White's DFX Metal Detector Field Test Report

John Fetner, Vice President and General Manager of Kellyco Metal Detector Distributors has actively been involved in metal detecting and treasure hunting for over 20 years. John has hunted extensively throughout Florida and Southeastern United States as well as in the Southwest and California. He has been on treasure hunting expeditions deep into the Florida Everglades, Europe's Northern Italy as well as many islands in the Caribbean.

John has extensive background in electronics and mechanics and has helped design and improve many metal detectors that were favorites years ago and some that are still being used today. John has earned Certified Detectorist ratings in all fields in metal Detection, including: all hobby-types, professional, and security detecting systems.

What John has to Say about Whites DFX Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

I was pleasantly surprised when I had the opportunity to test the DFX Metal Detector many months before it was finally brought to the market place. I watched the detector grow from a well thought out design and electronics package to an outstanding top-of-the-line advanced metal detector that performed amazingly well for all types of detector users. It's truly a fine all-around metal detector. As advanced as the microprocessor technology is, especially with the multi-frequency detection system, it's a simple turn-on and go detector, very easy to tune, a pleasure to use, and a detector that delivers a tremendous amount of information.

The DFX metal detector is by far the best ever produced by Whites Metal Detectors. Top Notch performance on land, salt water beaches, virtually anywhere you want to detect the DFX will give you great depth, super sensitivity and accuracy in letting you know what your target is before you dig.

It does not matter If you're a raw beginner or a seasoned old pro the DFX will accommodate all your treasure hunting and detecting needs. The DFX is one of the most popular and best selling metal detectors not only here in the U.S.A. but throughout the world. You will join thousands of DFX owners who think that the DFX is "Best Detector" they have ever used!

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