15 x 12" Excelerator (S.E.F) Search Coil
Field Test Report

10x12 S.E.F Coil

15x12 SEF Coil Test!

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I had the opportunity to work this coil this weekend and I am impressed. I found that the coil has a tremendous ability to separate targets that are close together. I found a few bullets this weekend that I had previously left because there was iron near them causing a masking effect.

If the targets are too close or touching each other, the coil will select the better of the targets and send the information to the detector. I experienced a signal that had an audible sound of a grunt then immediately was a beep. After digging the target, I was surprised to see two items in the hole. The first being a piece of iron and the second being a 1905 Indian Head Cent.

After finding the Indian Head Cent, I got a solid button signal in an area that had previously been hunted by three other coils. After pinpointing, I dug down only to find a huge root was in my way. After shoveling underneath the root, out popped a round object caked with Tennessee soil. Once a little of the dirt was removed, I saw a nice Confederate Cast “I” Button that had hidden from my MXT prior to the 15x12.

One other notable find was a horseshoe. Now, you're probably thinking, "everyone finds horseshoes..." Well, this one was almost 2 feet down. 20 inches.

This is a monster of a coil and whoever gets this coil should also invest in a long-handled shovel. The targets that this coil locates are deep!

I've got the video loaded onto my computer ready to be edited and will begin that process tonight. We have a few other places lined up in the next few weekends to try this coil out on. I think this coil is a huge hit and every relic hunter needs this in their arsenal. It will turned those "hunted out" places into a relic heaven once again!

I've attached a few pictures of the finds. The Indian Head is soaking in Olive Oil right now because the corrosion had gotten to it badly.


SEF EXcelerator Coil Finds Liberty Half 9 Inches Deep!

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I've tried the big SEF coil at the beach recently, once in the turf, and got a nice Walking Liberty Half about 9 inches down and almost vertically on edge! I've also used the smaller 10 x 12" SEF coil on my last two hunts and it has pulled some silver from places I thought were worked to death!

- Mike

Field Test Report from Mr. Earl Keys with the 15 x 12" EXcelerator coil
Tuesday – March 18, 2008

Dear JW & Kellyco,

Just wanted to send you an email regarding the prototype coil you sent me to test with my White's MXT. First of all, for a big coil I am surprised at how well it works. The discrimination in hot soil is outstanding.  Target separation is good and the depth this thing will get is outstanding – all of this is from me testing in moderately hot soil.

As Don has already stated, these coils are not for the novice hunter.The one I am testing definitely lets you know when it picks up a target, however the VDI indicator is useless in determining what a target is before digging it. All coils I have ever used also does this, so to me this is no big deal but to the novice, more than a few good targets will be missed if one doesn't take the time to dig up the target and see what it is first hand.

Most of the relics I have recovered while using this coil have all read as iron, or what we call "whispers" where the threshold slightly "warbles" but never breaks and nothing will show up on the VDI – but the machine is letting you know something is there.

All targets I have dug so far with this coil have been in excess of 8" in depth, with most being in the 10" to 12" range in depth.

I found a saber belt plate down 12" with this coil, so it will reach down there and get targets, but again, you gotta be experienced to know what to listen for.

I can only imagine how this coil would work in sandy soil without the mineralization – I expect it would be a beast to say the least!

Earl Keys
Field Test Report from Don Gwith the 15 x 12" EXcelerator coil
Saturday – September 13, 2008

15x12 Excelerator Coil 1946 Roosevelt Dime 15x12 Excelerator Finds

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  • Weight = 1 lb, 14 oz
  • Running at 25 Sensitivity
  • Easy Pinpointing
  • Locks on to Targets better
  • More Stable
  • SlimLine Weight = 1 lb, 5 oz
  • Trouble getting above 18 Sensitivity

Despite the SEFs size, it balanced well and compared with the the stock SlimLine coil the difference in weight is not that great. 1 lb 14 oz for the SEF and 1 lb. 5 oz for the SlimLine. One of the next things I noticed is that I am now able to run at a higher sensitivity setting than I could using the stock coil.

I received the coil one evening after work and only had a short time to hunt so I hit a part of my lawn that I know I've pounded with the SlimLine. The SEF did not disappoint as I pulled my first silver from the lawn since April the 12th. That's 14 lawn hunts later!

You have to understand that my house was built in the mid 1800s and so the lawn contains a ton of metal trash making it very difficult to pull out "Good" signals.

Very shortly after digging the dime we left for a trip to Alabama to visit my son and daughter in-law. This was a great time to test the SEF coil in beach environments. My first hunt was on a Gulf (saltwater) beach. I noticed that I could not raise my Sensitivity above 14 in the water and 20 on wet sand. This, however, did not hinder the recovery of many coins. Be prepared to dig, this thing goes deep! I was digging one target that I never could recover because of the size of my scoop and the water that started the sand caving into my pit.

The second test was on a brackish water beach of Mobile Bay. This time the SE allowed me to add 5 notches to the sensitivty over what I could near the Gulf's saltwater. I was able to hunt at 20 in water and 25 on the the wet sand. Although this is an 80 year old swim area, I did not recover any older coins. During both of these hunt I recovered a good amount of clad that was deep.

Of course, a good detectorist never rests. Even at my son's house I was out in the yard when not at the beach. I never thought I'd like a larger coil but I was very happy with the amount of ground I could cover and felt confident that I didn't miss much. I pulled $3.10 in clad from his lawn alone along with this decorative clasp, ring and token! The clasp has the initial S. V. R. on it. I'm not sure what it's from.

While swinging this coil, I noticed that it uses the Pin-Point Feature on the SE very well. I was pleasantly surprised to experience how well that works!

In summary, the 15 x 12 SEF coil balances well and doesn't weigh a lot. As opposed to the stock coil it allows my SE to run at a higher sensitivity, locks on to targets better and is more stable.

I am anxiously waiting for some farm fields to be cleared off so I can run the SEF where I ran the SlimLine last Fall. Be watching for more reports as I run this thing through it's paces now that I have returned from my trip!

Don G, PA

15x12 Excelerator Coil 1946 Roosevelt Dime 15x12 Excelerator Finds

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The SEF coil continues to amaze me in regard to target lock on and depth. Whoever says it can't seperate deep targets in trashy areas need to give it another try! While using the 15 x 12 this evening (in my trashy lawn) I got a good signal that the SE was showing me at around 10 - 11 inches on it's depth indicator. I dug and found this piece of small piece of lead. Wow!

Saturday, I decided to hunt a public park that is over the top of an old landfill. This would be a challenge for the separation abilities of the SEF coil. In the case of wide open areas like this park, I love the amount of ground I can take in. It enables the user to take in a lot of territory in a speedy fashion.

Whenever I swept over a coin, the signal I was receiving quickly took prominence over the rest of the background trash and watching the SE depth indicator I was able to get right on top of my desired targets. I was able to pull a good number of items even in this environment. I even managed a 1940 Wheat Penny. As I worked along, I received a bit of a different signal which I tested from multiple angles. Upon digging, I was rewarded with my first ever SE gold! A nice class ring that I am in the process of trying to return.

All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.