Headhunter Pirate Metal Detector

DetectorPro's latest easy-to-use, lightweight metal detector

High Tech Design - Powerful Electronics

pirate metal detector
Hunt Anywhere: Land, Beach, and Surf. Hunt Anytime, Rain or Shine!

Kellyco is proud to welcome DetectorPro as a new supplier of quality metal detectors that have found acceptance worldwide. Gary Storm, the President of DetectorPro, first developed a relationship with Kellyco earlier this year when he built our most popular high-quality headphones - the Accusound Pro. Gary has been designing, developing and selling quality metal detectors for his company, DetectorPro, for 11 years - and Kellyco is excited to feature our first of Gary's extensive and successful product line.

The Headhunter Pirate metal detector is DetectorPro's latest easy-to-use, lightweight metal detector, featuring a 2.4 kHz quartz crystal controlled operating frequency that makes it a great all-purpose metal detector for land, mountains,beach and surf-wading!

The Pirate features an 8" durable, waterproof search coil. DetectorPro has made it "MegaDEPTH," heavy-duty to use on all terrains, plus negative buoyancy to keep it firmly under the water - not trying to float away while you're searching the surf and rugged enough to use on all types of ground.

A non-metallic Isolator with Nylon fasteners securely connects the cable from the search coil to the headphones while two Velcro cable anchors keep it in place at the top and bottom of the shaft. The shaft is completely adjustable - allowing for lengths of 43" to 53" at the touch of a quick spring-button. It also breaks down into three pieces for easy transportation and assembly, and features a comfortable foam handgrip with a padded arm cup for support.

It's Not What's In Your Head
It's What's On Your Head.©

Why Didn't Anyone Think Of This Before?

Imagine..., taking all the electronics found in bigger, bolder, heavier control housings and miniaturizing them to fit comfortably in soft, padded ear cups. Now you have the same powerful electronics flowing through the search coil without the heavy added weight of a control box!

Miniaturizing-reducing size and weight is already successfully being done on cell phones now the size of a small business card. Ipods no larger than a playing card now enable you to watch movies, TV, and more. Calculators (adding machines) went from five to ten pound desk top monsters to palm size with ten times the speed and accuracy of the heavier models these are only a few examples of miniaturizing.

Now the same reduction technology is available in quality high tech metal detectors from Dectectorpro. Lighter-easier to use-powerful-without the bulky look and feel of today's standard metal detectors. Detectorpro does for the user what no other detector has done.

Now, you get an added bonus...

Headphones are the number one recommended accessory for all metal detectors regardless of the make or model. Headphones block out noise and allow you to hear the deeper, more valuable treasures in the ground. With Detectorpro you do not need to spend an additional $50.00 to $100.00 for a set of quality head phones, they are all ready included as an added bonus.

pirate metal detector head phonesAdjustable, padded headphones allow you to control the volume and discrimination with two knobs on the side. Miniaturized circuitry is built into the water-resistant headphones in a unique design to maximize performance. Two 9Volt batteries are all you need to power the Pirate and they can be easily installed in the inside of the headphone muff, tucked away for protection from the outdoors. Not only are these headphones packed with technology, they're also comfortable and lightweight. Polymer muffs with full-ear surround soft cushions encase your ears and allow you to hear the tiniest sound, while the discrimination control eliminates most trash items!

Summary: The most attractive feature of the Pirate is its easy-to-use, family-friendly user interface miniaturized and built into the water-resistant headphones. Breaking it down and taking it on a trip is so easy to do that it practically begs to join the family on a trip to the beach or the mountains! And the Pirate is water resistant, so feel free to wade into the surf with the coil and lower shaft in your search for treasure!