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Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal Detector

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Is it possible to improve on Fishers legendary Gold Bug technology ? Gold Bug detectors by Fisher have been among the best selling detectors throughout the world. Not an empty claim, but a fact! From the advent of the first Gold Bug, Fisher has accomplished what few other companies can claim, and that is to create an ever improving line of great gold detectors, Fisher Gold Bug detectors have led the way to more powerful gold detectors with even greater sensitivity, resulting in more “finds” at greater depth!

Even More Depth and Sensitivity to Smaller Gold Nuggets

Fisher has gone another major step forward with their newest offering the "GOLD BUG DP". The engineers at Fisher have been busy designing one of the most sensitive new gold detectors to ever be offered by Fisher and at a very affordable price. Don't let its diminutive size fool you because it will find the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils! Let's face it, most dug nuggets at the shallower depths will be smaller in size for the most part and the DP will show its best sensitivity! It's large 11 inch DD search coil will effectively cancel out most ground conditions and the prospector can monitor the ground phase and ground mineralization. Computerized to give optimum results in all soils!

Legendary Gold Bug with Advanced Technology
Now With Gold Plus Capabilities

More than a Hot Gold Machine, the Gold BUG DP will make adjustments a snap with many user intuitive features. When you're not in the Gold fields simply change modes and your ready for relic hunting and even coin shooting. You can not find a deeper, easier to use light weight gold detector today for finding gold nuggets and don't worry the little Gold BUG DP will find the bigger nuggets too.

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Fisher Goldbug
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