sale Price $57.95
3 Part Deluxe
Treasure Digging Kit

Cat# 1-1070k
Retail Price $94.95
Sale Price $49.95
3-Way Shovel
Cat# 887-100

Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95
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Lesche 28", or 40"
Ground Shark Shovels

Lesche 28" ONLY $60.95
Lesche 36" ONLY $62.95
Lesche 40" ONLY $64.95
Sampson T Handle
Cat# 251-32
Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $63.95
Unbreakable 14" Mini-Pick
Cat# 251-9
Retail Price $49.95
Sale Price $39.95
12x3" Hoe
Cat# 138-4012
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $19.98
18 x 2" Long Handled Trowel
Cat# 138-250s
ONLY $14.75
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Miscellaneous Accessories

The right tools and supplies for successful treasure hunting.

Featured Miscellaneous Accessories
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2 Pocket Coin Pouch/Apron w/ Thin Pocket for Probes
Cat# 64-4435
Compare to $9.95
Sale Price $7.95
Loop Support Assembly
(Fisher, Teknetics)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# N1164-FT001
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

Limited 1 per order!
Pro 9V Rechargeable Battery System
with Two Batteries
W/ Batteries Only $24.95
W/O Batteries Only $19.95
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Black Web Belt
Recommended for
Belt Mount Detectors

Cat# 1530-srbb2h
Retail Price $11.95
Sale Price $8.99
Metal Detectors Chest Harness
for the CZ-21, 1280X, and Gold Bug II

Cat# 12-2029101
ONLY $21.95
Single Barrel Heavy Duty Tumbler
Cat# 726-100M
Retail Price $105.99
Sale Price $83.95