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This page is a virtual library of information on the entire line of DetectorPro hobby detectors. These are excellent for all types of treasure hunting, be it for coins, rings, relics, or gold.

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Detector Pro Headhunter Pirate
Retail $329.95
NOW ONLY $280.00
Total Package Savings: 51%
Retail $439.00
NOW ONLY $373.00
Total Package Savings: 54%
Detector Pro Headhunter Wader
Detector Pro Headhunter Wader
w/ 8" Waterproof Search Coil
Retail $650.00
NOW ONLY $549.00
Total Package Savings: 54%
Detector Pro Headhunter Underwater
w/ 8" MegaDEPTH Waterproof Search Coil & Heavy-duty translucent headphones
Retail $799.00
ONLY $679.00
Total Package Savings: 49%
Detector Pro Detecting Pal Bungee Harness
One of the most simple and effective detecting bungee harnesses available today.
Retail $29.95
NOW ONLY $25.00
Total Package Savings: 17%
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