EXcelerator Search Coils:
5" 6" and 8"

Why Should You Purchase an EXcelerator Search Coil for Your Metal Detector?
The search coil that comes standard with most metal detectors are ones that manufacturers feel give the best all-around results. However, both larger and smaller sized search coils are neccessary to get the best performance from your metal detector, not to mention making sure you leave no treasure unfound! EXcelerator search coils are world-renowned for their depth and manuverability. Small, medium or large, any EXcelerator coil you add to your metal detecting arsenal is almost guaranteed to show you treasures at unheard of depths or in places you never thought you could detect!

When Will You Require a Smaller Search Coil?

By using smaller EXcelerator coils, such as the 5"DD, 6"DD and 8"DD, you will be able to search for older, more valuable coins in "hunted out" areas. Smaller EXcelerator search coils are extremely selective in heavily trashed areas where its size can see coins below trash; even when surrounded and covered up by junk items!

Kellyco's 5" EXcelerator search coil is perfect for finding thin necklaces and bracelets that are virtually impossible for other detectors and larger coils to locate - jewelry is where the smaller EXcelerator coils prove their value. Whether gold or silver, rings are no match for these dynamic, DD search coils! Most users realize that one valuable ring find will easily pay for their entire metal detector purchase.

5" and 6" EXcelerator coils are waterproof. The 8" EXcelerator coil is submersible for shallow water hunting. All of our EXcelerator coils come with a full one year warranty with NO small print and each works well with almost any factory I.D. meter.

Note: When 5" EXcelerator coils are used with Garrett's GTI series metal detectors the imaging and depth reading is disabled to increase depth and pinpointing accuracy.

Regardless of your metal detecting preference - coins, rings, jewelry, relics, artifacts, caches, small and large treasures as well as gold nuggets - all can be found with detectors using EXcelerator search coils!

6" DD EXcelerator II/EQ 2 Pro Search Coils
6" DD EXcelerator EQ 2 Pro

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-6e
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Sale Price $124.95
6" DD EXcelerator Search Coil

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-6w
Retail Price $245.00
"Kellyco Bargains"
Sale Price $124.95
8" EXcelerator Concentric Search Coils
8" EXcelerator Concentric Coil

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-8exp
Retail Price $290.00
Sale Price $159.95
Kellyco's 120% Price Guarantee

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All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.

- Important Notice -

Manufactures DO NOT include connecting hardware set with purchase of search coils or lower rods. You can use the connecting hardware supplied with your present metal detector or purchase another hardware set and/or Lower rod below.
And...See Protective Coil Cover Info Below.

Purchase an extra factory lower rod/hardware set with your new Factory or
EXcelerator search coil and make coil changes easy and fast!
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Lower Rods are also called "Shafts" and "Poles"

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Hardware Set - $1.95 (Continental US)
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Shipping Rates Search Coils
Search Coils require shipping fees because they are shipped in their own protected shipping container and cannot be packaged with other accessories or metal detectors.

3" to 9" (9x8") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
Only $ 9.95 (Continental US)
10" to 14" (10x14") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
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Save Possible Damage to your Search Coil
Search Coil Covers easily snap on bottom of search coil to protect your expensive coil. Gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. No Need to Remove. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free. Made from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. No tools required. DOES NOT REDUCE DETECTION DEPTH! Coil covers divided by detector brand. Click Here to see Coil Covers.

Read the latest in-the-field test report on
Excelerator search coils
5", 6", & 8" EXcelerator Coil Test Results & Stories
5" EXcelerator search coils are winners!
"Great separation and depth in high junk areas!"
"I really LOVE the 8" coil!"

5" Excelerator Coil Finds 14K Gold Diamond Ring 6" Deep!
Went back to the school, where I found the seated quarter. Had no luck finding any old coins. I managed to find a ring about 20 feet from where I found the quarter. It was 6 inches deep and I was using the little 5 inch excelerator coil when this ring banged thru. Its 14k and it has 27 diamonds. Funny how the wife reacted when I phoned home and told her I was on my way home with a diamond ring I found. The excitement sure ended for her when she saw it was a man's ring! - Larry

6 inch Excelerator "Accurate and Deep!"
The new Excelerator 6" DD search coil, made for the White's MXT, is an awesome search coil. I took it out today for about 4.5 hours and I did not experience one problem with it. It pinpointed like it had a rifle sight on it. The VDI number were accurate with every target I dug, whether it was a quarter or a bottle cap. I dug targets at around 6" through out the day and I feel that had there been targets deeper the coil would have sought them out. I did not find a lot today, but i can tell you with certainty that if there is something to be found this coil will find it with ease. I think this coil is really going to be in demand by White's MXT user. - HD, Idaho

"8 inch Coil Has Impressive Depth!"
I got out with the new 8 inch concentric coil and found a 1910 wheat at 9 inches in hard pack dirt of Indiana. I also dug a V-nickel at 6 inches on the same first outing along with a clad. I was in Alabama last week and it rained most of the time but I managed to get out a few times and found a mercury head dime, wheat pennies and buckles. The coil gave impressive depth and the separation was excellent. - Larry

"8 inch Excel - Almost Like A Sonar In The Ground!"
I was out with the 8 inch coil today and can really tell a difference. I was in ground that was registering 81, and if something was in the ground, the I.D. was telling me this was a good target. The sound is the best part of this coil. I can really tell multiple targets from each other. I am not knocking the stock 950 coil, its good and has its uses. But, I really like the way my ears work with this 8 inch coil. It all just makes more sense to me, almost like a sonar in the ground. - N.O.

"8 inch Excel Gives Correct Visual I.D."
Down around the nascar track, while drivers were doing practice runs, I used my 8 inch EX and went sweeping the area where some of the business were at in Vanport. That coil is great with extreme trash. It's one of the smoothest running coils I have ever used. I think it will be my main coil I use from now on! I did a test for depth against a 6x10 inch coil. I could detect a new clad quarter with both coils at 9 inches. But the EX gave a much louder signal and with correct visual I.D. The 6x10 inch coil did not give any. That made a believer out of me! - D.W.

5" Coil “So Light, Feels Like You Are Pointing A Stick!”
I received my new 5-inch EXcelerator coil yesterday. I immediately took it out to my test plot to find out if it would hunt. It does! But I have been through that plot so many times that I have all the locations memorized. The real test would come today, when I took it to the local park. Those of you who know me realize that I seldom (never) hunt modern parks. Two reasons: 1. I would rather find a handful of 100 year old coins than a pocketful of clads. 2. The parks around here were beat to death back in the 70's and 80's, making old coins few and far between. I know. I was one of the guys who beat it to death! But, this Field Test was to try out a 5-inch coil for the Minelab Advantage. We all seem to be p reoccupied with depth and the misconception that with coils, bigger is better. What I hoped to accomplish today was to test the theory that there were lots of coins still hanging in that top 6 - 8 inches and that a smaller coil could find them with better target separation than you get with a large coil. The unknown element was the number of coins still there and the functionality of the new 5-inch Decelerator coil. Here is what I learned.

Test Report 5" Excelerator

The 5-inch coil is small. REAL small.
It feels as if there is nothing on the end of the rod. Like I said yesterday in my initial comments, it feels like you are pointing a stick! I was able to hunt for 2 1/2 hours today and the weight / balance of the Advantage / EXcelerator was not a negative factor. I had to quit after 2 1/2 hours because I was worn out from getting up and down, digging holes!  Click Here for the FULL Field Test Report

"I like the 8” EXcelerator!"
"I have had that happen at time with every coil I own - - Usually if I play with it I can get it to work correctly, I also have the 8 Inch. What little i've used it, I like it! In my short test it beat the 6x10 by a small amount of depth."

5" Excelerator The Sports Car of Search coils!
I use to think bigger was better until I used the 5" EXcelerator Search coil for my White's Metal Detector. I hunted an old park in San Francisco and within one hour I had found four silvers, one being a Barber. I also found a lot of clad coins (over two hundred) and a few wheat pennies. I have hunted this park before but with a larger coil. I found the EXcelerator gave me better coverage because it wasn't being masked by unwanted targets.

This little coil saw through and under trash. It read multi-targets, so a lot of holes had more than one coin in it! I had a fun day at the park with this little coil. I feel that sometimes a larger coil misses coins that are being masked by other targets but with this little coil it can steer itself through all the trash like a spots car. - Larry from Marin County, California

"With the 8” EXcelerator I got a Signal Dead Center of the Target"
"My friend took your recommendation on buying the 8-inch EXcelerator and we did some tests with it the other day. In our garden, I have a nickel at 7-inches in the ground with iron about 2-inches off to the side at 4-inches. None of my coils could see it. My Minelab GT with the 8-inch had no problems finding the target. So we put on the 8-Inch EXcelerator and cranked up the gain all the way (this was for all the coils) and sure enough, I was finally getting a signal dead center of the target. We were both happy about that. It wasn't quite as strong as the GT or consistent for each sweep, but it was there, when all the other coils didn't (I think the near by iron threw them off). So thanks for your recommendation as my friend is very happy. So this is why I am now considering getting another coil. - Rick

"I was amazed at the separation and depth I got out of this little coil"
JW,  (From Larry) I have now made it out twice with the 5 inch EXcelerator coil and Kellyco definitely has a winner!! The first location I went to was an old school which I have hunted hard in the past.  It was built in 1930 and since has been razed and a new one built.  The ball field and grove area are still the same as it was in 1930.  I went into the grove area armed with the Explorer and 5inch EXcelerator coil and found my first wheat (penny) within 3 feet of where I turned it on!  This area is littered with pop tabs and various pieces of iron from over the years of use.  I spent three hours in this grove which is not all that big.  By the time I was done, I had recovered 11 wheat's (pennies), 1 no date Buffalo (nickel) and a worn 20 mercury (dime).  I was sure hoping to pop out an Indiana or a V nickel but not this day.  Every single coin I found either had aluminum or iron in or around the hole with the coin.  I was amazed at the separation and depth I got out of this little coil.   The deepest wheat I found was 6 inches. All coins were 4 to 6 inches deep and being masked by junk.  I slow hunted this area many times with the stock coil and thought for sure I found everything.  I will still make it back another time in the near future to re-hunt it after we get some more moisture up here.

"I just bought the 8” DD coil for my DFX from Kellyco and have used it maybe 12 times so far. I really love the coil - the size is just perfect for the areas I hunt!"

"This 5 inch coil is going to be part of my arsenal"
My second hunt was an older park close to home which has yield some nice finds in the past.  I have retrieved some deep ones with the 18 inch EXcelerator this past  summer with the deepest being a 1904 barber dime at 14 inches!  Today I would not be as lucky as far as old.  I started hunting around the shelter areas which is loaded with trash, a place where not even the stock coil will do any good.  I ended up with a total of 15 coins which were all clad and memorials except one wheat which was a 49.  I again was amazed at what I was missing before when using the stock coil.  This 5 inch coil is going to be part of my arsenal whenever I hit areas which have a high trash content.

A Third Test from Larry
What's a guy suppose to do when he can't sleep?  I say GO DETECTING.  I guess I am too caffinated up so I went detecting that old farm again.  I went back to the shed and started poking around.  I started to detect with the 5 inch EXcelerator.   I was finding
nothing but garbage in the yard area so I walked back to what appeared to be an apple tree and got a SOLID silver hit.  Of course there was this root about as big as round as my wrist in the way.  I dug and tunneled just a little under it and I saw the beautiful sight of SILVER!!  I gently pulled on it and at first I thought I found another cache of silver dollars but out came this solid silver pocket watch! The guts are missing and half the case( the cover that snaps closed part). It has inscriptions of flowers on it and looks to be very old.  I hunted for awhile with a larger coil hoping to locate the other half or a fob but no luck.  It  started to drizzle and I think the coffee was starting to wear off so I headed home.  Tomorrow will be another day.

5" EXcelerator Coil - Finds Rings & Small Bracelets!
Unbelievable finds of small rings with diamonds and bracelets using my Explorer II with the 5" EXcelerator Coil. Other detectors covering the same area many, many times passed over these valuables, my 5" EXcelerator coil "nailed" them with ease.
- Dennis

Get Great Depth with the 5 Inch Excelerator Coil!!
"Just wanted to let you know that the little Excelerator coil(5") did very well and sniffed out this nice 10k ring at a Iron infested home site Friday. I have been over it with other machines and coils,but the 5" continues to impress me.The depth that this little coil gets on my Explorer XS is about the same as my Very high priced Other Brand Detector with a much larger coil. Not a find I will retire on, but keeps me motivated! Thanks for a great coil!" - John S.
(Click ring image to enlarge)

EXcelerator 5" + White's MXT = OUTSTANDING!
Well I got home this evening and decided to try the 5 inch EXcelerator search coil in my nail pile.  Well going across the yard I stopped to check out the quarter I have buried at 10 inches, interesting find, I tried relic mode gain +3, disc on 2, swept over the quarter and got a slight change in the threshold, left the setting as they were and flipped to coin mode, No ID but a good enough beep to make you dig.  Well content with this I went out to my nail pile, dub a bunch of iffy signals which were all nails.  They ranged from 4-8 inches.   Then got a good hit showed 9 inches, 6 inches down was a lead bullet, then found a couple more funny looking things.  I still ended up using the relic mode as it is better in iron.  The bullet looks like the one I see on the relic forum, maybe my first!!  Anyway, I was pleased with the little coil and got a few more trash heap in mind I want to check out with it.  I have no idea what the big round thing is, thought it was my first 50 cent piece for a minute.   - Found by Ray

"This is the best coil I've ever used"
Kellyco Test Team Members Field Test New EXcelerator Coils for White's DFX & MXT.  Since All the EXcelerator search coils for White's DFX & MXT were tested by volunteers (Non-Kellyco employees or their families) in different areas of the United States, some of our Test Team members were very anxious to try these new coils, especially after reading all the reports we have been receiving. Had we allowed all of the Test Team to go into the field at one time we would have had nobody to answer the telephones. Everyone was anxious to be first to use these new search coils.  Tony who was in charge of the group, drifted away and used the dynamic 5" EXcelerator coil close to sidewalks, metal benches, and fences. He was so busy digging coins that we forgot he was there. Tony said "This is the best coil I have ever used. It is perfect for areas where metal from steel rods in sidewalks, park benches, even chain link fences shut down other coils. Not only that, it is as deep as my standard search coil, which is quit a bit larger. I had a great time!"

Recent Test Results on Ultra-Deep "EXcelerator" Search coils for White's DFX and MXT Metal Detectors
(Tests were conducted in a well hunted area that was said to be completely "cleaned out")

5" EXcelerator Coil for White's & Minelab Metal Detectors
Lincoln Pennies - 8"-11" Deep
Indian Head Pennies - 8"-13" Deep
Dimes - 7"-11" Deep
Silver Dimes - 10"-12" Deep
Quarters(Clad) - 10"-15" Deep!

Find Deeper, Better Coins in Old worked out areas!
I got out with the new coils and did ok. I like the 5 inch, believe it or not, I went to the place where I test all my machines, an old school. This school is still open and is very trashy. I still managed to pull a 1941 nickel and a no date buffalo nickel! I got a couple of silver quarters with the 18 inch coil, I think a 1962 and a 1958. So far we are doing ok for only 2 hours of hunting where I've beat the place to hell with every machine I've owned. I always read those stories in Lost Treasure and figured its all B. S. when a guy can go back to that little plot and still manage to squeeze out some oldies, but now I see how it happens!! I'll give you a shout Monday. Hope the fishing went well. - Found by Larry K., on June 19, 2003

The 5" EXcelerator and MXT Make a #1 Combination!
"The MXT and 5 Inch EXcelerator make a number one combination for very trashy sites, or those hampered with dense brush or building rubble. Just remember that, as with any smaller coil, you're going to have your best performance if you don't sweep too quickly. It's great in heavy trash and I have been impressed with the depth of detection. While that's not usually a strong point with a smaller coil, it is one of the traits of the 5 Inch EXcelerator that I am pleased with." - Monte

"The 5 inch coil gets me into smaller, tighter, areas. Picks up fewer multiple targets in trashy areas - I can work closer to metal fences, sidewalks etc. Awesome in schoolyards near concrete walkways where most rings are lost"

5" EXcelerator searchcoil is awesome!
"When I had the opportunity to test and evaluate a 5" EXcelerator searchcoil, I was quite eager... it was ROUND, and I am just partial to how they look.  Well, I rounded up a 3" x 6" 'shooter' to do some field comparisons and it didn't take but one day, trying each coil on the same located targets side-by-side, to know that the 5" EXcelerator coil was awesome!  Further field use didn't change my mind either."

"So, if you're really dealing with dense trash, I would have to say that White's little Double-D is 'OK', but I personally prefer the 5" EXcelerator.  I got better depth while getting very similar target separation." - Monte

"This searchcoil is incredible and the discrimination is amazing!"
I just Received the EXcelerator 5" Searchcoil from you for my DFX/MXT and its just incredible! The discrimination is amazing, you can actually hear the difference of a coin with a pull-tab in the exact same hole with it! I am looking forward to trying it out on a 4 day prospecting trip this weekend to Quartzsite, Arizona. If it works this well in the desert as it does in my local (Los Angeles, Calif.) parks, then its more than worth the money! Thank you again! - Ed B., Encino, Calif.

Minelab + 5" EXcelerator = GREAT FINDS!
I have been hunting an old picnic site off and on throughout the 1980's and 1990's. It was a great spot early on, but the last few times I had been there it seemed to be hunted out. After purchasing two Minelab metal detectors from Kellyco earlier this year, I am finding those old sites are not really hunted out after all! Even though I have some health issues that do not allow me to get out detecting as much as I wish I could, I did manage to get out a couple times last week. On the final trip, I decided to put on the 5" EXcelerator searchcoil and hunt in an area that had seemed to be too trashy to hunt with the larger coils. I was very impressed with the coil. Not only was it extremely lightweight and easy to swing, it has remarkable sensitivity, excellent target separation and provides much greater depth than I expected. Some of these targets were 5 - 6 inches deep. If all goes well with my recovery, I will be visiting with you soon about the 14" EXcelerator searchcoil to go along with my detector arsenal. Thank to Kellyco Metal Detectors for offering the Minelab products and thanks for making such great accessories such as the EXcelerator line of coils. - Found by Randy H. from Clarinda, IA