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10 x 12" Excelerator (S.E.F) Search Coil
Field Test Report

10x12 S.E.F Coil
Field Test Report from Mike in VA. with the 10 x 12" EXcelerator coil

Got my new SEF 10x12 coil yesterday from KellyCo...thanks JW! Took it out to the beach last night to try it out, not expecting much due to recent conditions. Got there at 10:15 for the 11:15 low tide, hunted for about 3 hours or so. The beach has been heavily sanded in for a while now, since that last Nor' Easter, and no decent targets being found by most hunters unless they hit a lucky one or two. The last time out with my Excal, last weekend, I got 3 crusty pennies, a dime, and 5 pull tabs...pretty depressing. But I wanted to try the new coil and hoped that with a little extra depth and coverage I might get lucky.

The targets were still VERY sparse until I hit a spot with a decent little cut for about two blocks, then I was a digging fool.But my first target I could tell was clearly a penny, by meter on the GT at the beach, of course. It sounded like it was shallow...nice solid hit, maybe 3 inches or so in the hard-packed wet sand. Turned out to be a foot deep. I was quite surprized that it hit that hard. The next couple targets were few and far between but also were deeper than I expected. The SEF pinpoints very nicely too...I got used to it real quick...left-right, up-down, left-right, up-down...DIG! It pinpoints at least as good as the stock 10" coil and better than the 12.5" round ones, in my opinion.  

Stability: The coil was VERY well-behaved in the wet sand and shallow water at 12 o'clock on the sensitivity.It would false a LITTLE when entering the water, only if there was white foam though. In regular water it was fine...but it was a little rough last night and when I would get that frothy white foam under the coil it would false a little but it was easily differentiated from the real thing, which would ring out loud and clear. Also, once IN the water it was fine. And it maintained the threshold very nice in the wet sand, never requiring any tweaking or adjustment.

When I hit the cut I started digging coins like crazy...pretty much every 5 or 10 feet for a while.It hit some very deep nickels, again, with solid authority. It would seem it should be hard to miss anything good with this coil. I suspect that with minnieballs, musketballs, and silver coins on land hunts it should nail 'em good...I will be testing that soon. The silver ring blew my Black Widows off. Shortly after that I hit the thin gold band, which was one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard. I will try to get a WAV recording of it and post it later...CLASSIC small-gold BS sound...I KNEW! The silver chain was a little crackly but I thought it was a deep crusty dime or something...surprise. The other stuff is junk.

I am very encouraged by this coil...I think KellyCo has a winner with this one. I think I will be reluctant to take it off, though I am really interested to try it in the farm fields and the woods, as the GT is NOT my beach machine...I still like the Excal better for that and it's been very good to me netting me much gold over the last few summers. But I want to get my buddies Tony and Dalton to put it on their GT's and see what they think...Tony has a WOT and Dalton...I think he has a big coil too. Tony, come get it if you want to try it out...would like to hear your take on it!

Mike VA.
Field Test Report from Don Echols. with the 10 x 12" EXcelerator coil

Finally – The long awaited, all new EXcelerator Symmetric Electro-Magnetic Field (S.E.F.) search coils are now in stock!

Field testers have dubbed this new addition the "butterfly coil" due to its unusual shape and they've also reported that it goes deep! The new S.E.F. design is patent protected and has proven to be far superior to many other concentric, "DD" type search coils.

The new S.E.F., or butterfly, EXcelerator coil is designed to offer better, all-around performance when compared to other "DD" coils on the market today. Better ground balancing, more stable operation, more accurate pinpointing and increased target identification are all benefits of this coil.

Field tester Don Echols in Virginia reported finding "35 bullets on a site that produced only 8 in the same amount of time with a different coil. " He states: "Several of the bullets were in the 4" to 5" depth range and gave a good sound as well as a good VDI reading" with his White's MXT detector.  Don also noted "The novice or rookie hunter may have a difficult time with this coil, but if they stick with it, I'm sure they can add to their collection.

Taking the coil out with his MXT to a different, more common soil location, Don reported: "The coil was reaching down at least 10" for tiny bullets and easily getting the larger ones at a foot… The shallow targets sound and read good, but the deep items are inconclusive. To dig, or not to dig, is up to the user - I almost always dig and it pays off."

Field Test Report from Mr. Don Echols with the 10 x 12" EXcelerator coil
Friday – February 22, 2008

Dear JW & Kellyco,

Thank you for the opportunity to test the new 10 x 12" Prototype EXcelerator coil for the MXT. It arrived late Wednesday afternoon and I did a few air tests that night. I took some fairly accurate measurements and found I could read a bullet at just over a foot, and read a US buckle at about 19". 

Thursday's weather was not very cooperative, but by 2 p.m. the temperature was up to 32 degrees so I took the coil to a site close by in late January. My first time there I dug 54 bullets with the Eclipse DD 6 x 10" coil and have found over 150 bullets there since then. 

The first bullet I found on Thursday was a good, solid signal and read "Bullet" on the VDI screen. Most of the subsequent signals were not that strong but the coil was telling me to dig. The screen readings were bouncing around from bullet to button to iron but I could hear an erratic high pitched tone mixed in with the other sounds that tells me to dig.  In the short time I was there I only dug two signals that were misleading – both of these signals were Civil War period cut nails. I've been hunting just under 45 years and have never seen a machine that an old cut nail can't fool now and then.

Of the 20 or so targets I dug yesterday only one was to a depth of nearly a foot. This was a large lead splat or melted bullet.  This reading was broken but the coil, again, was telling me to dig.  Most signals were 5" to 7" in depth, but evidently the "DD" coil had not reacted enough to make me dig.

Don Echols
Tuesday – February 26, 2008

Hello JW and Kellyco,

Since I last wrote to you someone on the forum dubbed this coil the "Butterfly coil" so that's what I'll call it from now on.

I got out Saturday afternoon and worked the same site that I reported on last week. I got 15 bullets in an hour and a half. This time it started off very slow and I can only speculate on the reason why. As the day progressed the machine seemed to improve in function. I began to find deeper targets but the sounds were very iffy. I dug many more iron targets that were giving some indication that the target was better. On many occasions I would get a high sharp chirp on the initial quick swing, but when I tried to lock in on the target it would turn to a low iron tone.

Fortunately I almost always dig these types of signals and I found early on that most were bullets. Before the day was over I had dug 35 bullets on a site that had been producing around 8 in the same amount of time with the previous coil. To date the coil has located 60 bullets on this site in about 7 hours of hunting.

Don Echols
Saturday – March 8, 2008

Hey JW and Kellyco,

I thought I had better give you an update on the butterfly coil – In a nutshell, it's great!

I have been hunting nearly every day and when I get home I'm too tired to sit down and write. I hunted the same area and conditions as I have reported to you earlier and continued to do very well. For the three days I got a total of 69 bullets ranging from a couple inches to 10" in depth! Three of these bullets were US stamped bases. The shallow bullets gave good signals and VDI readings but the deep ones only indicated something was there and it was my decision whether to dig or not.

On March 1st and 3rd I went back to the same location and got 45 more bullets, some small brass items and a silvered flat button. The operation of the coil was the same as previously reported.

On the 4th I got an opportunity to go on a hunt in Fauquier County and made the best of it. It was my first outing with the butterfly coil in an area with fairly good dirt. We did hit some hot spots, but overall the site was calm compared to the red dirt in my Culpeper location. The coil was reaching down at least 10" for tiny bullets and easily getting the larger ones at a foot. I measured the pinpointer I use and the mid point of the control housing is +/- one foot.

The shallow targets sound and read good but the deep items are inconclusive and to dig or not to dig is up to me.

Don Echols
I decided I would really put the 10 x 12 SEF coil to the test today
(click to enlarge)
Well...I decided I would really put the 10 x 12 SEF coil to the test today. I took it to 3 small parks that I have pounded into submission with other coils...just to see how good it really is. My final impression....It is a deep coin killer.

Each and every coin I found over the next 9 hours was 8" to 10" deep... except for one 11"er ...and many were on edge. While I did have some nice solid signals...well over 50% of them were faint chirps. I believe it was this coil that allowed me to hear those chirps that I decided to further investigate. At these beat up either go very slow...and pay close attention to these type of signals...or you go home with an empty pouch.

My coin totals for the 9 hour day from 3 pounded to death parks that both my buddy and I have hit numerous times with other coils: 24 Wheaties....1 Roosey...3 Mercs...2 silver washington quarters...1 standing Liberty quarter..and a tiny sterling insignia ring with the letter S on it. What an amazing coil.


S.E.F. EXcelerator Coil Found a Half Dime

I took the 10 x 12” S.E.F. EXcelerator coil to a local “Hunted Out Park. ”There is a lot of trash in the area! The coil separates awesome! It’s a real keeper! I got a broken signal,… wasn’t deep,… I have pulled Indian head pennies out of the area before and that’s actually what I thought it was going to be before I started to dig. I opened up about a 6” deep hole and put the probe in and nothing!

I poked the probe around on the outside of the hole and “beep beep! ”I was like “oh probably a zinc penny” but when I saw a small, small silver coin laying on top of the ground I almost fell over!

Half Dime
Half Dime
Half Dime

I grabbed it and read HALF DIME on the back,… I couldn’t believe it! My second Half Dime out of Richmond Indiana! The back is beautiful but the front is a mess, but it’s still a keeper coin for me! The very first thing I did was call my friend from Findmall forum JustDigIt to tell him about my find! The only problem is that someone put a hole through my coin! I hate that! But thanks for looking everyone!

All EXcelerator search coils come with a 1 year limited warranty.