14 Inch Musketeer EXcelerator Search Coil

Why You Should Own an EXcelerator Search coil for your Metal Detector?
Search coils supplied with all metal detectors are coils that manufacturers feel give the best all-around results. However, both larger and smaller size search coils are necessary to get the best performance from your metal detector.

When should you require a larger search coil?

It's happened to all of us many many times. You're detecting and finding lots of good targets. After a while the amount of "hits" become less frequent and the weak audio signals are letting you know that your search coil has reached its maximum detection limits. But there are still deeper more valuable targets in the ground. You don't have to leave those valuable deep targets to someone else. By using a larger size (14" coil) you will be able to detect deeper, find more older targets and even search a wider area in less time! You are now covering a deeper zones and your finds are older and more valuable, but you can still detect deeper!

EXcelerator CoilCoin Depth Almost Doubles!
Reports from detector owners who have tested and used these coils have shown outstanding results in the large number of coins, rings, jewelry and relics recovered in areas that were heavily worked over by many different detectors. Not only have they seen increased sensitivity on smaller, deeper items but the coil goes substantially deeper to find coins, rings and other treasures. The 14" is going much deeper than standard coils. Some actual field test results show double the depth compared to other comparable coils. The EXcelerator performs better!

Regardless of your metal detecting preference, coins, rings, jewelry, relics, artifacts, caches, small and large treasures as well as gold nuggets can be found with detectors using EXcelerator Search coils.

- Important Notice -

Manufactures DO NOT include connecting hardware set with purchase of search coils or lower rods. You can use the connecting hardware supplied with your present metal detector or purchase another hardware set and/or Lower rod below.
And...See Protective Coil Cover Info Below.

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Search Coils require shipping fees because they are shipped in their own protected shipping container and cannot be packaged with other accessories or metal detectors.

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Ultra-Deep "EXcelerator" Search coil for Musketeer Metal Detector

Don tested the 14" Coil


How Much Do they Weigh?

EXcelerator Coils weigh LESS THAN Standard Minelab Coils!! Example: 10" Musketeer Coil weighs 1.9 lbs. While the larger 14" EXcelerator coil weighs only 1.88 lbs.

A BIG difference. Less weight = more comfortable detecting time, detect longer with less fatigue plus, the weight is spread over a wider area for better balance and comfort.

14 inch coil
1 yr. warranty


Recent Test Results New 14" EXcelerator Search coil
14" for White's DFX & MXT plus Minelab Explorer II - XS - S Metal Detectors
Coin Depth More than Doubled to 15" to 20"!
Seated Liberty Dime - 14" Deep!
Tiny Ear-ring at approx. 10" Deep!
Extremely thin 1/16th" gold chain - 7" Deep!
14" EXcelerator search coil pinpointed every target "right-on-the-money" & found numerous old coins that the other detectors could not locate.

Kellyco Test Team Field Tests EXcelerator Coils on White's DFX & MXT
Since All the EXcelerator search coils for White's DFX & MXT were tested by volunteers (Non-Kellyco employees or their families) in different areas of the United States, some of our Test Team members were very anxious to try these new coils, especially after reading all the reports we have been recieving. Had we allowed all of the Test Team to go into the field at one time we would have had nobody to answer the telephones. Everyone was anxious to be first to use these new search coils.
Only two teams of two-people each were selected for the "First" test-run. We selected two parks that are 5 minutes away from the Kellyco Building. Each park has been absolutely positively detected "to death" by our Test Team and customers living in this area. We decided as tough as these parks were it would be a true test of these new search coils. Within minutes both Wanda with a 14" Coil and Ben with the 5" coil, each dug up a thin ring, one almost 10 inches deep the other nearly 7 inches deep. Handfuls of coins were also discovered throughout both park areas. A very thin 10k gold chain ONLY 1/16th of an inch thin (see photo) was found by Wanda with the 14" DD EXcelerator coil. We later laid the chain on the ground and tested other detectors to see if other coils would pick up a chain this thin, none did. True to form, every single coin recovered was discolored from the years in the ground. No modern coins were found. This is typical of what happens in a "worked-out" location when the EXcelerator search coils are used. The "Older" worked-out sites become productive and produce targets that previous detectors could not pick up.

"This 14" EXcelerator coil is a proven winner to me!"
I think I finally located a Virgin Park! This park is about 50 miles south of my house and I have just overlooked it till Saturday. A friend who lives down that way told me about it and I was glad he did! I spent almost 8 hours swinging that 14" EXcelerator and my arm feels like it too! I can't say I found any coins that were deeper then 8 inches but they sure rang in sweet. I didn't really have any super program that I used. I ran a AC sens of 78, DC at 40, ratchet pin off, sat speed 6, tone id on, vco off, modulation off, ground filter 3, 1 Freq----3kHz. every other adjustment was the basic DP-silver program. This program seemed to work well at this particular park. The first coin I found was the barber dime (which has been my second using the 14" Excelerator coil) and I knew right then I was going to have a decent day! I found a AA 6 month medallion for my second find which was 8 inches deep, this was my deepest find. Found two buffalos which were close at 7 to 8 inches. All the silver finds were between 4 and 6 inches. I got excited when I got the Dairy Queen token, I thought I had a silver dollar even though the meter didn't say so! It was still a cool find at only a couple inches deep. I won't go into a story about every coin but I ended up finding 3 mercs, 1 barber dime, 1 rosie, 3 washington's, 6 wheats, 3 buffalos and a bunch of clad. I only covered about half of this park which was opened in the 30's. I'm getting anxious to get back out there which probably won't be for another week. I will say there was lots of trash but it didn't seem to bother the big 14 Inch EXcelerator as all hits were pretty solid hits. The coil is a proven winner to me so far as its been doing a great job at pinpointing. One more thing, the DFX ROCKS!! - Larry

Coin Depth More than Doubled!
"The search coil was outstanding in many ways. They are extremely well built and very streamlined in appearance. the shoulders, where the shaft joins to the coil are heavy duty and offer a comfortable fit. The weight of the larger coil did not feel any different than my standard 10" coil. It was easy to handle. I spent over 4 hours in the field without any strain or discomfort."

The depth was more than impressive, it was at least 50% deeper than my standard 10" coil. Coin depth more than doubled to 15" to 20". Surprising find of a small gold ear-ring. Not a ring but a tiny ear-ring at approx. 10" deep.

Pinpointing was accurate and all targets that I.Dd were "right on". I would recommend these coils to anybody owning a Minelab Explorer or Sovereign.
- Don

14" EXcelerator coil cleans up Illinois Park - Liberty Dime at 14"!
James B. of Rockford, Illinois, a Kellyco customer since 1982 recently called Tony (his Kellyco Certified Detectorists) to report his experience using a new EXcelerator search coil on his Explorer. In a local park, considered "Totally" hunted out, but still hunted frequently by two treasure hunters also using Minelab Explorers with a 15" search coil (NOT an EXcelerator!) . . . James in the same area using his 14" EXcelerator coil found numerous old coins that the other detectors could not locate. His finds included seated Liberty Dimes, large U.S. Cents, and V Nickels. One seated Liberty dime was located and recovered at an amazing 14 inches!!!
- James

Impressive Results in Testing the 14" EXcelerator coil
I have been testing the 14 inch EXcelerator coil and have some impressive results. Its a very sensitive coil and pinpoints well. I have found some clad but I really haven't had a chance to hit any old sites yet. My latest find was a Tiger Eye 10k mans rings which was 5 inches deep at a local school. I dug a chunk of brass which was almost 12 inches deep and it measured about 3/4 x 3/4 of an inch. I plan on doing an air test with it this week and report the results. I can also say I have already tested the 5 inch EXcelerator and it was one impressive coil which found me a belt buckle at 8+ inches deep! This little coil has been the most impressive coil I have ever used on the DFX  - Larry

Another Field Test with Larry
I managed to get out again with the DFX and the 14" Excelerator Coil and found a few more goodies. The first picture is of a 10k mans tiger eye ring which I found about 4 to 5 inches deep in a ball field at a college and in an area close to the field I found the worn 25 merc that was 8 inches deep. This was my first hunt with the 14 and I was very limited for time. In the area I found the merc I also dug 2 clad dimes which were 4 inches deep. I also dug some trash hoping for a ring which I did get! The coil pinpointed well and I was using the coin and jewelry program with no changes except tone id.

Click image to Enlarge

My second time out with the 14 produced a little more from an old school near my house which was built in 1920. I have pounded this school many times over the years with everything I have in detectors from Fishers, Minelab's and other Whites machines. This area still continues to produce! I dug the brass pieces (drawer decor?) at 10 inches for the handle and 9 inches for the other. The 50 Washington was next at 7 inches and then came a 13 Barber dime at 7 inches. I was running in the coin and jewelry program with tone id on and was hoping to dig another gold ring but just dug the trash I included in the photo, digging through sod and hard dirt is a nasty chore! I managed to find some clad at the usual shallow depths for the next 1/2 hour and then I got a sweet silver tone, which turned up the silver ring which was 6 inches deep on the meter and had a chunk of aluminum right above it! The next 3 coins were wheaties which showed up at 4 inches on one and 6 inches on the next two. I need to mention that this school has it's share of trash and the coil did great in it!

The next site I headed to was a local park which has been around since the 40's. I dug the money clip there at 5 inches deep, 2 buttons and an old key which were 6 inches deep and a 40 merc at 7 inches. I will say this coil has been just as impressive as the 5 inch Excelerator coil and maybe even more so. Its very stable and fairly easy to swing for being a DD 14 inch coil. All signals banged in with a loud report and I'm still hoping to dig a keeper deeper then 10 inches. I am very sure this coil will find it but I gotta go over it first! I'm going to head to a few other old places I know of to give this coil another work out and see what I can dig up. The humidity with the heat has been rough on this body and cool air will be a welcome.
- Larry

14" EXcelerator gave me Exceptional Separation & Increased Depth!
I recently had the opportunity to test the new 14" EXcelerator coil for the DFX. Although the large size promised better depth, I was concerned about what kind of target separation I could achieve as well as how sensitive it would be on smaller targets. I must say that both of those concerns disappeared when I got the coil into the field. The DD pattern allows for exceptional target separation, and while I got the increased depth I was hoping for, I did not miss the small targets. In my hand in this photo is a 1954 2 "Groschen" coin from Austria. The size of a dime, it is made of aluminum alloy and rang loud and clear with the 14" EXcelerator.  I highly recommend this coil to DFX owners looking for that extra edge in depth and target separation!
- Steve L.

Lawrenzo's 14" EXcelerator Search coil Field Test
I want to give a round of thanks to JW, Stuart and Sky at Kellyco Metal Detectors. I got my new 14" Excelarator search coil just before Thanksgiving for a trip I had planned, only to find my new coil was defective! I made a call and said help!!!!! My new coil arrived on Thanksgiving Eve. I took my new coil and my trusted White's DFX on my trip and thought I had died and gone to heaven! 

I found over two hundred and fifty clad coins, three watches, boy scout clips, a match box car, a Kennedy and Susan B, keys, tokens, silver chains, two foreign coins and six silver rings. I was so tired that Thanksgiving night I couldn't cut my turkey so I just ate pie!  This coil penetrated the minerals in the ground and obliterated them. I found my first ring at a depth of nine inches and my DFX sang like a bird, beep, beep, beep! The coil could be run hot, it had no problem with the gain on 4 and the AC turned up to 75. That is really hard to do in California. It separates targets and sees through trash. It finds targets on the service and at depth and everything in between. What a dream!  It is so nice to find that a big company can treat their customers just like family. Happy Holidays!
Found by: Lawrenzo M. from Marin County, CA

All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.