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Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector
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If it's in the Ground or in the Water
a Metal Detector will Find it!!

CZ-3D is Fisher's Top-of-the-Line metal detector using the latest "hottest" technology known as Multiple Frequency. CZ-3D is an outstanding coin, ring and jewelry detector locating more targets deeper than many other comparable detectors. CZ-3D is also rated "Best" for relics and artifacts, especially those in the brass, bronze and copper categories. As in all CZ-Series detectors it can easily double as a gold detector making the CZ-3D an EASY-TO-TUNE, EASY-TO-USE TOP OF THE LINE "All-Purpose" Metal Detector. CZ-3D CAN DO IT ALL!!

CZ-3D is Fisher's Newest Multi-Frequency metal detector that all other detectors will be measured against. Maximized with the NEW ENHANCED MODE, the CZ-3D is the ONLY metal detector designed to find VERY old and more valuable coins, rings, and artifacts. The CZ-3d does exactly what all coin and treasure hunters want... To find large amounts of coins and other treasures. At older sites and locations (even those that have been heavily hunted by other metal detectors) the CZ-3D with the NEW ENHANCED MODE finds more of the older, valuable coins where other detectors have passed them by.

Take the CZ-3D challenge today and find what you've been missing! CZ-3D features the new enhanced mode for the very best performance when hunting older sites, It's that simple! The CZ-3D looks like, and nearly sounds and operates like, a standard CZ but delivers exceptional performance on older more valuable coins. Specifically designed to find more good metals such as silver and gold (coins) as well as coins made from copper, copper and silver, and brass. The CZ-3D accomplishes this by using the new ENHANCED MODE which reports theses hard to find coins as a high-tone (good), rather than a mid-tone (bad) object which would NOT be dug by a detector user. The CZ-3D is engineered to provide maximum success on old coins while retaining the best possible ratio of good targets vs. trash targets. In older sites, where aluminum trash is minimum, the CZ-3D will give exceptional performance on older coins. Simply select the "Enhanced" mode switch. No special or lengthy programming required, just flip the switch and see what you've been missing.

During CZ-3D Field Test, Tom Dankowski's detecting buddy Porter found an 1885 "V" Nickel that read "hi-tone" (good) on the CZ-3D but read "mid-tone" (junk) on other detectors tested.  P.S. Value of 1885 "V" Nickel - from $300 to $900

The CZ-3D is designed to better distinguishing old coins from Trash Objects

CZ-3D more easily finds older coins such as nickels, indian head pennies, gold coins, older silver coins, etc. CZ-3D pulls these older coins out of the Pull-tab audio range where they are normally located due to older coins having a longer different matrix rate of decay. Without the CZ-3D ENHANCED MODE, these older coins would sound the same as a pull-tab. With the ENHANCED MODE, Pull-tabs are kept in pull-tab range. YOU CAN NOW TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN OLDER MORE VALUABLE COIN AND A PULL-TAB!!

Another new feature of the CZ-3D. As expected, a mid-tone sound is heard on the "foil, round pull-tab, and square pull-tab" icons.  However, the audio reporting system has been ENHANCED so as to present a slightly lower audio tone on the "foil" icon ONLY.  The "foil" audio is still a mid-tone, but comparatively sounds a little lower in pitch. In certain detectable areas, there can be tremendous benefits by distinguishing between "tabs" and "foil" with the audio target I.D.

By: Thomas J. Dankowski

CZ-3D Primary Purpose = Enhancing the Detection of Specifically Old Coins

After 2 years of extensive programming, calibrating and field-testing, (my apologies for being exceptionally slow... but thorough), the CZ-3D is now maximized for a very specific function - finding older era coins at older sites. To ascertain this extensive programming, simply select the ‘enhanced’ mode with the utilization of the ‘salt/enhance’ switch. No special or lengthy programming required on your part. And for the first time, this CZ has been engineered for “General Purpose” detecting AND “Specific Purpose” detecting (that being specifically the older era coins). The CZ-3D does not require a new ‘learning curve’ per se - it is the age of the areas that you hunt that will present a new ‘learning curve’, while in the ‘enhanced’ mode. The dirt you select & detect will be your learning curve.

If you are new to the CZ series of deep searching metal detectors, place the ‘Salt/Enhanced’ switch in the ‘Salt’ mode and follow all of the standard operating instructions provided. For advanced hunting, and for those who are seasoned CZ operators, follow the unique operating instructions provided below.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new CZ-3D! You are in for a bit of an ‘eye-opener’. With the new CZ-3D placed in the ‘ENHANCED’ mode, here are your operating instructions:

1 - Select your oldest detectable areas
2 - Sweep coil
3 - Find ‘high-tones’
4 - Dig

It is that simple. The CZ-3D looks like and nearly sounds & operates like a standard CZ. The largest attribute of any CZ are the tones - and since we detect nearly exclusively by the audio tones, this is also where the CZ-3D accelerates. Just a few simplistic audio tones keeps this unit free from “mental fatigue”. You will not notice any physical or dimensional differences from a standard CZ, however, your luck will ‘appear’ to be greater with the CZ-3D, by no accident.

  • NEW Audio "Enhanced" Mode for high performance Target ID
  • NEW Advanced Visual Target ID, Enhanced for more Coins
  • NEW Enhanced 4-Tone, Audio Target Identification
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Tune High Performance new and seasoned treasure hunters alike count on the CZ series detectors
  • Superior Depth and ID Accuracy, the mark of the the CZ worldwide
  • Multi-Use, Hunt anywhere! On the beach or in mineralized soil. Recover more "Deeper" coins
  • Multi-Frequency Infinite Spectrum Transmission Technology with dual processing technology, engineered to take you to deep treasure, proven in the field
  • Visual Target ID
  • Pushbutton ground adjust
  • Big target alert
  • Increased depth in mineralized soil
  • Turn on & go preset control markings
  • Wet sand mode
  • Faint target audio boost
  • 8" open center spider coil
  • Three piece breakdown handle
  • Handle mount or hip mount
  • Silent-Search
  • VLF slow motion discrimination
  • Super hot, wide scan, all metal auto tune mode
  • Fourier Domain Signal Analysis
  • Push-Button Depth
  • VCO Pinpoint
  • Drop-in battery compartment (Uses Two 9V Batteries)
  • Backed BY Fisher's 5 Year Limited Warranty