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Our Customer Comments come from a number of different verified sources such as emails*, faxes*, and the customer satisfaction form included with each order shipped. It asks customers to rate us in 4 categories:
  1. Was the telephone representative courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable?
    Kellyco's Average Rating: ***** (4.835)

  2. Was the salesman or technical support staff able to handle your questions or problems?
    Kellyco's Average Rating: ***** (4.816)

  3. Was the delivery made on time?
    Kellyco's Average Rating: ***** (4.782)

  4. How would you rate your overall experience in dealing with Kellyco.
    Kellyco's Average Rating: ***** (4.802)

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Customer Comment Pages
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Good ServiceThe service was very good.
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarMichael J.
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Kellyco Stands OutLeilani was helpful and knowledgeable. Top notch customer service, give her a raise! Shipping was prompt and accurate. It was a pleasure to do business with KellyCo. In a day and age where customer service has gone to the wayside, KellyCo stands out and sets the standard for other companies to follow. Nice to see good old fashioned business practices still survive. Thank you for a great experience.
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarBrian H.
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Minelab and Kellyco Take Care of Their CustomersMinelab,
I am writing to you as a first time customer. On 12-17-09, I ordered an Excalibur 2 with the 10" coil from Kellyco. I received the detector on 12-23-09, but they had sent me the 8" coil, so i had to send it back. I was then notified that they ere out of stock. I had called Kellyco numerous times to inquire about my detector but was told they were on back order. On another call I had a very helpful and concerned employee of Kellyco advise me that she would contact Minelab directly to see if you had one Excalibur that you could send directly to me. I did not expect to here back from them, but was surprised when I was told that you people at Minelab would send the detector directly to me. Days later it arrived and I was excited to put it together and try it out. Much to my surprise there was no adapter in the box for the battery charger. I notified Kellyco and they advised they would contact Minelab. I thought this will be a long drawn out event. Two days later the part was at my door. I would like to thank you for being a first rate company with state of the art detectors and a first rate company who cares about their customers. After seeing this type of service i will be along time customer. Customer service means a lot to me and a number of companies lack it, but not Minelab or Kellyco.

Thank you
 Reponse From Kellyco on 02/04/10,
Hello Donald!

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We enjoy hearing from our Minelab Family members! We consider all of our customers part of our family. Enjoy your Excalibur and send us pictures and your stories. We don\'t want this to be the last time we hear from you. As a token of our appreciation for taking the time to write to us, please send us a shipping address for a complementary \"gift\" from us to you.

I have copied Kellyco on your letter, I know they would love hearing positive feedback from their customers

Happy hunting! Thank you and have a good day!

-Minelab Metal Detectors
A Fun Experience!I am one happy customer. Thank you Kellyco for providing me with the tools to research and compare various metal detectors. Thank you Kellyco for making purchasing a metal detector a fun experience. My Garrett Infinium rocks, on land and in water. Thank you!
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarPedro R.
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Keep it upDon't change anything! Keep doing just what you are doing. If it's not broken, don't try to fix it.
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarDennis P.
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Always ask for RaulThis is my second purchase with you. I always ask for Raul. He knows his business and he is easy to work with. Thanks Kellyco!
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarLonnie & Vicki B.
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Great Service!How can you improve something that needs nothing? Great service!
Paul J.
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Keeps me coming backEverything was fine except the free case had a rip at the zipper about 8 inches long. Other than that I'm very pleased.
 Reponse From Kellyco on 10/12/09,
Dear Mr. Williams, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questionnaire. Information like this is what helps us to solve any problems and continue to improve our services. You are being sent a new bag and our apologies for the one that you received. If I can be of any further assistance to you I trust that you will not hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Margaret

Response from Customer:
Thank you very much. It is service like this that keeps me coming back.
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarBurley W.
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A pleasure to deal withNever a problem with Kellyco. You're a pleasure to deal with.
Customer Rating:
starstarstarstarstarLawrence W.
Would you buy from Kellyco again? Yes! yes
Class Act!Today I bought a Whites DFX 300 series detector and lots of accessories. Tony was my salesman and I just want to say what a class act he was. I will definitely be letting all my digging buddies in Virginia know how professional, courteous, and straightforward the people at KellyCo are. I will be back with all my detecting needs in the future. Again Tony Rocks and KellyCo is the best!!
William S.
Customer Comment Pages
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