Depth Multipliers

Search for larger, deeper targets Scan 15 feet to 20 feet for buried treasure caches and other hidden valuables.

A depth multiplier is a specialized opitional search coil designed to detect large and deeply buried targets, such as money caches, relics, safes and ore veins. Unlike a regular search coil, the transmitter and receiver portions of the depth multiplier are spilt into two compartments, thereby widening and deepening the detection field so that more information about a detected target can be retrieved and processed. Because it ignores small pieces of junk metal, the depth multiplier is especially useful in areas with a lot of trash.

Garrett's Depth Multiplier
"Bloodhound" search coils find deep caches. You'll get no signals from pesky small trash. Treasure hunters know they can depend on the Bloodhound to hunt two to four times deeper. The two-box attachment is designed to give additional depth to any of Garrett's Master Hunter detectors. Just connect the Bloodhound, switch on your detector and find the cache you seek. There are absolutely no adjustments necessary...anyone can operate it. Because many caches are located in areas filled with junk metal, the Bloodhound is engineered to ignore small trash to speed searches.

Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier with EagleEyeT Pinpointing
For the GTI 2500
Made exclusively for the GTI 2500 Metal Detector. The ultimate deep seeking accessory. Helps detect deeply buried caches and large treasures. (Spanish instructions available)

Note: The Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier for the GTI-2500 is an optional deep seeking twin coil system and therefore requires the GTI-2500 metal detector to operate.

Includes 1 Transmitter Search Coil 16"x11" - 1 Receiver 16"x11" Search Coil plus Connecting Shaft.

Ships in one box

List Price $299.95
Sale Price $254.96
Cat# 14-1611800

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