4.5 x 7" EXcelerator Search Coil

Should You Own an EXcelerator Search coil for your Metal Detector?
Search coils supplied with all metal detectors are coils that manufacturers feel give the best all-around results. However, both larger and smaller size search coils are necessary to get the best performance from your metal detector. Experts say "One coil does not do it all!" Other sizes will produce additional "finds."

When should you require an Elliptical search coil?
Smaller Search coils: Great for “trashy” areas, really allowing you to sift through pull tabs and gold rings. These coils are best for tighter places and the smallest, shallow targets.

Regardless of your metal detecting preference, coins, rings, jewelry, relics, artifacts, caches, small and large treasures as well as gold nuggets can be found with detectors using EXcelerator Search coils.

4.5x7 inch EXcelerator search coil IS FULLY SUBMERSIBLE! • FULL 1-Year (no small print) Warranty • Works with all factory I.D. meters • We believe these Pro Series search coils will go deeper than any other coils of similar or comparable size.

4x7" EXcelerator Search Coils
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4.5x7" EXcelerator Elliptical

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-4x7wdd
Retail Price $250.00
Sale Price $195.00
4.5 x 7" DD EXcelerator

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-4x7edd
Retail Price $250.00
Sale Price $195.00
You always get more for your money at Kellyco!

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All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.

- Important Notice -

Manufactures DO NOT include connecting hardware set with purchase of search coils or lower rods. You can use the connecting hardware supplied with your present metal detector or purchase another hardware set and/or Lower rod below.
And...See Protective Coil Cover Info Below.

Purchase an extra factory lower rod/hardware set with your new Factory or
EXcelerator search coil and make coil changes easy and fast!
Minelab E-Trac/Safari/Explorer/Quattro
Lower Rod
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Minelab E-Trac/Safari/Explorer Series
Coil Wear Kit
White's Fiber Lower Rod
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Minelab Sovereign/Musketeer/GPX-GP-SD
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Tesoro ABS Lower Pole w/ Wing Bolt
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Lower Rods are also called "Shafts" and "Poles"

Shipping rates:
Lower Rods - $9.95 (Continental US)
Hardware Set - $1.95 (Continental US)
FREE Shipping if added to any metal detector purchase.
Outside (Continental US) call, email or fax for shipping rates

Shipping Rates Search Coils
Search Coils require shipping fees because they are shipped in their own protected shipping container and cannot be packaged with other accessories or metal detectors.

3" to 9" (9x8") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
Only $ 9.95 (Continental US)
10" to 14" (10x14") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
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15" to 18" (18x15") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical Coils, etc.
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20" to 21" (21x17") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
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Save Possible Damage to your Search Coil
Search Coil Covers easily snap on bottom of search coil to protect your expensive coil. Gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. No Need to Remove. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free. Made from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. No tools required. DOES NOT REDUCE DETECTION DEPTH! Coil covers divided by detector brand. Click Here to see Coil Covers.


EXcelerators Put To The Test Are Exceptionally "HOT" coils!

I have been putting my 4.5"x7" EXcelerator to the test and it's now my favorite 'bushwhacking' coil on the MXT. heck, I have come to like these EXcelerator coils so well that I am considering getting another DFX to work them on. Maybe, just maybe, I will grow to like the DFX better than I had in the past. In the heat of summer I hunt a lot at night and like to have a back-lighted display, so the DFX will do the trick. As for some comparisons with other coils, here are my personal findings. My favorite White's factor coil is the 5.3 Eclipse. It is a terrific general purpose coil and I prefer it over the stock 950. But for aftermarket coils, having tried just about everything out there, I have my favorites, which recently grew by one. Beach hunting or similar open-field hunting, I like my 10" EXcelerator. This is a round, open-type coil that weighs the same as the stock 950 on our postal scales. To me, it balances nicer and is easier to work on the beach sand and such. Basic performance is better than the stock 950 in that it has a little more coverage on each sweep and operates a little quieter.

That little coil really works well on the Explorer SE.

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Hi JW, Here is a picture of some printing plates that I found with the Explorer SE. One of those were an easy 18 inches deep! I found them at a park where there use to be a printing company from 1896 to 1949. A neighbor next to the park said they brought alot of fill dirt in 20 years ago. Made a few finds today with the 4.5x7 excelerator but didn't get them in this picture. They were a 1921 buffalo, silver ring, 1948 dog tag and a silver spoon. That little coil really works well on the SE. Thanks Larry
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Double D Coil Detection Pattern

For the nastier trashed sites and/or working very close to metal structures, there is nothing better for the MXT/DFX than the 5" EXcelerator. This has been my favorite smaller coil for use on the MXT for over a year. It gets decent depth, but not super depth. Wouldn't expect it to. It does what it is designed to do and that is give reasonable depth and great sensitivity while being small enough to work close to metal pipes and fences, or in dense trash.

For general coin hunting in park & school lawns, private yards, and other sites that are open and have a medium amount of trash, I can not think of a coil I like better than the 8" EXcelerator. Like the 5", this coil is a solid design Double-D (widescan) and gets very nice coverage, operates fairly quiet, and has terrific depth and pinpointing ability. It's become my 'general use' coil for low-to moderate trashy sites.

The new kid on the block, however, this dandy 4.5"x7" elliptical EXcelerator D-D, is hard to leave alone. It can be used for general hunting if I didn't want to use the 8", and the dept of detection is very good! But it is quite sensitive (powerful) and can't be worked as close to metal pipes and such as the 5" can, so the 5" has a definite purpose in my arsenal, as do the 8" and 10" EXcelerators. So, what good is the new elliptical coil for me? I do a lot of ghost towns hunting and work a lot of homesteads, old pioneer and military encampment sites and the like, and other sites that tend to have a good amount of brush. Sometimes rocks and building rubble to be dealt with. On many occasions the 5" seems just a mite too small, yet maneuverable. The 8" would do 'OK' except it is an 8" ROUND coil and that makes it hard to 'fit' into and around some brushy or other physically challenging sites. I had tried the 3x6 'shooter coil, which is actually about 3+" by about 6.5", and I liked the maneuverability, but the depth wasn't what I had hoped for. This new EXcelerator is a true 4.5"x7" physical size, has very good coverage and depth of detection, and still can be worked in and around and under and in between many obstacles. Size is closer to the smaller White's elliptical coil, but depth performance, for me, has been as good or better than White's next larger elliptical coil! I feel certain that the 4.5"x7" EXcelerator will rise to the top as a favorite 'general purpose' coil for many, especially if they've been using the 3x6 'Shooter' coil. Just my opinions. Monte

My brother Mingo has been trying out the new 4" x 7" EXcelerator coil that JW from KELLYCO sent him to test. He has been out 5 times with it and the coil works pretty well. He especially likes the target separation it affords, probably due to its size. Also, you can go for hours as it is so light. I used it on my MXT, interchanging it with my stock head. I got a mixed sound with my stock head and then changed to the head you sent. On the first sweep of the target, my VDI instantly said $0.01(Penny) 8 inches down. We had our doubts but I dug it up anyway. About 5 inches down I found a square nail. Of course, at this point, my brother Mingo started giving me the raspberries. I was going to cover the hole back up but decided to sweep the hole again and the detector sounded off again loud and clear, penny. I dug down about 2 more inches (Same hole) and slightly to the left of the spot where I found the nail was a 1941 wheatie!!! So far we have found a total 15 coins. This new coil is perfect for trashy areas.This is a pretty nice coil, as far as we are concerned! – John P., CA

All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.