Nokta Golden Sense by Raul

The Nokta Golden Sense is an induction balance, lightweight, easy to use, deep searching coin, jewelry and nugget detector. Operating at 17.5KHz and weighing only 3.7 lbs, this compact unit comes with a 16" X 13" submersible coil and rechargeable lithium ion battery with battery condition LEDs.

The provide headphones have an in line volume control and use a standard 1/8 inch jack.

Strong adjustable handle.

There is no threshold and once the unit is ground balanced and the sensitivity has been properly adjusted, you will enjoy a silent search until a target is found. Two distinctive tones, a low tone for ferrous and a higher tone for non ferrous targets, along with two LED lights will alert the user of the type of target found.

No complicated adjustments. All settings are made with 3 knobs:
A) Sensitivity
B) Search mode, (3 Search Modes) All Metal / Discrimination / Iron Off.
C) Ground balance

The area that I used for my test was sandy, low mineralized ground, typical for Florida.

When I started the test, I was not able to find anything deeper than 6 inches, I was not sure if the Golden Sense was not able to find small targets deep or if there was nothing deeper than that. I started by planting pull tabs. The Golden Sense was able to find them at 24 inches while getting a fairly strong signal. When using a quarter, the Nokta was able to get a solid signal down to 30 inches and started to loose the signal at 33 inches.

I also found a small piece of heavily corroded iron and the Golden Sense gave a high tone and the LED light for non-ferrous lit up indicating a non-ferrous target. This is normal for induction balance units and there is nothing that can be done about it. The heavy oxidation surrounding the metal will confuse the unit. Best results were obtained in the All Metal mode. Some depth was lost when in the Discrimination and Iron Off modes.

In my opinion, finding small, newly buried targets at those depths was impressive and beyond the capabilities of many high end detectors.

Raul Pou

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