DetectorPro Headphones

This page is a virtual library of information on the entire line of DetectorPro headphones.
These are excellent for all types of treasure hunting, be it for coins, rings, relics, or gold.

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Note: If using a Detector Pro Headphone on the Minelab CTX 3030, an optional 1/4" mono to stereo adaptor may be required when using the removable 1/4" Headphone module. Not required with the DMC model.

DetectorPro Headphones
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Gray Ghost Amphibian UW Headphones
(AT Pro/ AT Gold/ Infinium LS/ Sea Hunter/ ATX)

Cat# 1219-3900a
Retail Price $165.00
Sale Price $150.00
CTX-3030 Underwater Headphones by DetectorPro
Cat# 1219-3800
Retail Price $225.00
Sale Price $175.00
Black Widow Headphones
Cat# 1219-26000
Retail Price $150.00
Sale Price $135.00
Gray Ghost NDT Headphones
Cat# 1219-27000
Retail Price $150.00
Sale Price $135.00
Ultimate Gray Ghost Headphones
Cat# 1219-28000
Retail Price $140.00
Sale Price $126.00
Original Gray Ghost Headphones
Cat# 1219-29000
Retail Price $119.00
Sale Price $107.00
Gray Ghost Deep Woods Headphones
Cat# 1219-30000
Retail Price $109.00
Sale Price $98.00
Gray Ghost DMC Headphones
Cat# 1219-31000
Retail Price $120.00
Sale Price $108.00
Rattlers Headphones
Cat# 1219-32000
Retail Price $95.00
Sale Price $85.00
Nugget Busters Headphones
Cat# 1219-33000
Retail Price $119.00
Sale Price $107.00
Nugget Busters NDT Headphones
Cat# 1219-34000
Retail Price $150.00
Sale Price $135.00
Jolly Rogers Headphones
Cat# 1219-35000
Retail Price $99.00
Sale Price $89.00
Jolly Rogers Ultimate Headphones
Cat# 1219-36000
Retail Price $120.00
Sale Price $108.00
NDT Replacement Cable. Quarter inch Jack.
Cat# 1219-3700
Retail Price $32.00
Sale Price $24.00
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