Viper Hybrid All-Purpose Metal Detector
with High-Powered 10" Neutral Buoyancy Concentric Search Coil
For Land & Water

Early delivery allows us to offer this outstanding new all-purpose metal detector that can be used on beaches, in the surf, diving, and all inland detecting at parks, playgrounds, schoolyards, or anywhere treasures can be found.

Viper is an ultra-compact high powered metal detector made to be extremely easy to use with a minimum of controls. Easy as A - B - C
A) Turn on
B) Set discriminator level
C) Start searching for treasure.

Exclusive features include: full automatic tuning, automatic ground balancing and a powerful full range audio discrimination that's easy to use and easy to set. With the added power of the Viper's discriminating ability, you can easily search the older swimming holes, beaches, and old homesteads that generally have large amounts of buried trash that slow down or stop other detectors. Viper will not let you down. It ignores the trash and gets to the more valuable and deeper coins, rings and other treasures.

A new addition to the Cobra/Viper Metal Detector line.A well-balanced easy to tune, easy to use metal detector that works as well in fresh or salt water. It is one of those rare metal detectors that can search on western mountain ranges or hunt for lost coins and rings in parks or old school yards. Relics and artifacts are well within its searching capabilities and field tests have proven the Viper to truly be called an all-purpose metal detector.

Designed for the beginner or experienced treasure hunter who wants a super sensitive metal detector that can be used anywhere, on land, beach, and swallow water.  Some exclusive features of the Viper include automatic pre-set tuning and ground balance, (use it anywhere). With the added power of the Viper's full-range discriminator, you can easily search the oldest swimming areas, beaches, parks, etc. that have large amounts of buried trash that slow down or stop other treasure hunters. Viper will not let you down. It ignore the trash and drives a signal that gets the deeper more valuable coins, rings and other treasures.

Viper gives you all the control you will ever need for both land and water hunting. Control layout is simple, logical and clearly marked. The upper left turner knob turns the detector on and off and allows the operator to control how deep the Viper will detect. The upper right-hand turning knob sets how much trash elimination/rejection you might need and is also clearly identified with a low/medium and high range (each range is adjustable). A bright target light is included to help the treasure hunter visually see the target light when it indicates deeper fringe signals. This is an added bonus to this detector!

  • Concentric 10 Inch neutral buoyancy search coil
  • Dual underwater headphone for land and shallow water
  • State-of-the-art circuitry
  • Operating frequency 12.5 kHz
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Adjustable discrimination - eliminates trash
  • Target response light for battery test and visual detection of in-ground targets
  • Audio Target detection through headphones
  • On-Off control with built-in detection depth control
  • Built-in automatic battery testing circuit
  • Operates on a 9-volt Battery (not included)
  • Lightweight at only 4.2 lbs
  • Powder coated upper and lower stems
  • Arm Rest with rubber cushions
  • Adjustable lower stem with locking ring
  • Extended length of metal detector is 46 inches
  • Collapsed length is 40 inches
  • All Viper Detectors are sealed in a cylindrically shaped main control unit and have a dual o-ring sealed water-tight housing
  • All external controls feature two o-ring seals for each control to keep water out, even under pressure
  • 5 Year Warranty!