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DetectorPro PiratePro Metal Detector

It's Not What's In Your Head
It's What's On Your Head.©

Introducing our NEW Headhunter PiratePRO!

All the great features of our already popular Pirate with an added sensitivity control and arm cup comfort strap... Still has family friendly turn-on and go simplicity and goes anywhere with very little effort to pack and stow!

This is a metal detector that is really light-weight, powerful, hunts in the rain
and water on the beach, made of quality materials, simple enough for everyone in the whole family to use and easy on your budget!

You are looking at the most compact amphibious metal detector in the world.
Not only does this metal detector contain today's most innovative electronics, it is the first detector that has all the electronics built into the headphones. By eliminating a control housing, weight of the detector is significantly reduced and so is your arm fatigue. When you travel, the Headhunter also takes up very little luggage space. All of this is possible because of our innovative microcircuitry and packaging. The Headhunter has been engineered to perform in both salt and fresh water, but it is also just as effective on land as well. The headhunter is a true universal application metal detector and will open up a whole new world of excitement for you. Tens of thousands of valuables are continuously lost each year and now you can start finding them!

The Pirate features an 8" durable, waterproof search coil. DetectorPro has made it "MegaDEPTH," heavy-duty to use on all terrains, plus negative buoyancy to keep it firmly under the water - not trying to float away while you're searching the surf and rugged enough to use on all types of ground.

A non-metallic Isolator with Nylon fasteners securely connects the cable from the search coil to the headphones while two Velcro cable anchors keep it in place at the top and bottom of the shaft. The shaft is completely adjustable - allowing for lengths of 43" to 53" at the touch of a quick spring-button. It also breaks down into three pieces for easy transportation and assembly, and features a comfortable foam handgrip with a padded arm cup for support.

Technical Specifications