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Viper Hybrid Trident Metal Detector
with High-Powered 10" Neutral Buoyancy Concentric Search Coil

A new addition to the Cobra / Viper Metal Detector line. Fashioned after detectors costing thousands of dollars, the Viper Trident has decided advantages in and around the water. It does not use a high frequency oscillator like most detectors, but is a powerful Low Frequency detector that "rams" a signal deep into the ground or into water. The effect of this low frequency circuit translates into a powerful metal detector that ignores iron mineralization, wet soil and sand. It can be used without re-tuning while going from dry soil or sand into the water and vice versa. Its is also unaffected by coil skimming over wet weeds and grass, and Viper Trident ignores small pieces of iron, tin, etc. A well-balanced easy to tune, easy to use metal detector that works equally well in fresh and salt water. Hunting for lost coins, rings, and jewelry in parks or old school yards are easy with the Viper Trident. Relics and artifacts are well within its searching capabilities and field tests have proven the Viper Trident to truly be called an all-purpose metal detector.

Open an exciting new world of profitable pleasure in a new frontier of rich hunting areas from dry land into a new water environment. Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and coins is lost in swimming areas, both fresh and salt water. Millions of dollars in shipwrecked valuables are still unfound on the ocean floor and in shallow water. Many old world treasure coins (Spanish, English, Etc.) are found after storms on beaches from northern New England to Florida's treasure coast, plus California and the Gulf Coast states. Designed for the beginner or experienced treasure hunter who wants a super sensitive metal detector that can be used anywhere, on land, beach, water and even diving to depths to 132 feet. Some exclusive features of the Viper include automatic tuning and automatic ground balance, (Use it anywhere). With the added power of the Viper's full-range discriminator, you can easily search the oldest swimming areas, beaches, parks, etc. that have large amounts of buried trash that slow down or stop other treasure hunters. Trident will not let you down. It ignore the trash and drives a signal that gets the deeper more valuable coins, rings and other treasures.

First Time Buyer? Or Experienced "Old-Timer?"
And For those who already own a Metal Detector.

Viper Trident has been designed for the beginner and experienced treasure hunters alike. The design functions incorporated almost all of the tuning and adjustments made to operate a metal detector in just 2 easy-to-use control knobs making everyone using the Viper Trident equal. A beginner can just as easily find the deeper more valuable coins, rings, and other treasures as the more experienced detector user. And for all you metal detectors owners who now own a land type detector - this is your perfect opportunity to now hunt shorelines, shallow water and even deeper water for a huge amount of unfound coins, rings, jewelry, old-old treasure coins and relics that have not been found because most detectors users cannot use their detectors in a water environment. This is the metal detector you need to buy. Hunt not only land but water areas to find valuable diamond rings, gold pendants, etc.

Viper Trident is an ultra-compact high powered metal detector made to be extremely easy to use with a minimum of controls.
Easy as A - B - C
A) Turn on
B) Set discriminator level
C) Start searching for treasure, that's it!

Exclusive features include: automatic tuning, automatic ground balancing and a powerful full-range audio discrimination that's easy to use and easy to set. With the added power of the Trident's discriminating ability, you can easily search the older swimming holes, beaches, and early homesteads that generally have large amounts of buried trash that slow down or stop other detectors. Trident will not let you down. It ignores the trash and gets to the more valuable and deeper coins, rings and other treasures.

Viper Trident gives you all the control you will ever need for both land and water hunting. What could be more simple than just having two control knobs? Control layout is simple, logical and clearly marked with user-friendly pre-set markings. Upper left tuner knob turns the detector on and off and allows operator to control how deep the Viper will detect. Upper right-hand tuning knob sets how much trash elimination/rejection you might need and is also clearly identified with a low/medium and high range (each range is infinitely adjustable). A bright target light is well placed on the control panel to help the treasure hunter locate "treasures", not only with the audio signal from the headphones but to visually see the target light when it indicates sub-surface and deeper fringe signals. This is an added bonus to the Viper Trident metal detector!