18x15" SEF Butterfly Search Coil

Should You Own an EXcelerator Search coil for your Metal Detector?
Search coils supplied with all metal detectors are coils that manufacturers feel give the best all-around results. However, both larger and smaller size search coils are necessary to get the best performance from your metal detector. Experts say "One coil does not do it all " Other sizes will produce additional "finds."

When should you require an Elliptical search coil?

All SEF Butterfly search coils have an unusual blunted shape to the front and back of each coil resulting in greater depth and a wider searching scan letting you cover more ground in less time resulting in more "finds". What does an Excelerator SEF Coil do?    It creates a Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field uniquely combining both DD ( Double D) and Concentric detection signals resulting in your detector getting the best sensitivity of both types plus greater depth!

Field testers have dubbed this new addition the "butterfly coil" due to its unusual shape and they've also reported that it goes deep! The new S.E.F. design is patent protected and has proven to be far superior to many other concentric, "DD" type search coils.

The new S.E.F., or butterfly, EXcelerator coil is designed to offer better, all-around performance when compared to other "DD" coils on the market today. Better ground balancing, more stable operation, more accurate pinpointing and increased target identification are all benefits of this coil.

Field tester Don Echols in Virginia reported finding "35 bullets on a site that produced only 8 in the same amount of time with a different coil." He states: "Several of the bullets were in the 4" to 5" depth range and gave a good sound as well as a good VDI reading" with his White's MXT detector. Don also noted "The novice or rookie hunter may have a difficult time with this coil, but if they stick with it, I'm sure they can add to their collection."

Taking the coil out with his MXT to a different, more common soil location, Don reported: 'The coil was reaching down at least 10" for tiny bullets and easily getting the larger ones at a foot. The shallow targets sound and read good, but the deep items are inconclusive. To dig, or not to dig, is up to the user - I almost always dig and it pays off."

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18x15" SEF Butterfly Coil - when only the deepest & best performance will do
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18x15" SEF (Butterfly)
Search Coil for White's

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-18x15w
Retail Price $899.95
Sale Price $299.95
18x15" SEF (Butterfly)
Search Coil for Minelab

Coil Cover Included
Cat# 134-18x15ee
Retail Price $899.95
Sale Price $299.95
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All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.

- Important Notice -

Manufactures DO NOT include connecting hardware set with purchase of search coils or lower rods. You can use the connecting hardware supplied with your present metal detector or purchase another hardware set and/or Lower rod below.
And...See Protective Coil Cover Info Below.

Purchase an extra factory lower rod/hardware set with your new Factory or
EXcelerator search coil and make coil changes easy and fast!
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Lower Rod
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Minelab E-Trac/Safari/Explorer Series
Coil Wear Kit
White's Fiber Lower Rod
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Lower Rods are also called "Shafts" and "Poles"

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Hardware Set - $1.95 (Continental US)
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Shipping Rates Search Coils
Search Coils require shipping fees because they are shipped in their own protected shipping container and cannot be packaged with other accessories or metal detectors.

3" to 9" (9x8") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
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10" to 14" (10x14") SEF Butterfly coils, DD Elliptical coils, etc
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Save Possible Damage to your Search Coil
Search Coil Covers easily snap on bottom of search coil to protect your expensive coil. Gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. No Need to Remove. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free. Made from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. No tools required. DOES NOT REDUCE DETECTION DEPTH! Coil covers divided by detector brand. Click Here to see Coil Covers.