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18 x 15" Excelerator (S.E.F) Search Coil
Field Test Report

10x12 S.E.F Coil

Field Test Report from Mike with the 18 x 15" EXcelerator Coil

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Dear JW and Kellyco,

Thanks for the opportunity to field test this coil for Kellyco! So far the coil has proved itself to be surprisingly easy to use, especially considering its overall huge footprint, size, and lack of weight.

It really doesn't feel any heavier to me than a stock Minelab 10.5" coil, but it is by far the largest coil I've ever used on an Explorer and I would already rank it much better. The coil size alone is intimidating to look at but it swings easy enough and I like the overall balance.

The first place I used it was, of course, in my coin and relic garden. It produced good, quality audible hits on every target I ran it over – including a half dime at 9.5" and it did very well on target separation where 2 targets lay within 2" of each other. The separation test on these 2 targets was done with the Explorer in wide open iron mask, manual sensitivity setting of 28 and threshold just audible.

The separation and signal quality made it an easy task for this coil and it kind of blew me away as I thought this would be way too much dirt to sample with such a large coil.

I have 3 percussion caps buried on the outside edge of my plot at various depths – 6", 9" and the last is 11" deep. They are very thin and similar to a chain link in regards to a metal detector picking them up – a hard task at depth that few will manage. But this coil proved its depth capabilities on the 11" deep p-cap and gave a solid, but soft, audible hit that would make me stop and dig the target while out relic hunting – no need to even try the shallower caps!

So far I am very impressed with this coil and will regret sending it back when the time comes.

Thanks again, Mike

Field Test Reports from Mr. Michael Campbell with the 18 x 15" EXcelerator Coil

Hi JW and Kellyco,

Well, I finally got to try out the 18 x 15" SEF coil at the beach.

My first impression: It's big, it's heavy, and it goes DEEP!

I went to a spot on a local ocean beach in Northern California where recently there had been some sand movement. Using my Excalibur, I had pulled out several old silver coins including 5 silver half dollars, 2 gold rings, and hundreds of clad coins. This time back at the beach it was sanded in, but I was hoping the Explorer outfitted with the SEF coil could pull up some deep goodies.

After scooping a couple of deep clad quarters, I got a weak but repeatable signal and down well over a foot I pulled a Walking Liberty Half! It's not easy to judge depth at the beach because it's quite possible for a coin to fall back into the hole if you miss it the first scoop or two. I re-buried the half at a measured 18" and got a good diggable signal, a bit better than the original signal. This is impressive depth for this mineralized and black sand beach!

I buried a dime at 12" and it hit it pretty well.

After about 2 hours my right arm was sore from swinging this big coil (will need to get a bungee harness of some sort) and my left arm was sore from diggin and scooping deep holes (need to get a backhoe!).

This is a great coil for covering more area and getting some good depth – at least at the beach, I haven't tried it inland yet.It is heavy, so may want to use some type of bungee harness to take the weight off. Pinpointing was easy for such a big coil – it pinpoints right where the shaft meets the middle of the coil. And be prepared to dig DEEP!

Happy Hunting - Mike Campbell

All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.