Special Edition Metal Detector

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If it's in the Ground or in the Water
a Metal Detector will Find it!!

The Fisher 1270 is made for the Treasure Hunter who wants an easy-to-tune, easy-to-use metal detector, with features that are easily understood and can be operated to its maximum performance level 10 minutes after the detector is taken from its box and assembled.  No meter, no bells and whistles, nothing to breakdown and slow your metal detecting experience. This metal detector is "HOT" and VERY POWERFUL. Buy the Fisher 1270 only if you're looking for a super high-performance metal detector that will find valuable coins, rings, gold, etc. from upper ground levels to single coins as deep as 18 and 20 inches.

• Super Sensitive to Coins, Rings, Relics
• Improved Iron Discrimination • Extreme Depth

This is Fisher's "Best of the Best."  A metal detector with top-of-the-line features taking it one step above Fisher's best selling series of detectors, the 1200 series including the 1266-X, which has been Fisher's best selling detector world wide.  The 1270 has a larger control box due to the tremendous amount of added electronics. The 1270 gives you extreme depth with even better sensitivity to coins, rings, relics, etc.  Plus, improved iron discrimination that will take you to targets nothing else has ever seen, letting you "See" targets below iron junk. Now you can recover the deeper more valuable coins that have been iron blocked to other detectors.   This is the one you've been waiting for.... this is Fisher's best, the 1270!!

BIGGER IS BETTER!! Especially now, a larger case to house all the new electronics to give the buyer of the 1270 the ability to send down powerful signals into the ground and be able to find more coins and relics than earlier Fisher detectors in the world famous series of other 1200 detectors, 1265-X, 1266-X and now the DYNAMIC 1270. And, the 1270 weighs less than previous models allowing you to hunt longer with little to no fatigue!  More good targets for you throughout the day.

Building on the tradition of performance and quality in Fisher's 1200 series metal detectors, the 1270 is the pinnacle in a line of superior detectors. It's sensitivity to coins, rings, and relics is now better than ever and its the one to beat in target depth.  The 1270 also provides you with a toolbox of easy to use features that will give you an advantage in every treasure hunting situation:  Like a high resolution iron discrimination mode that enables you to "see through" iron trash like never before, a precision ground balance adjustment for difficult soil conditions, and a "silencer" mode for quiet discrimination.  Also, there's a trigger switch for pinpointing and mode changes designed to save you time.  After all, you'll need that extra time to recover all your treasure.

Features: Three search modes - normal discrimination, enhanced iron discrimination, and all-metal ground balanced search . Patented double Derivative, crystal-locked electronics (U.S. Patent # 4,514,692) Enhanced Relic sensitivity . Sensitivity control to enable silent search or audio threshold . Silencer for silent (3rd derivative) discrimination . Trigger switch mode change . Trigger switch zero-motion pinpointing . Near perfect balance for comfortable use . Lightweight cushioned arm rest & grip . Low battery alert - LED blinks automatically . Drop in batteries . Double locking lower stem . 3 piece breakdown handle . Limited 5 year Warranty . Battery life (2) 9V up to 40 hours . Weight 3.5 lbs . Frequency 8.2 khz..

Power ON-OFF/Volume: switch; adjust knob for desired volume.
Iron Disc: High resolution Iron Discrimination knob for improved target "see-through" in iron trash.
All Metal Ground Adj/Disc:
(switch in OFF position) - Disc. mode (switch ON position) - all metal mode; adjust knob on ground balance.
Adjust knob for optimum target sensitivity.  Full clockwise position provides a low audio threshold.
Silencer Switch:
On for silent discrimination, OFF for standard discrimination.
Iron: Switch for iron disc. mode, OFF for normal search mode.
Triggered Switch: Three-position, spring-loaded trigger switch; center position for primary search mode, push for secondary search mode, pull for pinpoint.
Warranty: 5 Years