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Headhunter Wader Metal Detector

DetectorPro's compact underwater metal detector

High Tech Design - Powerful Electronics

Wader metal detector

Kellyco is proud to welcome DetectorPro as a new supplier of quality metal detectors that have found acceptance worldwide.
Gary Storm, the President of DetectorPro, first developed a relationship with Kellyco earlier this year when he built our most popular high-quality headphones - the Accusound Pro. Gary has been designing, developing and selling quality metal detectors for his company, DetectorPro, for 11 years - and Kellyco is excited to feature our first of Gary's extensive and successful product line.

You are looking at the most compact amphibious metal detector in the world. Not only does this metal detector contain today's most innovative electronics, it is the first detector that has all the electronics built into the headphones. By eliminating a control housing, weight of the detector is significantly reduced and so is your arm fatigue. When you travel, the Headhunter also takes up very little luggage space. All of this is possible because of our innovative microcircuitry and packaging. The Headhunter has been engineered to perform in both salt and fresh water, but it is also just as effective on land as well. The headhunter is a true universal application metal detector and will open up a whole new world of excitement for you. Tens of thousands of valuables are continuously lost each year and now you can start finding them!

It's Not What's In Your Head
It's What's On Your Head.©

Why Didn't Anyone Think Of This Before?

Imagine... taking all the electronics found in bigger, bolder, heavier control housings and miniaturizing them to fit comfortably in soft, padded ear cups. Now you have the same powerful electronics flowing through the search coil without the heavy added weight of a control box!

Miniaturizing-reducing size and weight is already successfully being done on cell phones now the size of a small business card. Ipods no larger than a playing card now enable you to watch movies, TV, and more. Calculators (adding machines) went from five to ten pound desk top monsters to palm size with ten times the speed and accuracy of the heavier models these are only a few examples of miniaturizing.

Now the same reduction technology is available in quality high tech metal detectors from Dectectorpro. Lighter-easier to use-powerful-without the bulky look and feel of today's standard metal detectors. Detectorpro does for the user what no other detector has done.

Now, you get an added bonus...

Headphones are the number one recommended accessory for all metal detectors regardless of the make or model. Headphones block out noise and allow you to hear the deeper, more valuable treasures in the ground. With Detectorpro you do not need to spend an additional $50.00 to $100.00 for a set of quality head phones, they are all ready included as an added bonus.

  • Operating Search Frequency: 2.4kHz quartz crystal controlled
  • Search coil: Solid 8" MegaDEPTH heavy-duty negative buoyancy coil, co-planar, RF shielded, alternate choice of 10" search coil available
  • Headphone Transducers: Permanently encapsulated high-output piezoelectric
  • Audio Frequency: 400Hz
  • Headphone Earcups: Heavy-duty polymer full ear surround; extra comfortable soft cushions, ambient noise blocking up to 24 decibels
  • Headphone Frame: Adjustable padded headband, no screws, no wire frame, no rust, compact carry foldable design
  • Controls: "Stay put" discrimination with segmented "click" positioning
  • Search Mode: Silent search, slow motion full range discrimination
  • Operating environments: Land, Mountains and Salt & fresh water up to 6 feet, beach, & rain storms
  • Cable: Straight, heavy-duty coil wire for added strength
  • Hand Grip: Soft foam anatomic for all-day use
  • Rods: Self-draining anodized aluminum with durable baked on black powder coating
  • Armrest: Adjustable stainless steel with waterproof padding
  • Isolator: Heavy-duty non-metallic with nylon wingnut & stud assembly
  • Rod Length: 43 to 53 inches
  • Breakdown: Three pieces for easy storage and travel
  • Weight With Batteries: 3.5 pounds
  • Batteries: (2) 9-Volt cells of any type, carbon-zinc, alkaline or rechargeable can be used
  • Battery Life: Up to 50 hours (alkaline)
  • Applications: Jewelry, relic, and coin hunting
  • Warranty: Two Years